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February 5, 2024
68 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Chapter 1. Willpower

Lara Croft, an aspiring archaeologist, went on her first expedition to the Dragon’s Triangle. She was looking for adventure, but they found her. The ship “Endurance” (translated as “Endurance”, such an evil irony) was caught in a terrible storm, hit a reef and broke into pieces. The crew miraculously managed to escape in the boat, but Lara did not reach it and was the last to swim ashore. But she didn’t have time to join the others, because an unknown person stunned her from behind.

Scavengers’ Den

Lara woke up in a creepy place, a cave, among skulls and bodies hanging from the ceiling. She herself is in this predicament, wrapped in cloth and ropes. Nearby is an altar with dozens of red candles. To free yourself, you need to swing, alternately pressing the keys left and right to set fire to the bonds from the very convenient fire burning here. Lara falls down, straight onto an iron rod that has pierced her side. Gathering all her courage, she pulls out the rod. To do this, you need to quickly, quickly press [E], as in many subsequent episodes. Get used to noticing the game’s prompts for pressing, holding, and quickly pressing certain keys. We need to hurry before the kidnappers miss Lara.

The floor is littered with various bones, including human ones. As well as numerous garbage, in the form of bottles of various shapes and sizes, and tin cans. But a worse spectacle awaits: one man, who had only recently been alive, was crucified with ropes, tying his limbs, above some kind of altar with red candles burning everywhere. Lara decides to pick up a torch; additional light now will definitely come in handy. With it, you can set fire to garbage by getting close enough and holding down the desired key. It consists entirely of boxes and barrels, so it ignites easily and quickly, and burns out in just a few seconds. Not realistic, but we don’t want to wait half an hour, right? Having passed under a small waterfall, Lara thereby extinguished her torch. But that’s okay, you can light it again using a hanging brazier. At this point, the game also advises using instinct [Q] to highlight all active objects in Miss Croft’s field of view. At this moment, she must pull herself up and climb to the top of the wooden cage in which the bottles are stored. There you can set fire to an old sail, which for some reason was dragged here along with the mast, from which the fire will spread to a red barrel filled with something flammable. An explosion occurs and the passage becomes open.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Next, Lara is attacked, from which you can fight off by quickly alternating pressing the keys left and right. A wild-looking man with dreadlocks tries to lure the fugitive back, but she does not listen to him and continues to move through the cave. The ceiling is very low, she has to walk on her haunches, and the water reaches her neck. But this even has a small plus: water washes away dried blood and dirt from the novice thief. The new waterfall extinguishes the torch, and the next cave is a puzzle: you need to light the torch, use it to set fire to the sails from the first cage, then set fire to the wooden debris that floated and stopped in front of the grate. Now you need to climb up, into that very first cell. Then it will go down, and the garbage will rise and fall into the second cell. We run to her and push [F]. Burning garbage floats up to the barrels, sets them on fire, causing an explosion!

There is a light ahead, perhaps this is the exit! But, alas, from the explosion the cave begins to shake, stones the size of Lara and even larger fall from the ceiling. We need to run before the passage is completely blocked! Along the way there will be holes in the ground that you need to jump over [space]. Then the guy with dreadlocks will appear again, now at the end you will need to move his foot [F], at the moment when the two circles coincide. He is flattened by a huge stone, and Lara continues to climb up the slope. To move, you need to press the keys left and right, and to avoid stones flying from above, only one of them, depending on the direction, it will also be highlighted. At the top there really is a way out of this terrible place. Exhausted, Lara simply collapses. Then he gets up and looks around.

Chapter 2. Signs of life

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Coastal cliffs

Bermuda Triangle, you say? Ha! Yes, this Dragon Triangle will easily give him a head start. Around on the rocks you can see dozens of crashed ships of different sizes, classes and even eras, as well as the tail part of some kind of aircraft. Lara presses the wound, it opened again after such and such a race. But she will have to go further, along a narrow mountain path, because a storm is approaching and she needs to hide somewhere.

Below, Lara notices part of the ship and the boat abandoned by her comrades. To get to the other side, through the waterfall, you need to walk along an overturned tree trunk. The girl holds her balance herself; you just need to guide her forward. You will have to jump over the next waterfall, but the distance is significantly shorter. But then Lara must climb up an old American military plane stuck nose down on a rock. He has been here for many decades, and can handle even a slender girl. Those who have previously played games in the Tomb Raider series will easily overcome the obstacle on their own. For the rest, I can advise this: look out for protrusions that are similar in shape to rectangles, which do not look entirely natural. This is our route in any situation. We jump over them boldly and decisively, taking insurance [E] in some difficult cases. The plane survived, but at the end threatened with a collapsed wing. The mountain path narrowed so much that two people could not miss each other. Now we learn to climb walls. We jump on it, press jump again, Lara pushes off and clings to the ledge. We jump down and go to the things that for some reason were left behind. The suitcase contains a video camera and a walkie-talkie. We need to move on, following in the footsteps of our friends. Lara grabbed the ledge, but fell and rolled down the slope.

Coastal Forest

It looks like the search will have to be postponed, because the storm has gotten serious. The rain makes the ground very slippery, and Lara doesn’t want to catch a cold right now. She found a place under a cliff, shielding it from the rain and wind, where there are traces of an old fire. Now she tried to contact someone on the radio, but no one answered. Then Miss Croft assembled a new fire and lit it with one, the last one in the box, a sea match. She then turned on the camera and watched videos her friend Sammy had made of the start of the expedition on the Endurance. Lara herself persuaded everyone to go to this god-damned island in the Dragon Triangle in order to find the country of Yamatai, where Pimiko, Samantha’s distant ancestor, ruled a thousand years ago. It seems like it was a thousand years ago.

Chapter 3. Woman in the wild

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Lara waited out the storm and managed to get hungry. It’s time to get poisoned further. The deer was frightened by the stranger and galloped away. It would probably make a great lunch, but how to catch it? A stale corpse is hanging from a tree. He has a bow behind his back, and arrows are scattered here and there below. This place also has a waterfall and stream. You need to climb onto the central hut, and from its roof move to the tree from which you can get a bow [right button]. Lara falls along with the corpse, but the height is not great and she quickly gets up. She now has weapons and arrows if you collect them.

It’s time to look at the map [Tab]. This location is not a “corridor”, as it was before, but a level with free movement, inside a coastal forest. So now I can’t know for sure which path you chose. But this is not so important, because the main places of action that the markers indicate remain unchanged. There are also many items to search for, such as notes or artifacts. You will never find them all if you strictly follow the game signs. But you can’t say that if you don’t collect them, you’ll miss something. In a word, it’s a matter of taste.

Now you need to find one or the other deer. One very quickly showed up further down the creek. We take aim, pull the string so that the arrow flies more accurately, straight to the head, and release. With completely wild eyes and sobs, Lara cut the deer’s skin with an arrow with a sharp tip and cut out a piece of meat. There are still many more deer around that you can hunt, and even hares and ravens. You can also use a bow to shoot down bone totems hanging on trees. It’s time to return to camp, because the rain has started to rain again. Sitting by the fire, Lara can learn new skills. There is only one point available now, but that makes it even harder to make your first choice. Pressing [ESC] exits all menus.

