From.T.But.L.To.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl: Tips And Tactics

Good afternoon colleagues! Laboratory X18: Two Code Doors. First 1243. Second 9524. But still go through the floors.

On Stalker with the first patch (v 1.0001) After the army warehouses have to shoot a lot;Near each machine and pipe Big radiation. I have to shoot standing in the middle of the road. With the vests in comparison with the original version quickly rush. Going further warehouses, take at least 2 vests.
Some vests come across the submitted, and immediately have them to give them (the ghost vest in the X16 laboratory should be given to the scientist). First go with him, and when it is extended, give up.

How to get in the Pripyat do not rush to break through to the nuclear power plant! With the next zone do not return! And after 500m, the warriors say “the release of the turntable is coming”, and you still have 600m through a monolith with lasers and RPG.

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