Overview of New Cryptocurrencies for Autumn 2022

Even though the cryptocurrency market has lived through a collapse in spring 2022, it is autumn now, and we can see many up-and-coming crypto projects emerging and developing. Let’s talk about some of them in this article.

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WBT Token

It is a relatively new cryptocurrency developed and launched by a popular crypto exchange WhiteBIT. WBT is a utility token already actively used by the platform’s clients. WBT is bridging the WhiteBIT exchange with other products, allowing:

  • to reduce transaction fees;
  • to access additional earning options on the platform;
  • to receive increased interest in the referral program;
  • staking.

There are two options for using the WBT token – holding and owning. The details of these use cases you will find on the WhiteBIT blog.

The current WBT price is $13.37. You can buy crypto on the WhiteBIT and Huobi platforms.


Probably everyone has heard of the NFT collection “Bored Ape Yacht Club” that made a fuzz in the NFT industry. The project offers ApeCoin, which is the most popular meme asset so far. The coin can be used in gaming, entertainment, art, etc. It is a utility token aimed as supporting and developing the Web3 evolution.

As of mid-October, the ApeCoin rate is $4.34. You can buy crypto on eToro and Coinbase exchanges.

Balancer (BAL)

Like cryptos mentioned above, this token is also developed based on the Ethereum blockchain. The project aims to develop distributed computer networks and build a platform where users will be able to buy any digital asset. In fact, Balancer  is a decentralised finance platform allowing trading cryptocurrencies with no intermediaries.

The BAL price is $5.72. You can buy crypto on Kraken and Coinbase platforms.

These were three popular digital assets to consider in autumn 2022. Look for more information on their official websites and social media.

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