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April 30, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

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People have been messing around with teams in Minecraft since they were able to launch Minecraft alpha. Since then, they have been doing all sorts of strange and wonderful things, for example, generating random items from the air or creating their own game modes using Minecraft as a base. Without teams, popular types of games including The Hunger Games would most likely not exist. Even if your ambitions are more modest, we have put together this Minecraft team collection for update 1.14.

Minecraft 1.14 – Server Commands and Cheat Codes

To enable cheats in your Minecraft worlds and seeds, you need to make sure that you have enabled the Allow Cheats option. To find it, create a new world then click on “Advanced World Settings”. Here you will see the Allow cheats option. To start entering the cheat code, press the / key. When you enter the code, you will see sentences for entering words to change the formula. Press the TAB key to automatically fill in the word that is currently highlighted or press the up / down arrow keys to scroll through the options.

Minecraft Key Commands

These two teams are key not only to understand how the command line works in Minecraft, but they are also necessary for any team that targets a player or entity.



Entering this command will give you more information about which options you have and which variables you can enter for each of them.

Example: “/ help / weather” – shows all the commands related to / weather.


At any time when the command requests [TARGET], you can enter one of the following entries to get the following results:

@p – Nearest player
@r – Random player
@a – All players
@e – All entities, including NPCs and enemies.
@s – the object that executes the command
[PLAYER NAME] – replace with the player’s name to aim specifically at them.

Example: “/ give @a minecraft.oak_button 1” – gives all players in the game one Oak button.

Minecraft 1.14 – Server Commands and Cheat Codes

Minecraft 1.14 Item Commands

This is Minecraft Team Bread and Butter, giving players items, recipes, levels, and experience. They can also be used to invoke new entities and reload production tables.

/ give [TARGET] [ITEM] [COUNT]

Entering this command will give the named target the specified number of the specified element.

Example: “/ give [TARGET] minecraft: obsidian 10” – gives the specified player 10 Obsidian.

/ clear [TARGET] [ITEM] [COUNT]

Entering this command will delete the named target of the specified number of the specified element.

Example: “/ clear SkirkRidgeEX minecraft: obsidian 10” – removes 10 Obsidian from the specified player.

/ recipe [GIVE / TAKE] [GOAL] [ITEM NAME]

Gives / Deletes the specified recipe from the specified player.

Example: “/ recipe give [PLAYER NAME] minecraft: baked_potato_from_smoking” —Gives the specified player a recipe for “Baked Potato from Smoking”.

/ Summon [ENTITY] [X] [Y] [Z]

Summons a selected creature or item to your position, unless otherwise indicated. Start typing the name of the object that you want to see in its code, then press the TAB key to fill it in automatically.

Example: “/ Summon Minecraft: chicken 154 87 328” – calls the chicken with coordinates 154 87 328.


Grants or withdraws achievements based on set variables. I highly recommend that you enter this manually and scroll through the options in the [ADVANCEMENT VARIABLE] list, as there are many.

Example: / promotion grant [PLAYER NAME] from minecraft: adventure / kill_a_mob – Gives the target player all achievements in adventure mode up to “Kill the mob”.

Providing / Removing XP Players

Adds or removes experience levels or points to a set value.

Example: “/ xp add [PLAYER NAME] 12 levels” – provides the specified player with 12 levels.

to charm

Enchant target holding item with specified spell at specified level.

Example: / enchant @a minecraft: fire_aspect 2 – Enchant every item currently held by the player using Fire Aspect II spells.

/ Reload

Reloads all the loot table functions and more.

Minecraft 1.14 – Server Commands and Cheat Codes

Minecraft World Team

We placed these Minecraft teams in the world teams section, but in fact they also affect the game world. From what game mode you use to the weather and complexity. You will also be given the time of day teleportation and placement of special structures.


Changes the weather to the specified weather – “Clear” “Thunder” or “Rain” If you set the duration, it will be for so many seconds.

Example: “/ thunder weather 20” will rain and thunder for 20 seconds.

Standard game mode
/ defaultgamemode [GAMEMODE]

Sets the game mode to the specified game mode when players join the server. You can set his adventures, Creative, Spectator, or survival.

Example: “/ defaultgamemode adventure” – sets the default game mode to adventure mode.

Game Mode
/ gamemode [GAME TYPE] [TARGET]

Entering this command will instantly change the game mode from the specified type to the specified target. You can set his adventures, Creative, Spectator, or survival.

Example: “/ gamemode adventure” – sets the game mode to adventure mode.

Set time
/ time set [DAY TIME]

Sets the time of day at the specified time of day. You can select Day, Noon, Night and Midnight, or enter a value from 0 (Day) to 23999 (Almost Day).

Example: “/ time set to 1000” – sets the time per day.

/ difficulty [DIFFICULTY TYPE]

Sets the difficulty of the game. You can choose Peace, Easy, Normal and Hard.

Example: “/ complexity is difficult” – set the complexity to difficult mode.

Game rule
/ gamerule [GAME RULE] save inventory [TRUE / FALSE]

Changes the rules to on if it is set to True, or off if it is set to False.

Example: / gamerule keepinventory true – sets the rule for the game “Keep inventory after death” to true.

/ tp [TARGET] [X] [Y] [Z]

Teleports all specified targets to the specified coordinates. If no coordinates are entered, targets instead appear directly in your position.

Example: “/ tp @e -615 63 -439 – teleports each entity to -615 / 63 / -439.

Find a special area
/ find [PLACE]

Find out how many blocks you are from the nearest specified location and its coordinates. Places:

  1. Buried_treasure
  2. Desert_Pyramid
  3. Endcity
  4. Fortress
  5. Igloo
  6. Jungle_Pyramid
  7. Mansion
  8. Mineshaft
  9. Monument
  10. Ocean_Ruin
  11. Pillager_Outpost
  12. Shipwreck
  13. