Gothic: Codes, Tips, Tactics

If you pass the game for the old camp, first the ghost, and then guard, then after helping the magicians of the water to find all 5 junitors and after the shaft collapse, you are expelled from the old camp. Then you need to go to Satouris and say that you were kicked and you want to join a new camp. Saturas will send you to Lee, he will give you the armor of mercenar. Next you need to approach Saturus and say about the desire to become a magician of water. He devotes you to a circle of water, and now – you mage water. Further more interesting. After the sword urizel is charged, you can go to Xarkdas and become a necromancer. At the same time, you study the 6th circle of knowledge of Rune, Xardas gives you the robe of dark magic and can be made from the charged stone on Urizel Run Urizel. Merry rune!!! End. May Inhos, Adanos and Belior will come with you.

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