Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (I part)

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

Solving the puzzle with electronic parts

Run past all the mutated dogs and head to the isolation ward in the southwest. Get to the far chamber where Ben’s corpse lies, and install the second part in the panel on the wall (and the first, if you haven’t done this before). Now you can start solving the puzzle, for which you can rotate the details without changing their places. The solution will be as follows:

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)


After that, the prison cell will open, giving access to the corpse. Search to find the magnetic card from the parking gates and examine the document lying nearby. Before you leave, be sure to take Ben’s spray and another document. When you leave here, all the other prison cells will open and the path forward will be blocked by many zombies. Throw a stun grenade at them, if any, in your inventory to clear the path and run past enemies. In theory, the switch on the wall should open the way to the north, but I have not tested it. And that’s not all! At the most inopportune moment, a Tyrant will appear.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

Old buddy.

Go around it. When you return from the isolation ward to the parking lot, you will see a cut-scene with Tiran and Ada Wong. Ada will wait when you apply a magnetic card to the terminal. You can now return to the police station and complete some tasks, as you will be busy exploring another place for a couple of hours. However, the site can still be returned. By the way, now there is no Tirana in the station, so this is another chance to study it up and down without worrying about the monster.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

Ada Wong.

After leaving the parking lot

Follow Ada until you find yourself inside the Kendo weapons store. Gather various consumables and upgrade for the shotgun from a shelf nearby, then go around the room to start the cut scene. After this, move again for Ada, who will lead Leon to the sewer. Follow the linear path until you reach the chest and typewriter.

Continue driving until you come across the Crocodile. In fact, a meeting with him does not bode serious danger. Just run towards yourself, moving to the sides during the attacks of the monster. Then, when you are at the bottom, and the Crocodile grabs the pipe, shoot it to blow up the monster. Continue along the linear path until you see a cut-scene in which Ada and Leon are conditionally divided.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)


Sewerage. Walking beyond Hell, how to leave the incinerator

Ada Wong’s primary tool is an EMR visualizer that allows her to see and control electronic systems through walls. To get started, go to the stairs and interact with it. Ada will get the visualizer, and you will see a hint about its use. Hold the desired button and pay attention to the panel to the right of the stairs. Download it. You must remember two important things:

1. You can interact with blue devices that have orange spots.

2. If the wire is blue, then there is no electricity flowing through it.

3. If the wire is orange, then it feeds the connected devices.

Thanks to this, the power will go to the fan at the top. Interact with him through the visualizer to speed up the rotation. Continue to do this until it explodes and crashes. Formed passage inside.

Go up and do the same for the fan at the other end of the shaft, turning on the power supply on the right side. Jump into the room, kill the zombies and pick up the document from the table on the right. To leave the room, look at the door and go through the blue cable to the fork and power source. Make sure that both places are yellow so that the light above the door turns green.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

Device behind the pipe.

In the next room, take the ammo and go down the stairs. Your goal is to power the lift in the corner. Use an EMR visualizer to track equipment through wires and get to a power source. The power line bends left and right throughout the room and passes by several zombies. You need to move around the perimeter of the room in a clockwise direction. Go through the red container, move along the wall until you find yourself at the railing in the far eastern part. The source of energy is on the wall a little further from you. If you go north, you can take cartridges and consumables. Activate the power source.

The real difficulty in this area is that you have too few rounds to destroy all the zombies. Therefore, do not seek to kill every enemy: make one or two shots to the head for stunning and run past. As soon as you return to the included elevator, then stand on it and drive on.

The next segment will be more difficult as a tyrant appears. Run into the room to the locked door and use the visualizer to activate the energy source located on the right. Use the switch to open the door. Do not rush to go forward, and using the same visualizer, switch the device mode next to the same door. Thanks to this, electricity will flow to the fan in front, of a new room.

Run there, picking up cartridges from the table, and if there is time, immediately restart the fan, accelerating its frequency of rotation. If there is no time, then either stun the Tyrant or lure him somewhere far away. As soon as the fan is destroyed, climb through the hole in the wall.

How to solve the riddle in the incinerator

After falling down and running away from Tirana, go up the stairs to the north to be near the incinerator. Use the typewriter on the right. Staying on the ground floor, go around the corner to find Mr. Raccoon. Shoot him, then climb the stairs and pick up the document on your left hand. Use the switch that allows you to open the incinerator. Go down the incinerator and pick up the ID bracelet on the corpse.