Chapter 4. Move forward

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

The radio finally received a signal from Rott! The old man wants Lara to continue on her way to him on her own. Okay, let’s go. Suddenly music was heard. It comes from a hut, the door to which is slightly open. Lara carefully went inside and found a hole underground. The slammed door left no choice but to use it. Press [Shift] to use the stairs, then go down and press again to jump. The walls are painted with symbols in the form of the sun and people. Further on, the tunnel is filled with dirty, musty water, up to the tomb raider’s waist. You can find a mask in the box on the table. If you look at it from behind [holding the right mouse button] you can get more experience points. This place resembles a military bunker occupied by sectarians. If you set fire to the garbage, then behind it you can find new equipment – a pickaxe, as well as an old gramophone, from which the music came. Using a pickaxe you can now break open doors leading forward to the exit. Climbing the stairs, Lara left the bunker and found a path leading upstairs. Sammy’s voice is heard there, to which Rott says that Lara has been found. Sam is indeed sitting by the fire, but she is not alone. There is also a stranger here who calls himself Matthias, who ingratiates himself into her trust. Sammy begins to talk about his ancestor, Pimiko, in search of whose heritage this expedition was organized. The story is so long and tiresome that Lara simply fell asleep while warming herself by the fire. And when I woke up, Sammy and Mathias had already disappeared.

Worried, Lara calls out to them, goes to look for them, but falls into a trap! And that wolf howl! The flock moves closer to attack from the bushes. You need to keep the bowstring taut to shoot attacking wolves. Reyes and the rest of his friends come to help. They pull Lara out of the trap, after which they disperse to search for Samantha and Mathias, leaving Miss Croft near the fire. Whitman was assigned to be her partner, but he went a little ahead, so she had to hurry to catch up with him. The torch can be lit from the brazier, and with its help you can set fire to the mesh, in which for some reason a container with spare parts is hidden. It’s time to move on. Whitman calls Lara to come up the hill. He is a little to the right along the road, but almost immediately there is an attack by two wolves. You can shoot them with a bow, dodge them as the game advises, and then run away. If the wolf knocks Lara down, you can still fight back and survive. Remember that you only need to press [F] when two circles intersect. Ahead, Whitman discovered a gate with fresh drawings. Unfortunately, to open them, the lifting mechanism handle is missing.

Chapter 5. At a Dead End

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Lara must assemble something that can replace the handle of the lifting mechanism. To do this, you need to walk around the location and collect spare parts for modernization, which can be found in boxes. For now only in wooden ones, because iron ones can only be opened with a modified pickaxe. Each wooden box contains 10 spare parts, so Lara needs to find and open 5 boxes. Then you need to use the fire and create an improved pickaxe. Generally speaking, these gatherings around the fire remind me very much of The Witcher – there, during meditation by the fire, time was wasted, talents were distributed and elixirs were brewed. Having received a new durable pickaxe, you can now open iron chests. And the most important thing is that you can turn the wheel and open the gate.

Chapter 6. Meeting in the mountains

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Mountain Temple

The massive door of the temple slowly closed behind Lara and Whitman, cutting them off from the other members of the group. But they are not particularly worried, but climb up the old staircase made of stone. At the statue of Pimiko, the same sun goddess, two archaeologists were ambushed. Whitman immediately lowered his pistol, despite the fact that the islanders were armed only with bows. After all, no one tied him up or hung him upside down in a cave. Lara is grabbed first and tied up, after which she is taken to other prisoners. One of them shoots and everyone runs away, leaving Miss Croft alone, her hands tied. But the legs remain free. Therefore, you need to take advantage of the moment and hide in cover. Lara hid behind the wall, waited until the first person with a lantern passed and climbed higher. While the enemies have their backs turned, you can safely run, even at a small distance from them, they are all rather deaf. You need to move higher and higher until a gap is discovered leading to a destroyed building. However, that bastard with a gun finds her here and tries to rape her. You will have to fight back in a difficult QTE, following the instructions on the screen. It is unlikely that you will succeed the first time, but by remembering the sequence, sooner or later you will achieve success. The bastard dies, and Lara vomits and comes to her senses. This was not the kind of adventure she dreamed of.

The village is engulfed in fire, which is unclear who started it. There are still many enemies here, but Lara is now armed with a pistol. You need to go up the street. An unexpected arrow scratches Lara’s shoulder. In revenge, she kills both the shooter and his friend. A headshot solves all problems. Doors untouched by fire are visible ahead. Inside you can hide from your pursuers, who immediately set the building on fire. A hole in the wall of the house leads outside to a balcony overlooking the rocks. We continue up the side street. What a damn beautiful flame there is! The lone archer in front needs to be shot with a bow, right in the head, so that he does not raise the alarm. We jump up and continue moving. We jump onto the stairs and go up. There are two enemies below and one going down the rope ladder. Shot down, he falls down. Lara, on the contrary, must go upstairs. Rott radios her again, he encourages her and calls her upstairs. What a damn mountaineer. He’s probably sitting by the fire, eating canned food. By the way, Lara can also find a fire. This enables the ability to quickly move to previously discovered camps. That is, Lara can again, just like that, easily cross this burning mountain village to return to the forest? Well, okay, if that’s the case. Good news for those who did not find all the things hidden in the coastal forest.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

In the cave under the waterfall you can find the diary of Matthias, whose plane crashed on the island many years ago. There is still a lot to explore here, but Lara is in a hurry to meet with Rott. Climbing the stairs, she hears a conversation between two locals. The game suggests that shooting from a bow can serve as a distraction. It’s best to shoot at the tree on the left, and when they turn away, sneak around the fence and jump onto the roof. If Lara is spotted, one of the patrolmen will fire a flare, and several more islanders will run to their aid. So, from the same roof we immediately pull ourselves up to a large staircase. From it we also pull ourselves up to the attic of a dilapidated house. There is a lamp hanging from the ceiling here. If you shoot at it, it falls on flammable debris and sets it on fire, opening a hole in the wall through which you can exit into the cave. The two guards turned their backs to Lara, so they could be quietly strangled by sneaking up behind her. But you can’t say that Miss Croft has strong enough hands to strangle a grown man. Probably adrenaline and all that. We go all the way, pull ourselves up and look around. You can see a lamp above the barrels. We shoot him with a bow, after which Lara’s location is revealed. There is no way to avoid this, you have to fight. We jump up and use the taut rope to lower ourselves onto the road. Here you can look around, and then you need to continue climbing.

Once at the top of the stone staircase, Lara had to climb a very narrow gap in the mountain, but this difficult task only requires the player to press the forward button. Up above, Rott fights off a pack of wolves. Not very successfully, a large piece of meat was literally torn out of the left leg down to the bone. A terrible sight. He said the wolves stole a backpack containing all his supplies, including medicine, food and a walkie-talkie, before he lost consciousness.

Chapter 7. To the rescue

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Mountain village

Lara will have to get the backpack on her own. The mountain village is quite interesting, although the only people roaming around here are chickens. But this is not surprising, because it is now deep night, it is raining, and shooting and screams were probably heard from below. So you can now explore the village completely calmly. To reach the marked place, you need to climb even higher. I wonder if we will reach the top of the mountain like this? Above the river are the remains of a plane that crashed here a long time ago. The road runs right along its wings. At the top, above the waterfall, is the entrance to the wolf cave. It’s strange that it is so close to the village. It is becoming increasingly clear that the village has recently been abandoned. There are many bones around the cave, both animal and human. Lara lights a new torch (where does she hide them?) and squeezes inside. The backpack is located in the very depths. More precisely, what was left of him, namely a first aid kit and a radio transmitter. It wasn’t difficult to get in, but it wasn’t easy to get out with your backpack. The seasoned wolf attacked the thief, but she was able, with great difficulty, to fight him off. It was a glorious battle. It’s time to go outside. You can go down quickly using a cable. We need to get back to Rott. Lara bandaged his leg, and after a while he woke up.

