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August 31, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

The gambling industry and casinos are a part of gaming entertainment. One thing that every gamer knows is that there are always some cheats or exploits they can use while playing in order to win. However, cheating is forbidden whenever someone plays competitively or against other people. In other words, online casino cheating is illegal as well, if you are playing for real money. After all the money for the rewards comes from other players, so you are technically playing against everyone. Still, this doesn’t stop some players from trying and even succeeding. So, if you go to the casino mansion site and make an account you might want to try some of the tricks that will be mentioned. Most of these tips are legal, but some online casino cheat tactics that we will go over can get you in trouble.

Top 5 Ways to Cheat at Online Casinos

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Playing Poker with Friends

Typically, online casinos have video poker, which is drastically different from regular poker. Here you play alone, and there isn’t really a way for you to cheat online casino. However, there are casino poker online websites that allow you to play against other players.  If you have friends who have an account at one of these sites that hosts poker rooms, then you can team up. Of course, this is against the rules and you can’t enter as a team. But, you can always be on a chat and queue up at the same time. This is really easy to coordinate especially if you are on a team speak app like discord.

It’s unlikely that you will enter the room at the same time. But if you are not at the same table you can always exit and try again. Repeat this process until all of you are playing at the same table.  Bear in mind that your activity is logged, so it’s not impossible for the operator to find out if you are constantly doing this. It would be better to do this on multiple sites. Then it’s unlikely that someone will inspect the activity, and deny you the chance to withdraw your winnings.

Using Casino Bonuses with VPN

You can find an array of different bonuses on any gambling platform. There are lots of terms and services for each promotion, and you can usually claim each bonus once. However, using a VPN you can use these bonuses for cheating at casino games. Many sites don’t require you to fully verify your account before you start playing. In other words, you can claim the bonus and spend it, and then make a new account. The reason why you need a VPN is that you need to make sure your IP address isn’t the same.

Moreover, you won’t even have to spend any money. There are lots of no deposit and no wagering bonuses out there. So, just claim one of these promotions, and use them on any game that you love to play. Once you hit a big win, then you can proceed to verify your account and make a withdrawal. You will also need multiple email accounts for this to work. Bear in mind that there are operators that don’t allow you to use VPN, so if they find out what you’ve done, they can deny you the right to make the withdrawal.

Card Counting in Live Dealer Blackjack

Top 5 Ways to Cheat at Online Casinos

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Ever since online gambling became a thing, professional blackjack players got very excited. Almost everybody wanted to see if they could use card counting for cheating a casino online operator. There are many movies and guides online that tell you how to win a game of blackjack against the casino, and in land-based gambling parlors, this is doable. Unfortunately, the blackjack goes at a faster pace at an online casino, and you don’t know if the deck in the shoe is refilled or reshuffled. The best thing you can do is simply open the perfect blackjack guide in another tab and use it to make the best calls possible. This way your odds of winning are going to be almost 50%

Luckily there is a new trend and it’s called live dealer games. They have been around for quite some time, and it’s easy to find websites that host them. Here you are playing against the actual dealer just like in a regular gambling place. In other words, casino online cheating or card counting is possible here. In fact, you can have your friends over, and have them write down the cards that already appeared and are no longer in the deck. This way you can definitely penetrate the deck and know exactly which cards still remain. So, your odds of winning, in this case, are going to be higher than the house.

Bear in mind that there are multiple decks in the shoe, so you will need to play for hours until you can effectively apply this strategy. So, you are going to need a lot of money to get to the point where you can effectively make a profit out of this.

Placing 100% Win Bets

Many gambling sites also host sportsbooks and allow you to place bets on sports and esports. So, if there is a big event going on like a soccer tournament, or NBA then a lot of people will be placing bets all over the world. The same applies to eSports as now there are more and more tournaments that draw international attention from both young and older gamers. It’s important to know that the initial odds are generated by an algorithm, but they gradually change based on how users bet. In other words, even if starting odds are the same in two different sports betting sites, as the match draws closer they might be entirely different.

This gives you a great advantage and even gives you a chance to place a bet where you are guaranteed to win. You will need to search for these specific odds on different sports betting websites though, and that might take time. Moreover, you might be able to use VPN once again, as different user activity is more likely to occur in different regions of the world.  So, once you find these odds, place bets on both teams and just wait for the outcome. Bear in mind that this difference isn’t always that big, so you will need a lot of money in order to make a meaningful profit.


Finally, the most dangerous way to cheat is to hack the website and the gaming software. Slots use an algorithm that determines the likelihood of certain symbols appearing on the reels. If you play around and tweak these probabilities you are more likely to win. If you can have the wild symbol constantly appear you’ll end up in a bonus round and even hit the jackpot.

Bear in mind that this is extremely hard to pull off and in all likelihood, you can get caught. Bigger online casinos even use more sophisticated software which will prevent you from gaining access to the game’s code. That being said, there are hackers who successfully trick gambling operators and win.


These were the top 5 ways how to cheat at the casino, and as you can see some of them are perfectly legal. That being said, casinos usually have the right to deny you payment if they think there was foul play involved in your gaming session.  This is why you need to be very careful when using some of these tricks, as it can only cost you money. Of course, the best way to enjoy these games is just to play for fun and be responsible with your expenses. If you are playing on a reputable and licensed website then you will have nothing to fear.

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