Midnight Club 2: Tips And Tactics

Midnight Club II passage

The scheme is as follows: a – b
And – the racer you pass.
In – the car you pass.
If a – in – with
C – AUTO that you will open when victory over a rider and take to pass the following races.

Moses – Cocotte
Steven – Citi
Maria – Emu
Angel – Torrida – 1971 Bestia
Hector – Interna
Dice – Monstruo
In Paris everyone goes to Jersey XS
Shing – Modo Prego – Lusso XT
Ricky – RSMC 15
Haley – RSMC 15
Nikko – RSMC 15
Zen – RSMC 15
Kenichi – Knight
Makoto – Saikou XS
Savo – Saikou XS

After the completion of the single, go on Veloci all ring tracks to open 3 Copy cars and SL450X.

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