It looks like Lara Croft will be the one who will have to climb the mountain and install the distress signal transmitter. She now has an ice ax that replaces the pickaxe. To climb a wall, just go up to it and press the button. You can move not only straight up, but also horizontally. All suitable walls are highlighted in instinct mode. You will need to jump over to the left rock by pressing [E] in time and clinging to it with an ice ax.

Climbing up, you can discover the hidden “Tomb of the Scorned,” the entrance to which is located next to the waterfall. It is not necessary to plunder it, but why not? Inside there is a camp with a fire. Next you will need to solve the puzzle: set fire to the bags on one part of the lift, push the other, climb onto the first and jump onto the wall, clinging to it with an ice ax. Once up, you can find a treasure chest. We go outside and continue our way up.

The next remarkable place is the jump over the waterfall onto a steep cliff! We grab hold of the ice ax and rise. Enemies are found at the top. They are waiting to see if anyone will come up here. We don’t rise all the way, but wait until both of us stand directly under the lamp. We shoot at him, fuel spills right on their heads. We finish, look around and continue our ascent. But then the old wooden bridge collapses under the onslaught of the elements, and Lara has to make a quick jump to the other side, catching her ice ax on a rock.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Road to the base

At the top, Reyes and Alex contact her. They give directions to the radio tower, but we still have to get there. After two ropes, an ambush of archers and one maniac with an ax comes across. The torch can be lit from the barrel at the entrance to the cave. Having passed through it, Lara sat down by the fire left by someone and turned on the video camera again. Having finished with the memories and things to do around the fire, we continue on our way. There are rats running along the street, and there is a truck in the tunnel. I wonder how far he travels here? Several local residents loom ahead. The spotlight can be broken with an arrow. You need to get inside the Japanese military fortification from World War II as quickly as possible to avoid machine-gun fire. Guards can be distracted with arrows. Don’t forget about the dodge button. Inside, all that remains is to kill all the enemies, go up and jump onto the tower. Immediately, walking in a straight line, Lara pulls herself up and finds herself on the stairs. There is a tensioned cable at the top.

Mountain Base

Having fallen into the water, Miss Croft found herself in icy water. This is where the entrance to the bunker begins. You can read several pessimistic inscriptions on the walls. You need to turn the valve to shut off the gas. At the end of the corridor, two people are arguing near a barrel of fuel. We shoot at it and get a big boom! Two less scumbags. It is proposed to “stun” the next enemy by shooting him… in the knee?! Now he can go serve as a guard in Skyrim (where every guard was shot in the knee). But no, here you can approach the stunned person and finish him off. Lara climbed the stairs and shot another suspicious guy in the leg. I pulled myself up and climbed through the ventilation in the wall. In the new room, there are lamps placed on the floor that can be picked up and thrown. This is how you can set fire to a propaganda poster. There is a valve in the room that the next ventilation leads into. Turning it, Lara filled the room with gas. On the other side, a man with a machine gun appears. Now you need to go back, take one lamp and throw it into the ventilation! An explosion occurs, the glass breaks, opening the way. The armed man was crushed by a piece of concrete. Lying near him is an old machine gun, which Lara picked up. The man asks to kill him, to save him from a long, painful death. Lara fulfilled his request with the help of a bow. There will be a very large ambush ahead, searchlights and many, many archers. This is why you need an automatic machine. At the beginning there will be a rather long time slowdown effect, you need to take advantage of it as much as possible, performing shots exclusively in the heads. On the second floor there is a camp with a fire. We continue our way to the main control panel. As expected, it is broken. It can be replaced by an engineering console, which is located on one very high tower. You need to leave the broken remote control through a hole in the wall where numerous pipes are located. Don’t rush headlong, hot steam is dangerous.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Neighborhood of the base

But outside… is it snowing? It is, of course, already high in the mountains, but still very sharp. And very beautiful. Lara jumped towards the bridge and found a fresh fire. Now you need to cross the bridge. You need to walk along a lonely steel crossbar. On the other side, some psycho tried to throw Lara down, but instead he went flying himself. Ahead are his friends, who are not smart enough to hide their entire torso. One arrow for each and you’re done. However, there are also machine gun cartridges here, so you don’t have to limit yourself. Like zombies with frostbitten brains, new opponents fall in a line under the machine-gun fire of the young archaeologist. On the other hand, on a small turret, several reptiles were located around barrels of fuel. What, however, unsuccessful fortifications the Japanese built during World War II. Only one girl can take them. Soon they will release the “Big Man” – an armored bull with a large shield – against her. To defeat him, you first need to collect ammunition for the machine gun. Then you need to let him get closer and strike. At this moment, Lara should dodge [Shift + side arrow] and shoot back at the unprotected torso. After his death it will be possible to go through the doors. You need to climb the stairs. There is a camp at the top. The rope leading to the tower goes from bottom to top relative to Lara. This is exactly what she will have to climb. There we press the dodge button to jump onto the platform. Three huge staircases lead to the very top. There is no way to fall from such a height, and there is no insurance.

Once at the top, Lara must find the frequency at which the voice will be heard (LEFT-RIGHT arrows). Then, having confirmed it, you will need to remove the interference (LEFT-RIGHT arrows). When the voice becomes clear, the message can be transmitted. Fabulous! It turns out that rescuers are already nearby and are looking for the Endurance crew. You need to send them some kind of visual signal. You can go down very quickly on a cable. How fortunate that there are two fuel tanks here at once. In the warehouse you can find new equipment – “flint”. We return to the tanks and open the valve to allow the contents to flow out onto the ground. Now, using a flint, you can ignite the fuel. A large explosion occurs and is spotted from the rescue plane. He turns around and comes in to land, but… something inexplicable happens. Lara hears Japanese speech – “no one will leave”, after which the plane catches fire and falls, right on top of her! Lara practically slides down the slope (finally, moving down, not up!), trying to dodge the wreckage of the plane that was supposed to save her. And then you will also have to dodge obstacles placed along the road. Lara caught on the very edge, almost falling into the abyss, after which she jumped onto the safe wooden flooring. The plane’s debris flew past without harming her.

Chapter 8. Slippery slope

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Village on the rocks

The pilot of the plane, who managed to eject, landed somewhere further along the road. We need to go after him. For some reason, someone drove a crossbar with a flag into the rock, over a kilometer-long abyss. And now, having jumped like a bungee, catching on a piece of fabric, Lara found herself on the other side. Standing proudly over decades of harsh storm winds, the islanders’ homes were unable to withstand the weight of one young tomb raider. Therefore, she has to run quickly, jumping from one building to another, until the shaking under her feet stops. The pilot had to shoot back from the people who attacked him. It didn’t work out very well for him, which is why he died a natural death from a machete blow to the heart. Lara will now have to pacify the big guy with the shield herself. However, this one turned out to be much worse armored than the first one. Afterwards you can rest in the camp. We continue on our way to meet with Rott. Unexpectedly, Lara falls into a trap and ends up upside down. After killing the first two attackers, she shot at the mount and fell down. Hiding behind a box, Lara found a rope. Now, having tied it to an arrow [by clicking on the mouse wheel], you can shoot an arrow with a rope from a bow. At the moment, this is necessary in order to deprive the hut in which the machine gunners are holed up of support by pulling it towards themselves. You can repeat the trick with any objects that have ropes wound around them. When the enemies are gone, we pull a large load towards us, jump onto it, and then continue along the mountain road. We will learn how to lay ropes ourselves. We stand behind the indicated post and shoot the rope to the other side. Now you can use this rope to cross the river. Then, using the same rope, you need to open the door to the cave. In fact, these are different ropes, there are just a lot of them. On the other side, Lara is waiting for Rott.

