Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (I part)

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (II part)

Arrangement of three medallions and solving puzzles with statues

Each statue with a medallion has a unique puzzle, for the solution of which you need to specify three correct symbols. All clues are given in the notebook of the officer that you found in the eastern wing of the site. Read the notebook to understand what characters and where you need to enter. Below we will point out the right solutions.

Lion medallion location and puzzle solution

The lion statue is located on the second floor of the main hall, where you can climb one of two parallel stairs. It will be available as soon as you get to the police station. Solving the puzzle from left to right: lion, branch, bird. You will receive the first locket.

Location of the unicorn medallion and solving the riddle

You will find a unicorn statue in the loggia on the side of the library. Go out of the library through the door next to the stairs below. Here you could find a map of the second floor. Solving the puzzle from left to right: fish, scorpion, jug. You will receive a second medallion.

Location of the virgin’s medallion and solution to the riddle

The statue of the virgin is located on the third floor of the western wing, in the western pantry, where you can get when you destroy explosives on the boards. Solving the puzzle from left to right: woman, bow, snake. You will receive a third medallion.

You now have all three medallions. Insert them into the statue on the first tier of the plot and get down into the subway.

Battle with the first boss and exploring the dungeon of the police station

The first area of ​​the subway is the secret room, which is a safe area in which there are consumables, a typewriter, and a chest. Here you will find a pipe at the entrance for which there is no tool yet. Stock up on cartridges for a shotgun or grenade launcher, medical supplies, as they are just about to come in handy.

When you are ready, go right and call the elevator. Going down, go even lower on the stairs. Halfway along with the left hand, there will be a passage, but first, we recommend going down to the very end. Look for a grenade on the right on the ground. There is also a weapon box that cannot yet be opened. Climb up the stairs and turn into the nearest doorway to get to the control room. Turn right and go until the cutscene starts, portending a battle with the first boss.

How to fight the first boss

The battle will take place in a confined space, although the arena is wide enough to escape from the enemy. A lot of ammunition is scattered around the corners. Your goal is to shoot the enemy in the head until a large eye opens on his shoulder. When this happens, then attack the eye. After some time, the eye will disappear. In this case, just run away from the enemy until the eye opens again. If this does not happen, then try to take a few extra shots.

Escaping from a mutant is quite simple. This is a rather slow adversary that will allow you to retreat or even bypass yourself on the side. Despite the huge hand, the range of attacks is not so large, so you have to stay at a distance and attack. However, a mutant can grab you at any time if you find yourself close enough. In such cases, you will need a combat knife, a blinding or regular grenade, which will give a chance to escape without receiving damage. Ammunition running out or no medicine? Inspect the corners of the war zone.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (II part)
First boss.


On the other hand, moving in corners, you run the risk of getting into a dead end and a trap. However, supplies should be collected at a time when the monster is far away to get the time and go back. Do not be afraid of the enemy, but just try to pass by him. You will be surprised at how simple it is. After a while, the boss will disappear. Just run around the location until it falls to the ground, so you can re-attack the enemy. It can be a long battle, despite the fact that in itself it is quite simple. If you did not have enough ammunition, then restart the game, find new ones and return again to the hardware room.

As soon as the battle is completed, the ladder will descend. The office on the top right has consumables, including green grass at the door. Follow the track east and interact with the console to move the track and enter the operator’s room. From the cabinet, take out a hip bag to increase inventory, then use a chest and a typewriter. Exit through the door to the north and climb the stairs to find yourself in the parking lot. Examine the machine near the closed garage door. You need a magnetic card, and for this, you will have to study the level B1 of the police station.

Parking, car key, pink key, generator

After you get a new target (find a magnetic card), first go through the door in the southwestern part of the parking lot, where a mysterious character escaped. It is there that you will find a room with a magnetic card. Do not pay attention to the cells, as they are all locked. Go through the isolation ward to the very end so that the cut scene starts.

After the video, explore the south side of the room to get the instrument (examine in the inventory to get the real name). In fact, this is a handle for a rotating mechanism. There you will find a note. Read it to get a new goal: you need to assemble the parts of the electrical panel. To do this, you will have to visit two places – a room with a generator (generator) and a clock tower. First, let’s go to the first place, but along the way, you will need to solve a small puzzle.

How to use the car key from the shooting range

Leave the isolator back to the parking lot, then go to the easternmost door and enter through it to get into the corridor along which you can go left or right. First, move forward, then left to the shooting range and find a document with recycling notices from the table on the right. There is also a yellow box. Examine it in your inventory by turning in a circle to open and remove the car key. Examine it and find the active button.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (II part)
The key to the car.
If you return with the key back to the parking lot, then in the southwestern part of the premises you can find a car. The car has a license plate number 7329. Open the inventory, inspect the car key and press the button to open the trunk. Inside it you will find an improvement for the Matilda pistol. Combine it with Matilda to turn a pistol into a semi-automatic weapon (you can shoot in bursts of three bullets).