After the video, you should leave the incinerator in 60 seconds. To do this, reload three motors above the door. You must understand that these engines cannot be activated at the same time – only one at a time. Using the visualizer, make a circuit to any engine and overload it, then change the power line.

To begin, stand facing the back of the incinerator, where they picked up the bracelet. Activate the power supply on the right side (visualizer). This will start the leftmost motor, and you can overload it. Walk along the left wall to see a fork in the chain. Activate it to turn on the rightmost motor. Get rid of it, then activate the fork in the right wall to connect the middle motor. Overload the equipment.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

Starting device.

After that, the door will open, and you can run out of here. Use the typewriter again, then go through the door next to it. Head north to the pool room. Follow the linear path until the cutscene starts. Now you will control Leon.

Learning the sewers for Leon, how to defeat water monsters

And again we play for Leon. You cannot follow Ada with the same steps, so follow the northeast and use the elevator to get to the gateway. If you want, then use the chest and typewriter in the corner, then go down the stairs and jump into the water. Ammunition is available to the right of the trash. Go through the tunnel.

On the left is the blue tube for the T-handle. You don’t have it yet, so go east through the tunnel. There are two ways – the left to the north (a dead end, but there are supplies), and the right to the south. Go there, climb the stairs and see the corpses of soldiers. The first video cassette is lying on the floor.

Continue on until several walkways with a locked door to the right and another in the corner. Between them, there is a console that can be accessed. You can take a boat out of the panel, but in this case, the bridge will rise and you will not be able to go through the door in front.

Leave the rook in place and move forward along the path, passing by another locked door and going down the stairs. Pick up the object from the barrel, jump into the water and go west, going down to the lower channel. Pick up the bluegrass on the ledge on the left, where there is another tube for the T-shaped handle. Continue west. The left path is blocked, while a mutated creature awaits you in the right tunnel.

How to defeat water monsters

If you get too close, the mutant will attack Leon in close combat. In addition, he periodically spits out his minions into the water, who are in a hurry to attack Leon. Keep your distance, destroy small creatures while they are wallowing in water (with a gun), and use a shotgun to kill the mutant. Aim for the eye on his shoulder. Continue to repeat the action, periodically stepping back until you kill the monster.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

Water monster.

Walk past him and climb onto the ledge on the left, into the room with the funicular. Continue up the linear route to the control room. On the table on the right is a folder with a copy of letters to Umbrella headquarters, next to it is a cabinet with a code combination. You can open it right now using our separate guide, or wait until you find a clue.

When everything is ready, then go down to the monitor, where the cut-scene will start. It’s time to save Hell. Now you are in a safe room where there are several interesting places:

– Map of the sewer on the left side of the window, overlooking the location of Ada.

– A file with documents on the table in the middle.

– A VCR that can be used to view the videotape found earlier.

– A door on the east side, through which you can exit to the next room with a sewage pool.

Read the document in the far corner of the room where the panels are located to update the target. You need to find all the chess with plugs. If you look at the panels on the wall, you will see several games of chess – an elephant, a pawn and a horse. Leave them in place, because to complete the puzzles you need to find three more figures.

Location of the king, queen, and rook, solving the riddle in the warehouse

When you finish interacting with the typewriter and the chest in the monitor room (and I highly recommend freeing the inventory cells from unnecessary items), then exit through the door in the west to get to the passage above the room with the treatment pool. Use the switch located here to lower the bridge. Go through the bridge and follow the left to find the T-shaped valve next to the funicular. He is lying on the table. By the way, this place will be used by you in order to go to the laboratory. But you need a bracelet that Ada has.

Continue down to pick up a document with receipts and a code for the safe from the table. Follow south, past the bridge you used earlier, and find a safe on the table to the right of the door. According to the instructions in the previous file, the code is on the side, on the wall. Turn the knob 2 times to the left, 12 to the right and 8 to the left. Inside is an improvement for the shotgun. Combine it with a weapon to apply an upgrade.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

The safe you need.

There is a consumable item on the right, but keep in mind that the zombie there is still alive. Go through a door nearby and go down the stairs to the intersection between the lower and middle channels. Deal with the zombies, then go down the stairs even further and use the T-shaped valve on the pipe to raise the gate. Run along the path to the other side and take the sewer key from the wall.

If you climb the stairs located here, you will come across a dead end with a broken door, so where you found the key to the sewer, find the stairs down into the water. Move along the lower channel to the west, using the ledges until you find another monster. I recommend killing the first enemy. Aim for the eye on the shoulder. It makes no sense to fight with the other two, so you can just run around them, saving the cartridges.

