Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord: Trainer (+32) [EA: 07.04.2020] {FLiNG} Free Download

Edition: Steam
Game Version: Latest
Trainer Language: English/Chinese
Number of Functions: 32
Date of Trainer Creation: 07.04.2020

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord: Trainer (+32) [EA: 07.04.2020] {FLiNG} Free Download


Alt+Num 1: Immortality
Alt+Num 2: Immortal Horse
Alt+Num 3: Besk. Shield Strength
Alt+Num 4: Immortal Squad
Alt+Num 5: Instantaneous Murders
Alt+Num 6: Ign. Damage from the Rukop. Attack .
Ctrl+Num 1: Red. Gold
Ctrl+Num 2: Red. Influence
Ctrl+Num 3: Besk. Food .
Ctrl+Num 4: Max. Moral
Ctrl+Num 5: Besk. Subjects .
Ctrl+Num 6: Max. Weight
Ctrl+Num 7: Change Game Speed
Ctrl+Num 8: Change Moving Speed
Ctrl+Num 9: Slow down AI
Ctrl+Num 0: Exchange Conditions Always Allowed
Ctrl+Num .: Frost Time of Day
Ctrl+F1: Besk. Experience Skills
Ctrl+F2: Multiplier Skills experience
Alt+F1: Besk. Glasses Attributes
Alt+F2: Besk. Focus glasses
Ctrl+F5: Besk. Glory.
Ctrl+F6: Glory multiplier
Ctrl+F7: Besk. Stamina at the Forge
Ctrl+F8: Besk. Materials at the Forge
Ctrl+F9: Unlock all Details in Smithy.
Ctrl+F10: Besk. Warband Experience
Ctrl+F11: Multiplier Squad Experience
Alt+F5: Max. Relationship with Character
Alt+F6: Beliefs Always Successful
Alt+F7: Momentum. Buildings under Siege
Alt+F8: Building settlements in one day

Copy all files from the archive to the root of the installed game.
Run the trailer first, then the game.
During the game, press the keys specified in the trailer.

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