The Effect of Asian Culture on Video Games and Gamer Preferences

One of the most important cultural breakthroughs of the XXI century was the invention of video games. No one would think, though, that it’s going to be like it when people played with the digital ball in times of Pong, fought with pixel aliens in Galaga, or even when the famous mustache-wielding serviceman Mario made his first jump, yet here we are.

Future Nostalgia: China's Video Games Plug Into Ancient Culture

Video games are everywhere – in sports, commercials, and shows, they influence people to communicate, perceive the world, and, of course, date. The more character do videogame characters have, the more iconic they become. Many ladies dream of a man like Master Chief from Halo or Nathan Drake from Uncharted, and men have been fascinated with Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) for ages now, yet the influence of video games on dating goes far beyond. Gamer’s surprising preference for Asian dating, unfamiliar to the general audience courting patterns, examples we all might take from the videogame characters – the topic is exciting and endless.

Video Games Influence How Gamers Meet and Date
Since video games are their own subculture now, it’s important to understand that there is more than one way they influence gamers’ social life, including dating.

For one, people who love video games are inhabiting the digital world like their second home, so they meet their friends, hookups, and lovers online, if not most of the time, then much more often than ordinary folks.

Two, the ways video games represent romance influence dating standards heavily. As evident, games are often progressive and show that females showing the initiative before males isn’t a bad thing, that strong ladies can be attractive and that the most important thing in a relationship is equality are something that many find surprising in a video game culture.

Asian Culture & Gaming Industry
Everyone who’s into the gamer culture knows that many gamers feel that Asian ladies are incredibly attractive. The explanation is simple – there are a lot of games from the East and Japan, in particular, featuring so many beautiful characters and heartfelt romance that players feel the need to look for an Asian hookup near me immediately after completing the storyline to relive it all in their real life.

Since many of these games are lighthearted and represent the women from the East as ultra-charming and adorable, having a connection, or, most likely, a hookup with them is something like a dream for a lot of fans of Japanese media. This makes Asian dating and hookup niche online benefit immensely from folks charmed by a culture. It is a shining example of how video games influence people’s dating habits and preferences.

Short Affairs Between Characters in Games

Those aren’t the baseless claims, though! Here are several examples of the games where the main characters have a mutually pleasing relationship. Of course, most of them feature Asian ladies:

Persona series (And Persona 5 in particular)

Describing those games is much harder than playing them – it is both a high-school dating sim, an RPG with multiple stats, an adventure with the defined gameplay, clearly set goals, and a story taking up to 100 hours, but it is the first part we’ll focus on. The games are taking place in Japan, and our main character is a high-schooler who, in addition to his multiple adventures, can go out with his classmates, a teacher, a local doctor, a fortune teller, and many more! Some of them may grow into a serious relationships, but some are clearly defined as Asian hookups.

The Witcher series

In a fantasy world without a name, a lone monster hunter wanders the lands, saving lives and… having hookups. This is a story from both the game series from CD Project Red and the books it is based on, so having a way with multiple ladies is a part of a canon. Geralt, the main character, seems to use his stoic character to charm ladies all over the world, mostly sorceress. Despite it being the Western gaming series, some of them are clearly Eastern beauties, making it another game with Asian hookups.

Steins; Gate

With its critically-acclaimed anime adaptation, this visual novel is not about dating – it is about time travel, choices that have consequences, multiple timelines, and bravery, and, well, it is about dating. There are a few routes the main character, Tokyo-based pseudoscientist Okabe can take to achieve the ending, and they are heavily interconnected with the female character he decides to focus on. So, there’s a place for Japanese cuties even in such a serious storyline, making it a game about Asian hookups, among many other things. Total and utter recommendation!

Those are just a few examples of how gaming culture gives life to new dating trends, including the increasing popularity of Asian hookups. And with more eastern developers expanding on the western market, this trend will only grow in the coming years.

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