The south wall has several rounds for a revolver. At the end of the lower channel, climb up the stairs and go through the doorway to get into the storage area. Climb the stairs and shoot Mr. Raccoon on her left. Then go west to the pantry.

Puzzle in stock: how to get a flamethrower

Go down the stairs to see a room with many panels for plug objects. In the far room, there is a new weapon. Here you need to perform simple steps. In the middle corridor is a panel with a queen. Pull out this chess piece, go west to the panel to which the queen is required. Place a figure in this panel to open the door.

Climb the stairs and take the king’s figure from the panel on the right, which will close the door. Jump to the previous area, again go through the same door with the queen and use the king on the panel on the left to get to the chemical flamethrower. Open the locked door by sliding the shutter.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

One of the panels.

Return to the panel with the king and take a piece with you, closing the door at the stairs. Take the queen and place in the panel where the chess piece was first found. Use the king on the panel opposite the stairs from where you came here, which will open a door nearby. Return to the queen panel and pull out this piece. Go back to the stairs through the door that the king opened. Take the king with you, and then leave here with the flamethrower, queen and king.

Where to find the rook

Go back to the lower channel, run around all the water monsters to save ammunition. Cling to the left wall, climb the ledge and be ready to face the monster right next to the stairs leading back up. You can bypass it or apply a recently received flamethrower. They are much easier to kill these creatures than any other weapon.

I recommend visiting the monitor room again to place the chess pieces found in the chest and generally unload the inventory, then return to the intermediate level between the middle and lower channels. Use the panel on the wall on the right to open the gateway and go through the water tunnel nearby. Go east on the water, bypassing another monster, and climb to the ledge on the right. Use the T-shaped valve on the blue tube to open the door leading to the workshop lift. Take the elevator up.

This way you get to the workshop. There is still a living zombie lying on the ground. Take the “Caches” film from the table (we talked about it in the SEPARATE MANUAL; just open the Tips and Tactics section of our website and find them) and the loincloth bag. Open the door to return to the area where you were previously. Now you can safely pick up the rook from the left panel.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

Film and cabinet that can be pushed back.

Now you have access to all chess, so you can immediately return to the monitor and solve the puzzle associated with them. However, with the key to the sewer, you can explore additional rooms. And although the following steps are not required, this will allow you to get an improvement in weapons and a few trophies. You will also learn how to go back to the police station.

A solution of the puzzle in the monitor (chess), where to use the sewer key

The sewer key, found in the lower channel on the way to the vault with the queen and the king, can be used in two places (next to the rook). One of them is a chamber with a pump in the north. To get there, make sure that the rook is in the panel and you have not taken it. There is gunpowder inside. Another room is a restroom for workers, where consumables and a document with a code from the locker in the monitor are lying. And most importantly, you can push back a large cabinet with a yellow ribbon. Come closer to the point of interaction, and move the cabinet. Behind it is a secret passage to the elevator.

Climb on it to return back to the underground complex under the site. To the left of the elevator, there are several ammunition for a magnum. Before climbing the stairs, you can open a secret locker with improved weapons on the left. To do this, use the S.T.A.R.S.

If you do not have a token, then go up the stairs to the secret room. Here you can use the T-shaped valve to create a way back to the police station. Thanks to the film, which was found earlier in the sewer workshop, you can find out about the location of two hiding places. Go to the darkroom, print the film and get two photos. In a separate guide, we told where to look for caches and what lies in them (in one – improving weapons, in the other – cartridges for a flamethrower or electric gun).

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

T-arm in action.

Use this opportunity to complete all incomplete actions at the police station by opening different lockers and safes. Do not pay attention to the chef’s office, because Leon cannot get there. Access to the key with the heart is exclusive to Claire. In addition, now there is no tyrant in the sector, and new enemies did not appear.

After that, return to the sewers through the secret room and the workers’ restroom. Use the STARS token if you find it just now. There are two ways back to the monitor room, where you can use the collected chess. You can go south through the lower channel and apply the T-shaped valve for the last time or go through the workshop as before. You can open one of the lockers in the monitor, as you learned the code in the working room for the rest.

The solution of the chess puzzle in the monitor

Now you have all six chess on hand, including the queen, king, and rook. First, take them to your inventory, then read the instructions attached to the wall:

“A rook and a king on the same wall.”

