Top Casino Apps for iOS and Android dominating US

With gambling online becoming legal in more states across the US, the need for more and better gambling Apps has arisen. There are a number of great things about gambling apps, such as they are generally compatible with both Android and IOS. Also, they allow for real-time gambling right from your fingertips from almost anywhere in the Country. There are loads of apps out there and I am sure there are even more being made as you read this. When looking for a new casino app, you will also likely notice that there are a number of free ones that don’t offer real cash prizes. There are also plenty that do offer cash prizes so just make sure to look into this when checking for a new app.

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Stay Safe When Gambling Online

While gambling and making the most from casino apps sounds fun, you must make sure that you are always safe when doing so. As with anything you do online, never share any of your personal details with anyone else and keep them in a safe place only you know about.

When it comes to passwords try not to use the same one for multiple sites, just in case someone finds it out, they won’t be able to access your details on other sites as easily. Also, always make sure to use reputable apps and sites and if you are not sure, do some research and at least see what others are saying about the site or app you are looking into.

Check The Local Laws

One thing to take note of is that different states have different laws for what gambling is or isn’t legal. So, just because your favorite game is legal in one state, doesn’t mean that that will be the case in another. For instance, betrivers casino michigan has a rating of 4.4 stars in the app store. However, it may not be available in every state so make sure to look into this.

Of course, there is always going to be a difference of opinion when it comes to the “best” of anything. So, we have searched the internet high and low and have come up with a few of the top casino apps for both android and IOS that we could find.

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Top US mobile casino Apps and Games

The folks over at have ranked what they believe to be some of the top casino apps and games available to America.

  • pulsz – rated #1 by pulsz offers a wide range of sweeps games and has a great selection of slots as well. Users will be happy to know that they also offer daily bonuses, rewards and special promotions to earn more coins.
  • Gambino Slots – Offers up to 90 free casino games. Has some of the bigger jackpots and wins around and you can also get free chips every 3 hours! Something you won’t get at a lot of other places.
  • Fortune Coins – Offers 2000 free sweepstakes coins and 5 million gold coins. It also has over 100 of the best slot titles available to play.
  • WORLDWINNER – Both free and real money games. Compete against others in tournaments and it gives out over $500,000 in prizes every single day.
  • SweepSlots – Most payouts are almost instant, though some take longer. SweepSlots is also the only USA Lab-certified sweepstakes platform and as with most others, offers its own daily bonuses.

There are also some sites that can show you the current top apps directly! These are great if you really want to see what is trending at the moment. What’s even better is that some of them categorise the top games by free, paid and grossing. You can even change the country should you want to see what is doing the best elsewhere.

According to appfigures, Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash is the top free Casino game on IOS. Whereas on Android it is  Lotsa Slots – Casino Games. Having a flip through the different categories and it is interesting to see the different apps that are popular on either platform. While most apps have similar ratings whether Apple or Android, they do generally have a different rating.

Online Mobile Gaming

While there are a number of casino apps and games out there, you can also find some other fun mobile games to play. Whatever you may prefer, both IOS and Android based devices have a plethora of games available, both paid and free.

Online gaming is becoming one of the biggest industries in the world and this is in big part due to how easily games can now be accessed. Considering most every adult in America has a mobile phone and most teenagers do too, it is really no wonder why. With more advancements in technology, it has never been easier to access anything, including games whenever you want. The Significance of Technology and Gaming go hand and hand and as such, is allowing for some pretty impressive gameplay and graphics.

Online mobile gaming is still not legal in every state as of yet, but more states are legalizing it every year. In 2021, Michigan allowed eight casinos to launch online in January and they took in a total revenue of $27.5 million. Of the $27.5 million, BetMGM Casino took in $11.1 million, making it the highest revenue earner for launch month of online casino apps in Michigan.


Gaming Apps make up over 14% of the App store in America, making it the number one category. This is also one of the reasons why mobile games revenue has reched 41.7 billion U.S dollar in 2022. It is also said that in 2023 the mobiles games market could reach over 100 billion U.S. dollars!

When it comes to choosing what game is best for you, one of the easiest things to do is open the App store or Google play and have a look at what is available. There are loads available so it may be worth searching for your favourite game, rather than just looking for casino apps. There are a number of craps, slots, bingo and more apps available so make sure to also check which ones offer the best bonuses to new users.

While casinos and gambling isn’t new to the States, online gambling is. In the past few years we are seeing more states open up their doors to gambling and especially, online gambling. While all forms of gambling are heavily regulated, online gambling has a couple more hoops to jump through due to needing extra security measures.

Companies looking to create an IOS or Android casino app in America will not only need to know the Federal law, but also the Local law for the state they are in. They will also need to brush up on their IOS and Android requirements to make sure the app will meet their requirements as well.


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