From.T.But.L.To.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl: Tips And Tactics

In the game you can find stalkers with the same name. For example, I met a wolf (which stands at the very beginning of the game based on newcomers) and Prapora (a lesser that stands on the outpage, in a landfill) on the database.

How to kill animals from z1.
I passed the game at the level of veteran, and I did not have problems with the killing of animals. If you do like me, then you will not have them too.
1. Blind dog. Alone, they do not pose a threat to even the green stalker, but if they are more than 10 individuals in a hundred, then they can become a real problem. Well, firstly, the dogs do not attack if there are less than 3 – it means that they will not kill them until 2 creatures remain. Make it easier to throw a pigeon or a palp. But if you do not have any other, then the trouble will begin. That’s what you need to do what to avoid them: a) try to shoot the pack from the machine;b) if there is no machine gun, then you are unlikely to kill dogs from the gun and the edge here is also not an assistant, in this case you need to run either to parking stalkers (military, even gangsters) or on some box or box where you can shoot.

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