– The elephant and the Queen are not next to each other.

– The queen and the rook are opposite each other.

Next to the two panels, there are images of chess pieces that help narrow the circle of answers. Having taken all this into account (leave the pawn in its place, and move the knight to the panel where his image hangs), set the chess as follows:

– King, Queen, Pawn.

– Horse, Rook, Elephant.

After everything is done, you will open the door. Be sure to take the most powerful weapon (we recommend a revolver), then go to the generator room to the south, where you will need to fight Birkin for the second time and solve a small puzzle.

Second battle with Birkin, a puzzle with switches

When you get to the generator room, you will need to activate the switches in the correct order so as to supply power. To do this, two arrows must be located in the red zones. As in the riddle from the basement of the police station, there can only be one solution:

– Green, green, red, green (switch positions).

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)


After that, try to leave the room. When you do this, a familiar monster will stop you. More precisely, you will see his clawed paw. Stand on the edge of the room closest to the shutters, and then move around the room to avoid claws. Sooner or later Birkin will break the shutters. Go around it and run away as far as possible, along the only path, until you find yourself next to a large container. Here begins the battle with the monster.

Boss Fight

Your goal is to remove the container from the platform and then turn back on it, hitting Birkin. First, go to the panel and click on the button. The container will go to the back of the room. Now dodge Birkin’s attacks until the alarm goes off. This means that the container has reached its extreme point and is ready to move again. At this point, you need to lure Birkin to the opposite side of the platform (from the control panel) and inflict enough damage.

With a fully improved revolver, it will take two accurate shots in the eye on the shoulder or back of the monster. When he drops to his knees, quickly run to the panel and press the button so that the container returns to its place and pushes Birkin before he can get to his feet. You must do this twice to win the battle. As in the first clash with Birkin, ammunition and consumables can be found around the edges of the location.

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

Second battle with Birkin.

However, you can attack Birkin with a container without knocking him down. To do this, you have to correctly calculate the time, but it is really difficult to do it. Birkin will use a series of fast and powerful punches, so you need to shoot him at those moments when he moves slowly.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the panel allows you to move the container between the platform and the extreme point of the hall, so do not worry: you will not turn it in the other direction while it is in the process of moving. When the battle is over, go along the metal sheets on the side and turn on the switch near the door. After the cutscene, follow Ada to the funicular. As soon as you complete all the side steps, you can safely start the vehicle to go to the laboratory. This is the only point of no return in the game.

Laboratory research on how to improve an ID bracelet

After reuniting with Ada, she will lead you to the funicular. After moving on it, you can no longer visit either the sewers or the police station. When you reach the laboratory platform, you will receive an ID bracelet from Ada. If necessary, then use the chest, then go right and enter the laboratory waiting room.

Improving ID Bracelet

You will notice that in front, in the south, there is a door with a blue panel. It is locked, and only persons with an improved bracelet can access it. Let’s figure it out. First, go to the room opposite the reception desk, east on the map, to get into the security service premises. Go to the table at the very end of the room to find the map of the north wing of the laboratory. Go back to the reception room, where there are two files — one on the computer behind the reception desk (sleep log), and the other on the wall in the next room, where the typewriter and chest are also located.

When you are ready, then go to the corridor in the west, go to the first door on the right and look into the dining room. She is filled with zombies. Do not pay attention to those who feast with corpses on the floor, but the rest will have to be killed. Several useful items are scattered around the circle, and near the stairs, you can find Mr. Raccoon.

Climb the stairs and through the ventilation shaft get to the kitchen room. Here you can find various supplies. Exit through the door and pay attention to the zombies to the left of the locked door. Go to the restroom and get an electronic chip. In the inventory, combine it with an ID bracelet to improve the latter. The chip can be taken from a corpse, whose hand sticks out due to blinds on the right. Now you can open the doors with blue screens. In the closet nearby is an improvement for the flamethrower, and on the wall, there is a panel for turning on the electricity. Interacting with her is useless.

The recently improved bracelet will allow you to go through the previous corridor without turning into the kitchen. Go back to the waiting room, on the way pick up the document from the corps of the commandos to gain access to the central part. The file says that the virus G is in the western wing, but you can’t get there right now. Your bracelet can give admission to the east wing. Use the panel in the main shaft to open the bridge and go to the east wing. It is here that you have to explore the greenhouse and find the codes for the terminal in the greenhouse control room.

