Upcoming Esport Events You Should Not Miss

Being a sportsman these days is no longer tied to being active. You can be just as successful and make money just by moving your fingers over the controller. However, you need a strategy and nerves to really make it. I am talking about the world of e-sports. This world is really fascinating, has no boundaries, and knows no limits. It is more than just playing on some consoles or trying casino online Canada

There are games out there waiting for you, no matter what your preferences are. From sports to shooters or whatever you want. It is amazing that this all started in the 1970s. When electronics were still so clumsy. The first professional competitions were already in the 1990s.

Tens of millions of people follow this trend. The industry behind it is huge.  In the U.S., colleges and schools teach the sport or offer it as an extracurricular course. 

It is easy to explain how it has become so popular. We love to compete with others. The winner takes all, and as far as prizes go, it is definitely worth it. It is connected to our strategic thinking. That is what makes it so charming.


Just as the Covid-19 pandemic has hit other sports, it has hit esports. Its immense growth slowed but has already recovered. Due to closures and restrictions, no major events were possible. But now they are coming back. From now on you can follow these exciting events. You will be able to enjoy halls full of like-minded people watching a hot competition between the leading players. 

Here are some of them, so you do not miss them. 

The first is the FIFA World Cup. One of the most popular! It will be hard to win it, that is for sure. 

The Valorant Champions Tour will also be waiting for you. It will take place over several months. The first stage will be held already in April, and it will be decided who will go to the second phase.

One of the largest prize pools ($6,000,000) is the Rocket League World Championship. 

Others include the Apex Legends Global Series Championship, League of Legends World Championships, Lan Trek, and ESL Pro League Season15.

Something special for every genre. International guests, as well as players, are expected. But in the end, only one can win. So do not miss it when history is made.

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