Houses from CLT Panels for Eco-Camp

“Green tourism” has become one of the significant trends of the last decade. People willingly leave to rest in a remote area in order to be alone with nature for at least a short time. If you want to create a great eco-camp for tourists with light and neat houses, the best solution is to purchase CLT panels for their construction

Solid Wood House #CLT-195 (Barn) | EcoHouseMart

Why Has CLT Panels Become So Popular?

  • Ready-made panels for construction greatly speed up the assembly of houses. It can take no more than a few weeks from the design of an eco-camp project to its turnkey delivery.
  • CLT panels are lightweight yet durable. You can do multi-story projects with confidence. In addition, you do not have to dig and pour concrete into a deep foundation, because panels are light and do not settle during operation.
  • CLT panels provided by RezultHouse do not require additional finishing, as they look visually appealing.
  • You can choose different thicknesses of the panels depending on the temperature conditions in which you are going to use them.

Why Tourists Like Houses Made From CLT Panels

  • Wood is a “breathable” material, which means it will not be hot to live in these houses in summer.
  • Houses made of CLT panels produced by RezultHouse¬† environmentally friendly, which means that the task of “green tourism” will be realized.
  • Wood is a warm material that emotionally relaxes a person. Therefore, the task of resting during the trip will be 100% completed.
  • Wooden houses look very attractive and authentic, which means fashionable.

By buying CLT panels from RezultHouse, you get quality assurance, a wide selection of panels of different sizes and thicknesses, and original modular designs. Your eco-camp will be like no other. Therefore, you can easily attract numerous guests and be remembered by them with the warmth and naturalness of charming houses.

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