Get Even - Video Game Review

Get Even – Video Game Review

Get Even Following Trends Or A Nugget Of The Genre?

After passing the game Get Even, it is impossible to say in which genre the game was performed. Here you will have to shoot enemies from the past, solve puzzles, delve into your own memory, stay in suspense, and sometimes play the part of a real detective. The developers have not forgotten about the genre, which is so attractive to small game studios – horror. In order to better understand that get out of this about everything in order.

Get Even – Video Game Review

The protagonist is a once-cool mercenary who volunteered to save a young girl from the bandit den. Having reached the unfortunate hostage, he sees that a bomb hangs on her. The explosion, and the main character is in a psychiatric hospital. The memory was gone, so I can’t find out what happened on that fateful day. However, “good” doctors give a chance to fill in the memory gaps by immersing the hero in his own subconscious. Motives of doctors are not very good, and explosions happen for a reason.


In Get Even, the gameplay is conditionally divided into several parts. All of them quite harmoniously combine with each other, promoting the thread of the narrative. The player along with the character travels between the past, present and his own subconscious. As a result, it turns out that the gamer is between three lights.

  1. The past is a detective story where you compare facts, solve puzzles, and move closer and closer to the finale.
  2. Subconscious – allows you to feel like a real hitman.
  3. The present is a kind of parody of a mystical thriller with the opportunity to explore the gaming world of a gloomy hospital.

The main assistant in the passage will be a special device resembling a communicator. Using this technique, you can scan evidence, receive text messages, navigate the terrain, and even use it as a sight. So modern technology helps fight amnesia and hostile people.

Game pros

  • A great storyline that maneuvers between a psychiatric hospital, a hero’s past and lost memories;
  • An interesting idea with a device called “Kornegan” that allows you to shoot from around the corner without showing up on the line of fire (available in flashbacks). Plus a wide arsenal of weapons;
  • Colorful musical accompaniment, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the story being told;
  • Excellent dosing of action, detective stories and elements of the thriller;
  • Well-developed puzzles that really make you break your head;
  • References to cult horror films, for example, the Designer’s room from Saw.

Special thanks I want to express my gratitude to the screenwriters of the project for the lack of a “piano in the bushes”. The ending of the project is quite logical, provided that the player listened carefully to the dialogs (notes from the phone) and explored the game universe. And to be honest, the plot and atmosphere are the main components of Get Even’s success.

Constructive criticism

As a result, Get Even is a solid mix of popular game genres, seasoned with an interesting plot. In a holistic way, the game looks very good and even brings new chips. However, considering each part of the gameplay, a certain understatement emerges, in particular:

  1. Shooting at enemies “cardboard”. You will not feel the weapon in your hand, and the enemies themselves play the role of extras, who are here only to show the hero’s coolness;
  2. The inconsistency of certain points, which very often such projects sin. A vivid example of a puzzle with the movement of statues in a police station;
  3. Although the game positions itself as a horror story, it’s unlikely that it will really scare anyone. Keep in suspense yes, catch up with fear, no.
  4. The last minus applies only to console editions (Xbox One and PS 4), where the visual part is significantly cut down in comparison with the PC version;
  5. Kornergan is both a plus and a minus. The idea is good, but the implementation is lame;
  6. The main character does not know how to jump and climb, which affects the variability of the gameplay is not for the better.
  7. In defense of Get Even, we can say that The Farm 51 is a small gaming studio with a limited budget and an office of 60 employees. There is no reason to expect such a kind of Hollywood cinematography or innovation from a project, which is why gamers win the hearts of the plot and atmosphere.


Get Even is an attempt to bring something unusual to the industry. In general, the developers managed to dispel the doubts of critics about the huge number of cliches. The main merit of this project is the successful implementation of stage direction and an interesting line of storytelling. Talking about plot tricks is pointless, but one tip is worth giving. Try not to get bored for the first time with the clock of history, since this is just a screen. Give Get Even a little time. The game will certainly reveal the true face.

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