From.T.But.L.To.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl: Tips And Tactics

The game has 5 ways to get the vintacesis:

1) We go to the base of freedom and we go to the left – there are two buildings: there is a freestovers in one, and in the other, in the far left corner, there is a vintacesis.
2) on the basis of freedom in steel hatch hungry.
3) In the Laboratory of X-16 under the elevator there is a staplae – the vintacesis is hidden in it.
4) on the database, in the bar, we go down to the general and take the quest “Bring a sniper rifle TRS-1” – we get a screw in the award.
5) In Pripyat, on the basis of monolith, a man walks in an exoskeleton with wine.

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