Chapter 9. Guilt

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Mountain Village

Another rescue plane pilot landed in the village and sounded a smoke signal. Conrad Rott wants to leave him, but Lara Croft comes to the rescue. Perhaps that is why the words “help” and “mutual assistance” are feminine. So, first you need to build a cable to go down. Several islanders are also following the smoke signal, so you will have to shoot them. Next is a ready-made rope for descent. But the next one after it does not need to be used. The target is on the same level as Lara. She builds a new bridge on her own, and then climbs the cliff with an ice ax. We strangle the first enemy, we push the second into the abyss. Another tight rope.

After it you can find a secret tomb. In the cave there is a temple in which a very strong wind is raging, blowing out the torches. No wonder he was abandoned. After the camp comes the building itself. There is a puzzle in it, but not an easy one: first you need to close the shutters from the wind, then wait until the wind starts to break through again, and only then lift the lift to climb onto it, and when it flies towards the wall, jump onto the beams along which you can climb to the top floor. As a reward, you can find a chest containing a treasure map of a mountain village and more than a thousand experience.

We return to the rescue of the rescue pilot. We have to build a whole network of rope bridges. The last post broke, Lara fell into the abyss, but managed to catch the ice ax on a rock. There are two smoke bombs, a backpack, and a detached parachute fluttering in the wind on top. But the pilot is not there. He must have gone down the path, or… was he taken away? Lara goes in pursuit.

The pass is

a very narrow winding path inside the mountains, protected from the wind. A canyon, if you will. Alex reports that Sammy has left, or been taken, to some ancient palace. Lara, meanwhile, reaches the camp in the cave. For now, the path lies at the lowest level, but from above you can see bridges between the paths. The walls are decorated with carved stone statues and paintings. Captain Jessop sits alone on the other side of the bridge, across which a strong wind is blowing. Looks like a trap and bait. But Lara doesn’t think so and calmly walks across the bridge. Halfway through, Father Matthias begins to throw canisters of gasoline at him, which he detonates with an arrow. Lara is stunned by the islanders who arrive in time.

Chapter 10. New troubles

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Mountain Monastery

This is the second time Lara is tied up and hung up. Now, true, not upside down, but the place is much more terrible – among many piles of bones and body parts, as well as rotting corpses hanging from the ceiling. She swings and frees herself. On the floor, among others, lies the body of the pilot, and next to him a broken radio. Behind the doors you can see the silhouette of someone very massive. The exit is found quickly; it is a hole in the wall, a little over a meter high, barely extending from the floor. As soon as Lara climbed into the passage, the door behind her opened and a monster entered. In samurai armor, with a club and three meters tall. We need to get out of here as soon as possible! But it’s so disgusting – small body parts, like palms and heads, are scattered across the floor, as well as bones that have lain here for decades. Having rolled down, Miss Croft found herself in a semi-open place, which was strongly blown by the wind. What is very strange is the equipment that remained with her – the savages did not take either a bow or a pistol with a machine gun. They will soon pay dearly for this. In the meantime, we need to move on. One of the corpses still had a shotgun, which Lara now intended to use to make a hole in the fence. It works, but the shot attracted attention, although these people also run away, apparently fearing that huge monster.

Lara Croft soon discovers the goal of this whole damn expedition – the sarcophagus of Pimiko, queen of the sun, mistress of storms and Yamatai. And around him is a tomb with drawings that even preserved the colors. Now it’s clear why the savages took Sammy. Meanwhile, Lara is attacked by several bandits, but the shotgun has a calming effect on them. To open the doors, you need to pull the bell towards you using an arrow with a rope. Behind them there will be a camp with a fire. Near it there is a barricade that opens with a shotgun blast. The wooden road is falling apart before our eyes, but Lara manages to catch the crossbar, pulls herself up and presses herself against the wall. And what do you think? Instead of returning, she continues to walk along this beam towards the hellish wind. He jumps onto the remains of the road and falls into some room through a hole in the rock. There are a few fools here trying to get out. What you need to do: open the left window first. Swing the drummer using a rope. Then it will destroy the beams on one side. Close the left window and open the right one, repeat the previous step with the striker. Now you need to open both windows in order to hit the giant bell with the striker. He falls down, the floor collapses, Lara falls and ends up just in time for the start of the sprinting competition among the islanders. The trainer is a huge storm warrior. To win, you need to constantly jump. The run-jump ends with a fall from one bridge to another, sliding down a slope on your ass and falling into a wet cave.

Chapter 11. A friend in need

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Sammy’s Mountain Village

gets in touch. She stole a walkie-talkie from a security guard. It looks like they want to use it in some kind of ritual. She and the others are being held in an old Japanese palace. There is a camp at the exit of the cave. After him, three opponents meet on the road and gather for the ceremony. After them you need to make another cable. Sammy is caught with a walkie-talkie, and Lara begins to go hysterical. The next cable has been installed in advance. The guys below have leaked fuel, which can be set on fire by shooting at the lamp. The further descent takes place with battle. Barrels standing on the road can be lowered down the slope.

Mountain slope

Straight, straight. And before, you might think, she was taking a detour. However, this time it doesn’t work out straight – a stormy stream from the waterfall washes Lara off the pole, and then carries her down. All sharp objects should be avoided, and wooden obstacles should be destroyed with a shotgun. Lara finds herself in the cockpit of an airplane, which even before was not even based on her word of honor, but rather half-worded. The glass cracks, but our heroine manages to grab the parachute. On the second try, it still opens, and now Lara has to fly among the trees. But this is where his nobility ends – one of the fastenings comes off, and she falls to the ground, receiving severe bruises and even an open wound. But every cloud has a silver lining – this is that magnificent palace!

Chapter 12. Open wounds

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough


The wounds turned out to be so severe that there was no way to do without treatment. You’ll have to look for a first aid kit somewhere nearby. Slums… so we used to visit the port area, the residential area, the downtown area, and vacation in penthouses? However, there are certainly differences between slums and other settlements. First of all, it is a very dense building and numerous fences. At the foot of the mountains there is a lot of space and there is no strong wind. The houses are put together haphazardly, from rubbish brought here from outside and parts of transport destroyed by storms. Wheel tires attached to fences and houses serve as decorations. Lara notices a helicopter and hobbles towards it to look for a first aid kit. It would be stupid to leave her in the pilot’s seat, but who knows. Lara descends into a hole that looks like a sewer, if you can call it that. The water is right under the houses. Here voices and torture are heard, and at the exit the situation of Sammy and the rest of the expedition members, who are kept in a cave under the fortress, is discussed. It’s not at all easy for a wounded girl to fight, and if she falls into a trap, you need to shoot at the mechanism, as you did before. The path to the helicopter lies along the very edge of the slums, over the abyss. The rear doors of a transport helicopter open with a rope, just like in the fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood. Unfortunately, no antibiotics are found inside the first aid kit. Therefore, Lara has to cauterize the wound with a hot arrow. But now she is ready for battle and knows how to shoot flaming arrows!