Learning the greenhouse, location codes for the terminal

Go to the main lobby and use the typewriter chest. The south door is locked, and eastbound will lead you into the meeting room. Look through the window to see the corpse with the electronic chip, which is needed to further improve the bracelet. Now you can’t access the computer on a stand nearby but remember this place.

Go to the northwest room and slowly turn around the corner. Ahead you will see zombies with plants. Instead of shooting at the head to destroy it, aim at the orange growths on the body. If you shoot accurately, then use a regular gun, otherwise, the flamethrower will come off. If a zombie dies, then it surely lights up.

Keep moving forward and you will be taken to the control room of the greenhouse. Activate the console by the window to get the spray cartridge. Then go through the door on the left. There are even more plant zombies in the greenhouse. Either ignore them or use a flamethrower to quickly kill enemies.

Location codes for the greenhouse management room

Go left, then forward and at the very end again left (to the southeast dead end) to see the hatch, on which there is an image of different symbols. You will need to enter this code on the console in the panel in the greenhouse control room. Here are the symbols in the screenshot below:

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)


Having opened the hatch in the far part of the greenhouse, get down to find yourself in the mine. First, go left to find the map of the east wing of the laboratory on the table. Go in the other direction, go through the door and head south into the open living room (in the same room). Take the trophy from the central table and examine it in the inventory to find another code of strange characters. It can and will need to be entered on the panel in the greenhouse control room.

Follow the corridor to the west to be attacked by Lizuns and ordinary zombies. We recommend running to the door at the very end, going down. There is another zombie that will fall from above when you go up the stairs.

You will return back to B1, in the storage room south of the lobby. Take someone’s notes from the chair and pull out the signal modulator from the panel on the wall. Return to the lobby, save, then go to the greenhouse control room. Enter the code found on the bottom of the trophy into the remote control on the side. There he is:

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)


Thanks to this, you will have access to the testing laboratory (you need to go to the greenhouse and immediately turn left twice to go through the door into the room). Here you have to solve the puzzle with mixing liquids and creating a herbicide.

Puzzle in a testing laboratory, creating a herbicide, cooling, using a signal modulator

To get to the puzzle, go to the greenhouse from the control room, turn left, right, and immediately left. Take the document from the table, which provides instructions for creating a herbicide, and go to the working device in the corner. Use the spray cartridge to start the puzzle. The goal is to create the exact amount of solution for the tube, which is marked with a red line.

You see three test tubes – small, medium and large, and under them are three more buttons. The far-left moves the contents from the middle tube to the left, and the middle and right allow you to rotate the tubes in pairs. To solve the puzzle with the creation of the solution, first, combine the two halves so that the entire solution is in one high tube on the left:

Resident Evil 2: Video Game Walkthrough Guide (III part)

Start of the puzzle (after the first action).

Swap the two tubes and move the contents from large to medium (placing it on the left). Rotate the tubes so that they are arranged as follows – small, medium, large (from left to right). Transfer the solution from medium to large so that all three tubes have the solution in descending order. Now rotate the tubes so that the large (but with less solution) and small (with the largest) are on the left and in the middle, respectively. Combine both to move the solution to the red line. Completing the puzzle will give you a solution cartridge. But the creation of the herbicide is not yet complete since the solution needs to be cooled.

How to use a signal modulator and cool the solution to produce a herbicide

Return to B1 through the greenhouse and go to the living room. Destroy all enemies on the way and explore the signal modulator in your inventory. It should be set to the same signal as on the electronic wall panel – MURF. Use the buttons on the side to switch to MURF, then switch the toggle switches to the desired positions: green for two hours, red for four hours.

Insert the modulator into the wall to power this area. Head to the server room in the north, which is a safe room. There is a chest and a typewriter here. When you’re ready, head south to corridor B1, but turn into the low-temperature test lab on the left. On the south side is a computer with which you can interact to obtain a new Wayne Lee file. Enter the lab itself and insert the solution cartridge into the device to cool it.

Now return to the greenhouse control room. On the way, you can encounter a lot of zombies. Insert the cartridge with the herbicide to the place where it was pulled out to destroy all the vegetation in the western part of the greenhouse and get an electronic bracelet for a senior employee.

Combine it in your inventory with an ID bracelet to enhance and access the purple panels. As soon as this happens, a Tyrant will appear behind you. Run back and go back to the lobby. Be sure to check the computer in the meeting room, which you now have access to, to read the messages for Brian Cartwright. East wing study completed. Time to return to the main mine.