Go back to the shooting range. Pick up the letter from the reception before you find two doors in the corner. To open the door on the right, you need a pink diamond key. When you have it, go to this room if you want to pick up the film with the code from the box on the third floor of the plot and red grass.

Through the western door, you can go to the zombies, find the cartridges and Mr. Raccoon, standing at the distant, fallen target. As indicated in the found document, it must be destroyed. Mr. Raccoon is a collectible and there are 15 such statuettes in the game. We talked about each in more detail in the SEPARATE GUIDE (just open the “Tips and Tactics” section of our website and find them).

How to get to the generator

Return to the corridor east of the parking lot and go the other way along with it, south. At the end of the path, a little farther than the door is bluegrass, and behind the door is a nursery. To your right is a barrel of gunpowder. There is nothing else, so get out of here through the back door to another part of the corridor. Go through the door to the morgue and pick up the autopsy report from the table.

At the south and north walls of the room are freezers for storing corpses. You can explore each of them by holding down the interaction key. On the south side in the second chamber is red grass, in the last, there is a stun grenade. On the north side, in the second freezer with a corpse lies a pink rhombic key.

When you pick up the key or study it, then you are attacked by a zombie who was in the same freezer. A second monster will come out of another camera. Go out into the corridor and on the right side, you will find the lever, which can only be opened with the handle. If you have not visited the isolation ward located southwest of the parking lot, do so. They just lie the handle. When you receive the item, return to corridor B1 and raise the shutters using the handle on the hole in the right wall.

Go north to the generator room. Take the box in front of you and examine it in the inventory. Expand, open, and receive the first electronic part for the electrical panel.

Generator Puzzle Solution

Go to the end of the room to find a puzzle with switches. You need to make sure that the arrows on the two displays are in the red zone (each on its own). To do this, switch the third and fourth switches.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (II part)
When you do this, the generator will start, and this part of the dungeon will be filled with mutant dogs. If you have little ammunition, then just run past the dogs along the corridors, periodically restoring health.

You can return to the isolator and install the electronic part found on the panel next to the camera where the murdered man is. There are two dogs waiting for you in the parking lot. You can hide the part inside the chest. As you wish. Get to the door at the other end of the corridor, not far from the shooting range (you opened it when you started the generator), go through it and follow up the stairs. You will find yourself in the northeast corner of the first floor of the police station, where you will need to find the green club key.

The location of the green key, the location of the large gear and how to survive against Tirana

After leaving Corridor B1 of the police station, go to the restroom, where there are a typewriter and a chest. Here you can find several consumables, including cartridges for a revolver, which at the moment can be put in the chest, as well as an electrical part (fuse) lying on a chair between the beds of the far room.

Pick up the item and go south to the caretaker’s room. This corridor is teeming with zombies. Kill two, and the third will be busy devouring the corpse. Install a fuse in the flap on the wall to raise the shutters and unlock the rest of the east wing. Now it will be possible to return from here to the main hall.

Be careful, because Marvin has already died and turned into a zombie, so you can relieve him of his suffering. If there are several places where you can get, but for starters, go up the stairs to the second floor of the main hall, go through the waiting room and raise the shutters in the corridor north of the gallery, using the curved handle found in the basement near the parking lot.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (II part)
You cannot enter the chief’s office as Leon, but you can find Mr. Raccoon by the stairs. You can choose up or down. Downstairs are locked doors, which so far have no access, so first go to the third floor. There will be two doors. Going west to the eastern pantry, you will find several consumables and a big gear, which is not useful to you now. But it is worth taking it with you if there is a place for it in the inventory, and then transfer it to the nearest chest.

How to find the pink tambourine key

The other doors are locked, so go back up the stairs, go south to the balcony and go down the fire escape. It will break, but you will find yourself in a new place – on the roof. Do not pay attention to the lever on the right side and go to the left side, north, to go down even further down the stairs. This path leads to the boiler room. The door will be broken by two zombies, so first, deal with them, and then go inside. In addition to consumables on the board, you can find a pink diamond-shaped diamond key, as well as use a typewriter and a chest.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (II part)
A burning helicopter.
Leave the boiler room and look at the wall on the right to find another lever. Move it to position L. Climb back to the burning helicopter, use the lever to its right to supply water and put out the fire. This means that you can now safely enter the corridor with a helicopter leading to the gallery. Go around the corner along the corridor (entering through the door to the left of the helicopter), and soon you will find a new formidable enemy – Tirana.

