GTA 4: Grand Thef Auto IV: Simple Native Trainer (6.4) [ / x.x EFLC]

GTA 4: Grand Thef Auto IV: Simple Native Trainer (6.4) [ / x.x EFLC]

Added the ability to set the 6th level of search, even from the beginning of the game. This option works only if the player has previously “frozen” his search level.
Added the option to select a random color for the car in the appropriate menu (Car Color Menu).
Navigation through the menu is much faster thanks to the elimination of a rare lag.
Game objects have been reviewed and updated. The list of objects now includes the objects of all three games. Thus, any object can be created by name or ordinal number.
Fixed a rare glitch that occurred when some objects were “spun” at too high a height. Thanks to the new feature, the height adjustment is automatic. Now all game objects must have the correct height.
Fixed bug with voices of Brucie, Gracie, and Roman.
Added new option Fast Motion in Time Menu tab. Also, the names “set time scale” have been renamed to “slow-motion”.
“The “spawn by model name” option is now available.
Added “spawn pedestrian” option for pedestrians using “spawn ped by the model name”.
For IV/TLaD/TBoGT, the list of added vehicles has been increased to 60.
Added cars now also work in multiplayer mode. The standard “spawn” menu for these vehicles is divided into two parts.

The trailer runs on IV,,,,,,, and and EFLC. It supports both the single player (single game) and the multiplayer (internet and network).

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