Chapter 13. The Road to Hell

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

With one such arrow you can set fire to a whole puddle of fuel, blow up a red barrel, or give your enemy a painful death without intermediaries. When the enemies are gone, you can sit by the fire and make something. Now Lara goes in search of the gate. With the help of fire arrows you can now set fire to various things that are too high for the torch. There are many paths to the goal, it is very easy to get lost, so just keep in the right direction and look at the map. Part of the path may seem familiar because most of it goes in the opposite direction. At the gate there will be a large ambush of the dregs of society, rushing straight towards the red barrels. They guard the gate, which is opened by a wheel-shaped lifting mechanism. The gate jammed, but not for long. The light fabric can be set on fire, and now the gate gives way. There is a camp right behind them. We watch as Grim (the helmsman on the Endurance) descends on a cable. Lara goes to his rescue. But it seems that he doesn’t really need her: Grim independently fights off the “bros of the sun.” Now he also calls Lara to climb the stairs after him. Cool old fart, nothing to say! There’s a suspicious amount of ammunition down there, it’s best to collect it if Lara still has a place to put it. So, before she had time to climb the stairs, she was already blown up with dynamite. You’ll have to fight off the islanders below. So, here there are two shelters, between which you can roll, avoiding flying dynamites. At the same time, of course, shooting enemies rushing from everywhere.

Chapter 14. Liberator

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Under this name, you immediately want to pick up an AK-47 (by the way, you can upgrade it by collecting parts of the machine gun) and continue to play only with it. So, you can continue your journey along the cable car, which the enemies made during a psychic attack. The further path also lies on top. Along the way there are interesting mechanisms of windmills, which are used here to transport goods along ropes. A little to the side there is a mine with three smelters. But our goal at the moment is to climb onto one of the cargoes and get over to the other side. Grim appears to have been captured, but Lara will not give up. When everyone who dared to attack her was killed, Grima was used as a hostage. But he managed to kill them all, although he fell into the abyss himself. RIP Glasgow helmsman, you were really cool. But now Lara must continue to climb towards the palace, alone again.

Chapter 15. We don’t abandon our own

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

You can use the rope to get to the other side, to the place where Grim fought and fell. There will be a staircase up there. Another rope… but suddenly enemies appear from behind and cut the rope! Lara miraculously manages to hook the ice ax onto the rock. The next arrow missed her head by a few centimeters. But no more shots will follow – Rott arrived just in time and is now covering Lara with a sniper rifle. There is also a signal from a rescue helicopter searching for another crashed ship, the Trinity. Maybe he can take the Endurance team too. In the meantime, Lara finds a camp inside the observation tower. This is part of the wall surrounding the palace. You can cross the half-destroyed bridge without any problems. Lara climbed through the window of some room, climbed up to the ceiling and found herself right under the very bridge that leads to the palace. If only the keepers above didn’t suspect anything… but no, they can’t pass quietly, and Rott enters into a shootout, distracting the islanders from Lara. It seems they are all dead. She climbs onto the bridge… but a guy pounces from behind and they fly down together. Lara grabs the boards and climbs back up. Damn it, wouldn’t it have been easier to shoot them all? It’s as if Lara is facing outnumbered lemmings for the first time. Now you have to run, jump and dodge an invisible machine gun. At the end, Lara clings to a rock with an icebreaker and rises to the entrance to the cave.

The entrance to the Cave

of Bones is dark, and the water reaches up to your chin. Red candles are burning, which means someone has just been here. Entire skeletons in the niches tell us that this cave is an ancient crypt. Lara takes out a bow, and after several corridors she finds herself at the beginning of the purification ritual. Father Mathias plans to burn Sammy at the stake. Lara steps out of the shadows to stop him, but is captured and beaten. The fire is actually set on fire, but the rushing wind extinguishes it, saving Sammy’s life. Lara is dragged into the throne room, but she frees herself and jumps from the bridge into the bloody river.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

The Reku Caves

are made of blood, flesh and bones – literally. There is nothing to do, you will have to continue along it. It is at such moments that you are glad that technology has not yet reached the point of transmitting smells and sensations. Natural gas can be exploded with a flaming arrow from a bow. By the way, this is the only weapon left. You need to quickly cross the dangerous place, because the gas quickly fills it again. There is a fire here. Yep, right next to natural gas. Generally speaking, this is a cruel bummer – we were in a hurry to go to a luxurious palace, but instead we see just another dungeon. Yes, and how did it happen that after swimming in blood, Lara turned red everywhere except her hair? Oh yeah, they still look like they’re from a shampoo commercial. Meanwhile, Lara witnesses what the captives are going through. Newcomers are thrown into this pit to be devoured by others. I wonder what people who were outraged by the attempted rape in the first videos would say about this? She was somewhere far away, in the sixth chapter. Now Lara must get past the cannibals. They themselves are afraid of it, but you can shoot a little. To get out, you need to break the valve to let the gas in, and then blow it up. The grate will disappear and the path will open. Several jailers come down to check. It might be worth killing them to prevent the alarm from being raised. However, soon it will simply be impossible to avoid the noise – there are still many guards. Behind them is a camp, as well as a new task. We open the valve, shoot, climb up the cage, and move along the beam to the other side of the grate. It is strange that none of the guards were found to have the keys to the castle.

Now you need to go down and climb up the steep wall using an ice ax. Here you can see the rite of passage into the Brotherhood of the Sun. And also blow it up by shooting at the gas. You can collect a lot of things in this cave. Having climbed the stairs, you need to unscrew the next valve, pull the strange crossbar with a rope, and then set the gas on fire. The cage will knock out the bars and you will be able to pass through. The explosion also causes an earthquake, accompanied by gas explosions. The floor collapses under Lara, and she slides down somewhere again. The gas room must be overcome quickly. Reyes’ voice is heard on the other side, and she, along with other crew members, Alex and Jonah, are in a cage suspended from the ceiling. We need to get rid of the guards. After exchanging a few words with friends, you need to find a way to lower the cage. To do this, you will need to open and explode the millionth valve. When will they finally end? Lara then walked up the stairs and jumped onto the roof of the cage bus. From it you need to very quickly shoot at the near, and then at the distant gas flow. The consequences are quite unexpected: the floor of the cave collapsed, revealing boiling lava underneath. Lara must go around the bus and climb onto the roof. Jump from it to two valves, open them and explode the gas several times in a row. The cage will be carried to the other side, where the prisoners can jump off before the bus falls down. They leave, but Lara stays behind to look for Sammy and Whitman. Now you need to jump across the cells over the fiery abyss.

Chapter 16. Into the Hell

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Fortress of the Brotherhood

A short run through the shaking and burning corridors of the cave, and Lara finds herself on the upper floors. The walls and floor here are lined with wooden boards, which are currently on fire. Voices are heard from behind the wall. Did Sammy really start this fire? Or are these the consequences of gas explosions in caves? In any case, we need to get out. No hassles, just a few corridors. And then exit to the canopy surrounding the building through a hole in the wall. Lara walks along it, climbs the wall with an ice ax, and gets to a good vantage point. From here you can see a wonderful view of the burning fortress. Lara finds Matthias’s office and takes some paper with her. Walking along the roof, you will need to use the cable car. Now the fighting will begin, the brothers of the sun still want to stop Lara from getting to the palace. No, to save your lives.