How to survive against Tyrant

If the original game of the last century did not go through, then know: Tyrant is an invincible opponent who constantly chased you through the police station in scenario B. But in the remake of the game in 2019, he also appears in the first scenario. And this is bad news.

You can put a few rounds into the head of an opponent to temporarily get rid of it, but the best way is to run. In this first encounter with Tiran, turn around and run back to the safe room located in the boiler room. No adversary, including Tirana, can get there.

Wait in the boiler room until you stop hearing the steps of the monster. Now you know for sure that he left, so you can return to the corridor. From this point on, Tyrant can appear in any part of the police station. Listen to his steps to know that he is somewhere nearby. If they get louder, then expect him to appear from the nearest door. In subsequent appearances, either shoot the monster in the head until you stun it, or run away. Stun grenades, a grenade launcher, and a shotgun are best suited to stun the enemy. Another option is to run away and hide in a safe room. It is worth noting that the main hall is still a place where the rest of the zombies cannot get, but Tiran can still be here.

You can also hide from Tiran by routine flight. Anyway, the steps of the monster will be heard. If you heard them, then stand still and wait, looking at the door. Perhaps he will pass by her. If Tiran entered the place where you are, but the music did not start playing, then the mutant still does not see you. Perhaps he will even leave here through another door.

For trickery lovers, I’ll immediately note that you should not try to stay in the main hall when the Tyrant is nearby, then restart the game and hope that the mutant disappears. I checked and it does not work.

Now it is time to find the box, USB-stick and solve the puzzle with the clock.

Casket with stones, an arsenal in the STARS office, a jack and a clock tower

In addition to the Lizuns in the corridors and the Tirana wandering around the site, there are many key items left in the building that need to be found and used. After getting rid of Tirana on the roof, go to the corridor outside the gallery, follow the stairs to the north and go down to the first floor. Use the recently found key to get into the surveillance room.

Inside are consumables, a confiscation document (in which there is a code for a safe on the second floor in the reception) and a box with stones. In the inventory, combine it with the long-received red channel to unlock and receive the S.T.A.R.S. token Inspect the item in the inventory, expand and click on the button to open the connector and get a USB flash drive. You can use it in the S.T.A.R.S. office, but more on that later. Before you leave, jump into the interrogation room through the glass and collect ammunition.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (II part)
Casket with stones.

How to solve a riddle in the library

Return to the main hall. Keep in mind that Tyrant punched a wall just around the corner from the observation room. Follow the first floor of the hall, go through the reception room in the west wing and get to the recording room in the southwest corner, using the key found earlier. You will meet Lizun along the way. Either kill him or run past. Along with consumables in the room for the recording, you can find a handle for the jack.

Go to the library. You can get there on the second floor of the main hall. Use the handle on the jack to lower the cabinet. Move several shelves so that three of them are located close to each other and stood in place of the destroyed track from above. Kill the zombies, escape from the Tyrant and only after that do these actions.

Where to use the STARS token and USB stick (how to open an arsenal in the STARS office)

While you are here, there are two additional things you can do. If you want to finish using the pink key and then throw it away, then head to the laundry room on the second floor. It is located between the living room with the unicorn and the S.T.A.R.S. office. Inside there are several consumables and another portable safe.

Then enter the S.T.A.R.S. office, use the USB from the token on the computer on the left and click on the monitor to open the weapons room. Go inside and take the Thunderhawk revolver and S.T.A.R.S. membership document

As for the portable safe, after solving the puzzle with it, you will get a second button for the panel from the storage room. Put the button back in place, then open cabinet # 203 and pick up the hip bag to enhance your inventory.

How to use gears in a clock tower

Climb the stairs to the upper level of the library and walk across the bridge from the bookcases to get to the third floor of the main hall. Head south and use the right door to enter the clock tower. Inside you will find two mechanisms where you can install the gears, as well as a document with a repair plan. If you have not received a large gear, then find it in the eastern pantry. You can get there through the third floor of the hall, opening the door on the other side. You can also go down the corridor in the clock tower to be at an impasse, but find Mr. Raccoon on the windowsill.

When there is a large gear in the inventory, place it in the mechanism next to the front door. This will lower the stairs up. Climb there to find another device with a small gear. After taking it, go back down and install the small gear in the device next to the stairs. Take the big gear from the mechanism near the door, go up to the top of the clock tower and install the part in the device located here, from where the small element was taken.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (II part)
Staircase to the top of the clock tower.
This activates a bell that will knock down an orange box. Examine it in your inventory and get the second electronic part for the electrical panel. It is time to leave the police station. You can return here later, but be sure to search for all available rooms and collect items, open safes, and lockers. After that, go to the first floor of the east wing, use the stairs in the northwest to go back to the underground level of the police station, where there is a nursery, a shooting range, and a morgue.

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