From.T.But.L.To.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl: Tips And Tactics

Friends, my advice is simple.
Play this game Only on the “Master” will be much more interesting.
In the arena, it’s easy to win a cunning – hide in the container, next to the wall from which you start. Team enemies shots and wait. Foolish enemy will go between the wall and the container in which you and …C im.
Useful artifacts (and only they!): Moonlight, flash, crystal, batteries. Other – garbage. Especially praising the moonlight with almost complete overload run, and with the norm we run we run without tired. You can take it in the wilderness, on.d, where there are a lot of electric. it’s not far from sniper tower.
In scuffle with dogs, pigs and gangsters (sometimes) you can not stick – just run away!
At the radar, Pripyat and Chaps take as much as possible grenades for the bait! Bulldog is not necessary – too heavy. I am trying to sarcophagus with a margin of time 4.5 minutes before emissions. just don’t get involved in shootout! oncoming devour on the run from the bait, wag when running. You will have to stop in front of SarcaFag – a lot of them there. SOLUTION SAME – BUILDER.

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