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November 9, 2021
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By Jonny Gamer

We all spend time glued to the screen, playing our favorite strategy or adventure games and joining forces with friends to complete quests and missions. It’s undeniable that playing games affect us psychologically in many ways and shapes our responses to events in the real world, although it’s difficult to tell exactly to which extent. For example, it’s very interesting to examine whether our gaming activities are reflected in the way we approach dating and love.

How video games affect players’ dating experience

Video games are a form of interaction, and certain patterns that we adopt to win tend to become mental habits. Even if we consciously draw a line between in-game actions and our normal attitudes, certain things we pick up while having a controller in our hands will impact our behavior in the real world, either positive or negative.

Geeks and dating – is the stereotype still true?

Traditionally, people who are good with computers were seen as social outsiders who often struggled to find a dating partner. While it may have been partially true a couple of decades ago, today, it doesn’t really reflect reality. This is evidenced by the fact there are even specialized dating sites for geeks where people who enjoy this culture can express themselves freely. Being a geek is popular today, and it’s common for gamers to have some charisma that helps them get into romantic relationships.

In some parts of the world, professional video game players are treated as celebrities and have their choice of attractive partners. While some gamers are definitely shy and more comfortable communicating electronically, it would be unfair to generalize this to the entire population of people who casually play games every day.

There are many reasons for this change, including the fact that many dating activities moved to online channels in recent years, allowing people who are spending their days behind a computer to participate on an equal footing rather than being isolated on the margins. In the online dating world, geeks could even have an advantage over someone who rarely uses digital channels to meet strangers.

Dating games provide a realistic experience

Some games replicate real-life very faithfully and allow players to engage in all kinds of social activities, including dating characters controlled by other players. For young people who lack experience interacting with the opposite sex in the real world, this can be an important outlet for practicing basic seduction skills. It doesn’t take long to learn which pick-up lines work well and which will embarrass you, so trying them out in an anonymous and safe environment could be a good way to improve your command of romantic conversations gradually.

The trick is not to try copying actions from games directly but rather to draw conclusions that can be applied in a different situation. Even the most realistic games are still only simulations, so you should beware of taking them too literally. Like everything else in the virtual world, sexuality is often exaggerated, and it’s not smart to assume that all the things you did as avatars would be OK on the first date.

Balancing between game-inspired flirting and careful testing of the limits is necessary for the lessons from the virtual world to be actually useful, and with some caution, this may be possible to achieve. After all, it’s necessary to balance many factors to win in a video game, and it’s not much different when it comes to romantic pursuits in real life.

Are geeks using their game experience to become better at dating?

Judging by their recent level of success with dating, gamers are obviously gaining confidence and knowledge from their online experiences. As the entire world is embracing digital platforms and becoming a little bit nerdy, those who understand technology are feeling better equipped to socialize and gain the respect of their peers.

Naturally, dating is one of the most important spheres of private life, and it’s very understandable why self-described geeks are making an effort to fare better at it. With plenty of digital tools, including innovative dating apps and online games that feature a romantic element, it’s much easier for a person with technical skills to establish contact with potential partners. The times are definitely changing, and having a gaming hobby doesn’t seem to be an obstacle to a happy personal life anymore. Gamers of both genders find each other and develop deep emotional bonds based on the shared experiences and skills acquired in the virtual world.

Game designers are aware of this trend as well, so in the future, we can expect more games to allow couples to play together or include features that make it easier for single gamers to find someone they can have fun with.

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