Before heading to the west wing, you can go to the restroom of the north wing together with the signal modulator. Open the inventory, adjust the modulator to the MUF signal, as on the panel, then turn the red toggle switch for 4 hours and the green one for six. Use a modulator on the panel to restore electricity. The beds will open on the right, and on one of them lies a hip bag. In a nearby cell, you can find Wayne Lee’s note. The time has come for the finale. Go to the west wing!

Third battle with Birkin, the study of the west wing of the laboratory

Return to the main mine, open the western sector and enter the corridor. Pick up a video cassette lying on the floor by the body of a special forces soldier. Apply the signal modulator to the wall, after setting it to the OSS signal. Turn the red toggle switch for 12 hours, the green – for 4 hours. This will restore power to the room and continue on the path.

You can also access a computer to read William Birkin’s documents, as well as apply a video cassette to the player near the chest. From here it’s easy enough to get to the right laboratory.

Read the file on the PC on the left side, and then take the virus G from the far compartment. Be sure to do whatever you want, as this is the last item that can be assembled in the game. After that, it will not be possible to go back.

When you take a virus sample, an alarm is triggered. There is no need to rush. Use a typewriter in a room in the north, get ready for the battle and continue to go where you came from.

Boss fight

On a huge monster, eyes are literally growing all over the body, including the back. You must shoot in each eye to stun the enemy. Next, you need to shoot many eyes on the chest. Repeat this cycle until the enemy is defeated.

The problem is that at this stage Birkin is more aggressive than in previous clashes, so stay at a sufficient distance from him, which will allow you to avoid attacks. He will also pick up items from different parts of the room, and then throw in your direction. When this happens, find shelter.

His aggression will come in handy, because, after each attack or when he is preparing to throw something, the enemy stops, leaving his eyes open on the body. Use this moment and attack it with a revolver – a deadly weapon that requires high accuracy. We recommend using a shotgun to shoot while the boss is moving, and a revolver if he has just completed the attack and is standing still.

After the second blow to the chest, he will begin to ram you with his eyes open. Aiming is more difficult at this point, so we recommend using a shotgun. In addition, at the beginning of this stage, he will pull the panel out of the wall. When this happens, then run away to the side to dodge the blow.

Stay in motion and inflict damage until the enemy is destroyed. Remember that consumables – cartridges and medicines are scattered around the edges of the battle arena. When the battle is over, be sure to collect all these items before climbing the elevator. Once you are on top, move towards the main shaft. After the cut-scene, you will be given ten minutes to leave the laboratory.

Escape from the laboratory, how to defeat Tirana

After the video, turn left into the main shaft. When you start the escape, then pay attention to the typewriter. The path to the exit is linear. You can kill enemies or evade them. Soon after the episode begins, our old friend, Tiran, will appear. Use the empty space around which the path passes to bypass the enemy, luring him a little back. Continue to the video in which you tear yourself away from Tirana.

Here you will need to pick up the power element. For it, you need two cells of inventory. Stock up on medicines and shotgun and revolver cartridges. Apply a power element to the connector in the elevator control panel to start it and begin the final battle.

The Battle of Tyrant

Titanium will now be even more aggressive than before. All you need to do is continue to shoot at him, avoiding oncoming attacks. A revolver is best, although a shotgun should be used when the Tyrant accelerates. You can focus on the debris falling on the lift. The more there are, the further you advance in the battle. You need to wait until about half of the platform is filled with stones.

The hardest part of the battle is staying alive. The titan attacks very powerfully and painfully and acts much faster than before. You must stay in motion, which will complicate the task. Keep your distance from the monster. In the end, he will use a more powerful attack: first, he will scream, and then he will run at you, scratching his claws on the floor. Stand back to avoid damage. On the hardcore, it won’t go aside, so you will need to quickly shoot the enemy with a revolver in order to interrupt the idea.

In the end, a box with a rocket launcher will fall onto the platform. Grab it and shoot at the enemy to end the battle. It is enough to make just one shot. Please note that he can attack literally immediately after the appearance of a rocket launcher.

After that, go through the door on the right and go to the platform for the funicular. There is a doorway with zombies. If there are shells left, then shoot at them from the rocket launcher. Walk past enemies or their corpses until the final video starts.

Recall that in order to see the true ending of the game, you will have to start the “New Game: 2nd Passage” mode and go through Resident Evil 2 Remake again, but with a different character.

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