From.T.But.L.To.E.R.: Clear Sky: Tips And Tactics

The whole game did not enter any grouping – I escaped a heap of problems (except for monolith, warriors and renegots). Everything is simple – not to shoot at neutrally confined characters and try to fulfill all side quests. The meaning is that I raised the attitude towards myself two divisions, without entering into their grouping. Very convenient, it turned out in some skirmishes helps. Fight, for example, stalkers and bandyuki in Agroprom, and I only walk among them and thermal corpus. The main thing – not to respond to the call for help from one side or another – one shot and will begin to make stalkers and Bandyuki in the agriculture and Bandyuki will be fighting with varying success, put each other in turn – it’s fun to stand aside and watch this cottage. Made each other – we collect the trunks of Vintari Kalashi and so on. I am so more than 500 kg of weapons in the box collected.

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