At the entrance to the palace, Whitman unexpectedly meets. He settled here almost like a tourist. Then there is an incomprehensible scene where Mathias wants something from Samantha. She needs to be pulled out, and Lara kills the guard Dmitry Anatolyevich. There are generally a lot of bad Russians in the Bratva. He had with him all the weapons taken from Lara. Just as they are about to leave, Sam and Lara stumble upon Matthias and Whitman, who are still tied up. The heiress of Yamatai ran faster and therefore she and Lara were separated by a burning beam that fell from the ceiling. Miss Croft was left alone in the throne room, besieged by two dozen bandits. When they are over, you can leave the hall. By the way, if you don’t rush, you can watch how the fire gradually spreads along the wooden floor, meter by meter, engulfing it entirely. The fire is coming slowly, but you still have to get out of the palace. This is not so easy to do, due to very narrow corridors and a large number of enemies. Don’t forget about the ability to change the position of the camera [C] depending on the cover.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Lara left the burning, smoky palace and found herself on the street, but she would not have time to breathe fresh air. Nikolai took over the machine gun and is now pouring lead on all the shelters. You’ll have to change them by dodging and rolling. The goal is to get to a wall that can be climbed using an ice ax. There, from the second floor, for some reason, there is a rope that leads straight to the madman’s head. After the fight, Lara falls, but picks up the grenade launcher and shoots it straight at the reptile [MCM = click on the mouse wheel]. So Nikolai is no more. Lara glues the grenade launcher to the machine gun, thereby turning it into a grenade launcher. With its help you can destroy metal barriers, like the one that needs to be demolished now. New grenades can be found in wooden boxes. Well, now you can fight your way through the streets with fire. The machine gunner can be easily carried out with one grenade, but you need to aim higher – the flight range leaves much to be desired. Here comes the camp! Finally, otherwise the author has already accumulated more than a thousand spare parts.

After relaxing by the fire, you need to climb the wall. The whole floor is on fire, it’s a miracle that the ceiling is holding up. At the end you need to blow up the metal fortifications. If anything, the grenade launcher is only available on automatic weapons. Downstairs, Sammy fights off his suitors with a pistol. She’s doing quite well herself, but Lara decides to go down and help. Having descended on the cable, another iron obstacle is discovered. Be strong, the grenade launcher must rehearse its appearance 997 more times. However, he copes with enemies just fine. To see opponents through the smoke, you need to use instinct. After a small but densely populated street, there will be another ambush – with a searchlight that cannot be turned off, and a machine gun that a grenade cannot reach. So you will have to move the old fashioned way – by evasions. You need to get to the lonely wall through which the machine gun cannot reach. You can climb up along it, and from the roof on a rope you can move to the attic of another house. This is where the machine gunner comes in handy. All that remains is to cross the river on a rope to meet Sammy. She stands behind an obstacle so armored that even a grenade launcher cannot reach it. Therefore, the friends will have to separate again. Lara will be chosen alone. She climbs the wall of the house and slides down on a rope to the roof of the house opposite. And from there he climbs into the tower window.

Fortress Tower

Damn it, there’s a warehouse of red barrels here! There’s also some crazy guy playing with a petrol bomb. We need to get out of here quickly.

Chapter 17. Get to the helicopter

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough


A rescue helicopter has landed on the edge of the Fortress! We need to get to it as soon as possible! Lara flies on a rope and falls onto the bridge. Suddenly appears from behind… Mathias? That’s it, there are no more unbelievers, unless it’s a mysterious twin brother. We need to cross the bridge before it collapses. First you need to run backwards, then fight off an ardent admirer, and then jump across a collapsing bridge.

Fortress Tower

Having rolled down, Lara sees a helicopter flying away somewhere. You need to climb to the very top of the tower. The path resembles a giant and deadly spiral staircase. It goes around the tower and is full of all kinds of obstacles. It all ends with an epic jump into a flying helicopter from the roof of a falling tower.

Only Rott and the Japanese pilot are inside. The rest of the Endurance crew below fires back at the savages. But the pilot is not going to land after them. The turntable is struck by lightning, after which it falls. Rott is the first to come to his senses at the crash site. He seems to be fine, but the same cannot be said about Lara. She lies unconscious and does not appear to be breathing. In any case, Rott gives her artificial respiration, or simply takes advantage of her helplessness. Lara comes to her senses, but at this time enemies appear, led by Matthias, who throws an ax that hits Rott. The old man manages to shoot several more fanatics, but still, people do not live long with an ax in their back. Matthias disappeared, and after some time all the other comrades, except Whitman, joined Lara. They assemble a funeral pyre for Rott. Then Lara is left alone while the others get ready to repair some boat. After thinking a little, she also decides to join them, but for a different purpose – she can take a boat to the “ritual hall” marked on Matthias’s map, which she stole from his office in the Fortress.

Chapter 18. Loneliness

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Mountain Forest

The new location is located near the Slums. We need to catch up with the group. The forest is very useful; you can hunt and look at nature, which is nice after burning houses and dirty caves. However, old enemies – evil gray wolves – are also returning. But at the beginning, there will be a fight with hunters patrolling the forest. In order not to raise alarm, it is better to get a pistol with a silencer. There is also the opportunity to climb some trees and look at the forest from top to bottom.

But the most interesting place is the tomb, a cave in the rock on the left. The only difficulty is darkness, so we use instinct to see the road. Garbage needs to be burned, that’s all.

We return to the hunting village. Behind it will be the next control point, guarded by hunters and wolves. This is a cave called the wolf’s lair, although human presence is evident. Stairs, doors, cages… with wolves. Indeed, they are bred here. I’d like to kill everyone while they’re locked up. Just one shot for each, and experience is also given. The suspended deer needs to be pulled up with a rope so that it moves the crossbar, along which you can walk further. Leaving the room, Lara rolled down and almost fell into a black abyss. Clearly no one had entered this part of the cave for a long time. A large flock of bats lives here.


The cave opened into the slums. The only way down is a rope over the waterfall, which means that someone still walks this dangerous path.

Chapter 19. Accelerated Descent

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

An archaeologist is needed to repair the boat, despite the fact that the mechanic on the ship is Reyes? Strange. But it plays into our hands, which means they will wait for Lara. It looks like the cables will only end with the end credits. Oh, now this is interesting…


This does not mean the usual short rope, of which we have already seen a hundred. And a large mechanism that transports small cabins without a roof up and down over a winding mountain river. Part of the descent takes place in fog, but then it clears and the cable car stops. Therefore, you need to leave the booth quickly. You need to throw the rope over the nearest tower. On this tower there will be a staircase to the top, where the next rope awaits. Lara is right: it’s too quiet, despite the fact that someone clearly noticed her and therefore stopped the movement of the cable car. And indeed: as soon as the fugitive found herself on a ship that was somehow raised high above the ground, guards came from everywhere. It’s so funny: Lara doesn’t leave the shelter, and more and more enemies descend on ropes, one after another, creating a mountain of corpses in the center. Just like the game about “lemmings”, only in reverse. This lasts until the least stupid of them stands behind the machine gun. He shot off the cables holding the ship, after which it tilted side down. Lara withstood a monstrous blow with her back against the railing, which could easily have broken her spine. But she quickly recovered and climbed up. The ship still falls down with its stern, Lara falls onto the platform, grabs the rope, jumps from it to another, to a third, to a fourth… and so on until she ends up in the river. Still, she climbed ashore, and the terrible cable car was left behind. No more ski resorts.

