How to healthily balance gaming and work? 3 tips you should use right now?

Gaming is a great hobby and for some people even a sport of a semi-professional (or full-blown professional) career, but in most cases people really struggle to healthily balance between this “hobby” and their normal life routine and work. It can be a little bit addictive, isn’t it? But who said that you cannot find a golden mile and stay equally productive and delighted from the gaming sessions that you were able to have today? We’ve gathered several helpful tips for you, read and use them in your day to day life.

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 Get yourself accustomed to regular breaks in gaming

 It might sound hurtful at first, but everything is good when it has a measure. Even if you buy Instagram followers for your account to give it a boost, eat sweets and pastry, game… you see the tendency here. All pleasant things are nice when there is a word “enough” somewhere near it. The more you control yourself, the better the bright  moments are going to feel.

Set yourself a timer for an hour (this is a time period that specialists claim our brain can concentrate on a single case and be productive about its solving) and then take a break. A break can last for 10 minutes or an hour, and this is up to you to decide what you’re going to do during that hour: study, work, get back to gaming, etc.

 Delegate the work you can delegate

 For example, if you’re working as a social media manager, you can buy real Instagram followers for your client and spare yourself some time – you’ve delegated this part of your work to the third party service. Or, if you’re managing a small business, you can hire an outsource accountant who would do the biggest part of documentation for you: once again, you’ve spared yourself some time on gaming (or any other duties you need to do, don’t forget about your daily routine).

 Schedule your gaming sessions

 If you want to be truly productive, you should be planning almost each one of your steps: get into a habit of it and you won’t feel weird about it. There are tons of offline and online planners that you can get used to, and your hobbies should be entered into them as well. Gaming takes lots of your brain resources, so you should find a special place for it in your schedule, where it won’t harm your work or studying processes, and where you’ll have a chance to put in some breaks as well.

Summing up

Gaming can take lots of our time and brain resources, so, to make yourself productive during the day and still be able to game as much as you want, you have to approach that question wisely. Get yourself accustomed to breaks while gaming, schedule the sessions and do things that would make your work and studying processes easier – delegate the duties you can delegate, plan things ahead, get ready for intense work sprints in advance. If you do everything right, none of the areas of your life will suffer.

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