10 scariest horror games ever made

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June 27, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

10 scariest horror games ever made

Video games have tried and scared us for years. While Haunted House, a Japanese survival horror game, showed its scares in its form through a mix of densely-pixelated zombies. Although not so frightening, the game was indicative of how the genre might evolve from here on in the future. The survival horror genre has already produced some very disturbing creations: ” Resident Evil Silent Hill Fatal Frame Eternal darkness and Dead Space. Throughout history, genres remain alive and evolve. I’ve compiled this list of horror games for gamers who need some thrills back into their gaming, well of course you could always visit slot sites in the UK if the horror games get too intense, let’s begin:

10 scariest horror games ever made

1 soma

Release Date: February 27, 2015. Software: PS4 and PC. Developer: Frictional Games. Publisher: Frictional Gaming. Much like Netflix’s “Black Mirror” and all the sci-fi films before, Soma asks what consciousness really is and what really makes anything happen. Although it does have some gameplay problems, such as enemies that you must escape from it doesn’t really distract from the captivating tale the game tells. You wake up as a random man without identifying your way into such large leagues beneath the ocean. Although the story starts out so generically the player’s character unfolds a mystery in an interesting way.

2 Outlast

Release Date: November 4, 2013. System: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch. Development: Red Barrels Publishers: Red Barrel This game takes on Fatal Frame ‘s cameras to create new perspectives for players, allowing them to travel dark environments using their own cameras and use Because outlast doesn’t give players a weapon it means one can survive in the dark. Once humans were also able to destroy monsters and make the killing of them between letting them go of the poverty they suffered and killing innocent people who were exploitable by the circumstances and used as a means of escape.

10 scariest horror games ever made

3 Alien isolation

Alien Isolation is a 2014 sci-fi horror film based on Ridley Scott’s iconic 1978 film “Alien”. In this game you are trapped on a space-flight ship claustrophobic to the floor. Xenomorph follows you around in search. As Amanda, the daughter of Ripley, your job is not only to survive but also to learn what has happened to your mum since she disappeared. Is Alien isolation one way to do sci fiction horrors? And that terrorized us as well. You become fully immersed into Alien and run and hide constantly to ensure that you’re avoiding becoming prey in this stealth FPS.

4 Manhunt

Originally released in 2003. PlayStations, Xbox, Mac Developer: Rockstar North Publisher: Rockstar Games If Grand Theft Auto has been deemed a violent game the game would have looked like an adventure compared to Manhunt. Rockstar has developed an Early-Game system which remains impressively robust over time. It is obviously bad graphically by modern standards. its game is great. You play the part of an inmate on death row who wakes up out of death, not dead. Yes, they want to kill humans, but Manhunt will kill people in the ugliest way possible – violently.

10 scariest horror games ever made

5 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I can still recall my own computer when I downloaded Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The bad laptop fought for his life, and is still one of my favourite horror games in the genre. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is easy to play, with a stereotypical starting place. It’ll last forever. The game probably kicked off a career of several Youtubers – one of whom is famous with his fascination with the barrels of amnesia – and inspired multiple game and creative projects. As for the game itself you have the duty to attempt to escape imminent danger and survive.

6 System shock 2

Release date: October 11th, 1999 System: Computer Developers: Irrational Games Publishers. Night dive Studios System shock 2 was created by Ken Levine. It was another historical landmark for video games. This game hits history books because of its strong narratives, environmental designs and iconic final twists. The film follows unidentified soldiers wake up from a genetic infection and wake up. You get in touch with the surviving physician, Janice Polit. She gives you your task: stop this virus and collect every last victim.

7 Resident Evil Remake

2001 | Capcom Resident Evil was originally a fantastic game. It completely changed our expectations of gaming horror genres as well as set standards which remain in place in the video game industry today. Resident Evil had a very different story than Resident Evil’s 2002 sequel. Resident Evil is a new series that is not only updated in its visuals, although they look so good, they look amazing. It was the desire of Resident Evil team members to create a 1996 project that could not be achieved due to technical constraints.

8 Until dawn

2015 | Massive Games The thrill of slash movies from the 80’s is rare in terms of the story and message. There were many instances where there had been dark pleasure in learning about what they’d get next and how they’d die. Till Dawn brings that excitement together with the interactivity that only video games offer. In these games, your choice affects how your character lives or disappears. Are you a horror fan? Now you can determine how far this advice really reaches these characters.

9 Darkwood

2017 | Acid Wizard Studio 2017 has been a very impressive year in gaming. It really is not surprising that Darkwood has not escaped attention since it was first released. But we do know no other player willing to plunge into that nightmare. It’s not clear how to wake up and where it’s going on. You just have to believe something bad happens to you at night. For survival, you have to find the necessary supplies, defensive equipment, etc. for your lighting needs to be a constant.

10 F.E.A.R

2005 Monolith Productions was a fearer’s peak for the savage young girls who really took over the stage when The Ring was an unexpected success across America. Clearly the tiny Alma remains the most effective use of the creepy child trope in gaming. F.E.A.R. was a unique and innovative game that established standards of quality for enemies. This combination of Western action and Eastern terror makes F.E.A.R. unique but also an interesting horror gaming experience.10 scariest horror games ever made

Bonus: What is the scariest horror game in history?

We have plenty of good reviews to make this is one our favourite scary video game of all time: Limbo (2009)

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