Shore of Sorrow

This shore is filled with numerous remains of ships destroyed by the Island. The location is large and rich, there is even a tank and underwater mines. But now Lara is looking for a team that is trying to start a boat.

Chapter 20. A Pirate’s Life

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Pirate – not in the sense that Lara will now start printing counterfeit discs. In fact, now you will need to rob ships to find rigging to repair the boat. The path to the ship begins from a destroyed pier. You will need to climb the turret and use the rope leading to the galleon. There are already two witnesses inside who heard Lara land on the rubble. They know too much to be left alive. A little acrobatics and Lara finds herself at the bow of the ship. With just one shot at the rigging (fastening the anchor), the anchor falls down and the mast collapses onto the deck. Now all that remains is to pick up the rigging and return to the guys.

Whitman appears almost simultaneously. He screams and shoots someone. But no one is chasing him. It looks like he was just acting out the whole chase. I wonder if Whitman escaped, was released, or is he now a spy? Reyes won’t let her figure this out, and Lara must now look for Alex. Jonah gives her a new composite bow. It will be possible to study a new type of arrow – “napalm” – which sets fire to any surface.

Chapter 21. Missing Persons

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Alex went to Endurance to get some tools. It will be interesting to visit what remains of this trough. The path begins in the east. With the help of a composite bow, you can even break through stone walls, which will allow you to create new ropes. This is exactly what you need to do now to get to the goal marker. Alex gets in touch, he got to the ship and decided to find the tools on his own. The path to the next goal is not very linear. There are already two guards standing there, talking about Lara. Well, what else can two men talk about who haven’t seen a woman for years? In addition, it turns out that a certain Boris and his squad are now on Endurance! Alex fell into a trap. One could say “Alex is heading into a trap,” but knowing him, we can say with confidence that he has already fallen into it. You can only climb up by jumping over the rubble from the beginning of the road. At the top there will be a rope descent.

In addition to the two bandits, there is also an entrance to a hidden tomb. Behind the door is a military bunker. Inside there is a laboratory where local storms were studied. The floor here is flooded with high voltage water. The procedure is as follows: we set fire to the fastening of the raft, take out the barricade with a shotgun, from the place where it was, pull up the raft twice, move along the raft to the other side, shoot with a rope at the fastening, which lifts up the current source and cross through the water to the other side. Then, raising the current source, you need to pull the raft under it. Now you can safely reach the stairs by water. All that remains is to clean out the chest.

We return to the sad shore. If you forget, you can use the new bow to drive a rope into the wall. On the other side there will be a passage into the cave.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Bunker on the rock

On the other side there is a camp, and also a view of the cable car and the Endurance, which, apparently, the islanders are dismantling for parts. You will have to hook the rope to the wall again. From it you can get straight to a large military cannon with a crooked barrel. After passing under the pipes, Lara finds herself in a room with islanders who are fixing or breaking something. Like paratroopers, they will lower themselves on cables from a huge crane. Going downstairs, you can find a staircase guarded by several soldiers. At the second level the resistance is even steeper. All fighters are well armored, and there are also well-aimed demolitions. From the third level you need to jump onto the forklift, and from it onto the roof. The setting sun is red on the horizon; soon the island will be plunged into darkness. There is a camp below. Having made another rope, Lara descended onto a piece of land with a lonely pillar sticking out, from which a rope leads to the ship. She landed on the pipes and rolled down but no one seemed to notice. The huge guy helps the others with dismantling the ship. We’ll have to kill them all. Only the big man’s head is vulnerable: you need to shoot at it, and when he is stunned, run up and finish him off with an ice ax. Lara lifts the “zhumar” from his body – now she will be able to drag even those huge things on a rope that she could not do before. Just one of these can now be thrown onto the deck in order to break through it and open the way into the hold.

The inside is full of destruction and debris. And when did you have time? Lara found Samantha’s cabin in a terrible state. Things are even worse in the middle of the ship, it looks as if some monster has bitten off a huge piece, but in fact, the karma has simply broken off, as we saw in the opening video. The engine room should be right there, so Lara climbs over the cable and descends into the water. Alex answers the call and is crushed under debris. But Lara cannot get closer – the entrance to the compartment is blocked by exposed wiring. Then she shoots a rope at the crane and uses the jumar to pull it closer. The crane has two ladders: short and long. When climbing on them, Lara will push the crane all the way in the opposite direction. Thus: first you need to climb the short ladder, then pull the rope, then climb the long ladder. Then you can climb into the hatch on the ceiling. Lara broke off the pipe that was interfering with the tap. Now you can open the passage by repeating all the actions with the tap in the opposite order, returning it to the starting point. Alex was heavily crushed, and the enemies arrived in time. As a result, he was left alone to blow them up along with himself, sending Endurance to the bottom. Lara grabbed a wrench and a screwdriver (damn, these are the most valuable tools that are not on any other ship), and then began to flee from the sinking ship. It turns out that now, with the help of a jumar, you can climb up the ropes just as quickly as you can go down. Alex remains behind, and Lara needs to return to the bunker along the cables.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

The sun finally set and the moon appeared. Now the load at the top can be pulled down. He will break through the ceiling and Lara will be able to jump down. Judging by the entry in the diary, the scientists went to the monastery but, as we know, were not successful. Behind the door is a room already familiar to us, some places in which are now accessible thanks to the zhumar. From the place where the cannon is located, you can now take a new path to climb onto the cable. Then you will need to go through the tunnel again.

Shore of Sadness

You can return to your friends the same way. Or you can use the zhumar and open a new one. There is a fire there, and Lara can go down very beautifully, jumping from one rope to another.

Chapter 22. Chasing the Wind

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Lara decides to travel alone to the research station to find out the truth about the storms on Yamatai. To start the ascent, you need to lower the elevator. He falls down with a roar, as if he was just waiting for Lara to appear in order to completely deteriorate. Maybe she really is cursed? It looks like it. Fortunately, it is mostly the enemies who suffer from this, in percentage terms, of course. So, along this shaft, if you can call it that, you can go up. There, with the help of a bow, you can make a rope to the target. Here you will need to climb onto the water barrel, and from it onto the stairs of the tower with the cable car. The scary-looking booth can be pulled up with a rope. We repeat with the second one, and then quickly jump off it, because it is rapidly falling down. Do you still doubt Lara Croft’s curse? The elevator and this cabin, as well as many objects before them, are definitely not. After a rope and a short climb, several fighters are discovered. A little more acrobatics, and Lara finds herself in front of an obstacle that opens with the help of a rope. It’s a miracle that Lara didn’t fall backwards off the platform. There turns out to be another cannon, exactly similar to the one in the bunker. And her barrel is just as twisted.

Scientific station

This is our goal. Contrary to tradition, you will have to climb down a steep cliff. The water reaches Lara’s waist, and after it there is an ascent and descent again. Finally there is a place that looks like a laboratory. Several fighters are here waiting for Lara, and also commemorating the oni demons. Here you can use the camp fire. Further on, the bodies of Japanese soldiers are found in large numbers. They are well preserved. Lara crossed the water and pressed the big green button. A folding door opened, behind which there was another button, this time to call the elevator. Today is his day – he’s stuck in a delicious way. You need to climb onto the boxes and use an ice ax to tear off the stuck gear. The elevator went down. Now you can climb on it and climb out through the hole in the grate, straight onto the stairs.
We have three floors: 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Together they are connected by a flight of stairs. Each one has a call button.

