The Sims: Unleashed: Tips And Tactics

There is a very simple way to raise all the indicators like Sima and the rest of the beasts to the maximum.

1st) If you are not too lazy to create a public site, there should be a candle store on it and “Pedestal for inspection of livestock”, then, come to the fortuneteller Miss Lucille and pleases that she would pay on hand!!!). If you after this divination did not increase all the requirements of the needs, then repeat this procedure again…
I noticed that all the requirements (hygiene mood and t.D.) The whole family is rising only when it comes to some kind of love!

2) almost the same as the first only there is one feature, you first need to go to the store where they sell candles, and then at the exhibition of pets…

And then you will not need to build a store.

Enjoy your prizes!

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