  • After stopping the elevator on the third level, you need to go down to the middle of the stairs and jump onto the small platform. You can remove the second part from it.
  • Having stopped the elevator on the fourth floor, you need to go down to the third and find the stairs leading to a tiny department. From here you can remove the third part.
  • The last part is the hardest to get to. You need to call the elevator to the fourth floor, jump onto it, shoot at the barrier with a shotgun (this can be done in advance), and jump through the hole onto the wall, clinging to it with an ice ax. The rest is a matter of technique.
Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Now nothing is holding the elevator, and it will make its way to the 1st level. Here, guards walk along the corridors, but one by one they are easily neutralized with a pistol with a silencer. Finally, Lara finds herself in an ancient tomb, with large statues and a raised platform in the middle. There is the body of a commander who committed suicide. After removing the sword from his stomach, Lara finds a scroll in which she learns that the storms occur because Pimiko’s spirit is locked in a rotting body. Well, as anyone who watches Supernatural knows, this involves sprinkling salt on the body or bones, pouring fuel on it, and burning it. But let’s return to Lara Croft, who has yet to escape from this tomb. A detachment of soldiers is already heading towards her. They blow up the exit and attack from above. We’ll have to shoot back. When all the enemies are gone, you can go upstairs and follow their tracks. A descent from which you need to jump onto the wall and grab onto it.

Shore of Sadness

Having got out, Lara receives a signal from Reyes, mixed with shots. They were attacked, so they need to return quickly. You will have to descend along fragile-looking structures made of metal and concrete. Lara lands precisely on the pier, where she finds a wounded Reyes, and later Jonah returns to them. Whitman took Sammy to Matthias. It was necessary to shoot him at the meeting in the brotherhood fortress.

Chapter 23. Return

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

To go rescue Samantha, you need to jump on the boat. Further on there will be camps with the ability to quickly travel.


The boat sailed along the river and Lara was dropped off at the pass. Jonah, so cool and pumped up, called her “chicken.” As if he wasn’t the one staying downstairs, waiting for the woman to kill all the bad guys. So, Lara must build a rope and get across the stormy river. There is a very strong wind in this place, although not strong enough to ring the bell, which only sways slightly. After passing through a short tunnel, Miss Croft found herself directly above Whitman, Matthias and Sammy walking along the road. Now they are leading the “new empress” to the Temple, but first they need to be recognized by the storm guards. Whitman decides to take all the credit for himself, but speaks little Japanese and apparently insults the samurai. Eh, but I really wanted to shoot him with a napalm arrow in the leg. Mathias pulled Samantha across the bridge before the wind blew him and the two guards away. You’ll have to take a workaround, climb the rock using a rope and climb out the window.


Here it is, the Citadel of the Sun Empress. Stormguard patrol the corridors, just as they did a thousand years ago. Who are they: living people, dead people, or empty armor? Let’s find out. After the patrol disappears behind the doors, Lara can set fire to the wooden junk and sneak through the tunnel. On the other side, as if on a parade, the storm guards walk down the corridor and gather in the great hall. To the sound of their boots, Lara climbs the stairs, crosses the board to the other side, jumps onto the ledge and gets to the opposite side. Unfortunately, they still notice her and begin to attack. She runs along the corridor, and at this time arrows and something that burns are flying around. Lara rolls and falls into the cave below the temple. Here hostile samurai are discovered, with whom you can finally fight. They turn out to be surprisingly weak: Brotherhood fighters are much more difficult to kill. Ancient armor does not give them any protection. Soon a camp is discovered. The walls of the cave are filled with red candles, and behind the door there is an open area with a strong wind.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Sammy and Mathias can be seen on the other side. As Lara walks through the passage in the wall, the screams of Jonah and Reyes are heard over the radio as someone is attacking them. The bridge is destroyed and Lara falls down. It seems that now the storm guards have decided to take her seriously. The air was filled with burning arrows from which you need to hide. Following them are the storm guards themselves. After the second wave, it will be possible to walk along the fallen stone column. It’s Lara Croft’s turn to attack the samurai. Archers hide behind shields that can be set on fire with an arrow. The fuel bombs they throw can also be shot in flight, which has a lethal effect. This makes them very angry, so a third wave is sent against Lara. Soon there is only one huge guard between her and the front door, but he is blown away by the wind… hey, what about the epic battle?

Temple over the gorge

In the hall of the temple are hung the bodies of soldiers who came here in the hope of finding a way to control the storms. They were unable to get through hundreds of guards. Will a model-looking girl really be able to do this? Behind the doors lies an even more terrifying sight, a veritable mess of human remains. Well, we’ve seen worse. You need to turn the right valve first, and then the left. Then the cage rises. By swinging it, you can break a stone barrier. Then you will again need to close the pit with the right valve and lower the cage with the left one. Now you need to jump to the highest level of the room. You need to swing the cage from it, jump on it, and jump into the treasured window under the ceiling. Lara finds herself in a round hall with golden statues and ritual drawings on the floor. The worst fears have come true: Pimiko’s soul moves into the bodies of her descendants after a mysterious ceremony. And the last one is Sammy. At the end of the winding corridor is the final camp. There will be no further opportunity to go to the completed locations until the end of the game. The end is near.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough


Outside the door at this time a blizzard is raging, but the stone bridge looks reliable. Mathias had just crossed to the other side, dragging Sam along with him. Lara is prevented from following him by the flame, which closes the entrance and does not go out even from the piercing wind and snow. But, as usual, you can enter in a roundabout way. There Lara makes a rope, climbs up the rock, gets out, climbs the rock even higher, drags the bell to the wind so that it knocks down the doors. Next, after a short acrobatics, you need to build a rope from the post to the bell from above. There, Lara miraculously clings to a beam that swings like a swing. From it you can jump onto the road leading outside and surrounding the temple. From it Lara makes a “flight” to the rock, and from it she jumps onto the tower with a rebound. It looks like Pimiko has gone completely wild, lightning is striking the rock and tearing off pieces of it. This is only to our advantage, because now we can move along it. This is not an easy task; you will have to let go of the ice ax to drive it into the rock below. Eventually, the path will lead Lara to the final bonfire.

Lara is about to make the most epic climb to the roof of the temple, and Matthias is already performing the ritual. He really is magical, and Pimiko’s soul is trying to occupy Sammy’s body. Lara hurries to stop this from happening. At the same time, Brotherhood fighters will interfere with her. Lara will have to take a lap of honor around the ceremony. Finally, there is an opportunity to kill that big and bad storm guard. You can only dodge it by rolling [Shift x2], and the vulnerable point for weapons is the back. When he is stunned, you need to run up and strike. In the end, Lara will be able to knock his helmet off and crack his skull. All that remains is to survive a short fight with Matthias, but this is nothing. Lara burns Pimiko with a torch, causing the spirit to leave the body and Yamatai himself. The sun appeared from behind the clouds and the storm stopped. Lara and Sammy went down to the boat, on which, together with Reyes and Jonah, they left the island, no longer cursed. They were then picked up by a passing ship. And they lived for a long time and… no, this is from another opera. Lara decides to return to the island to complete its exploration, collect all the artifacts, diaries, and plunder all the tombs.

Tomb Raider (2013) – Tomb Raider Walkthrough

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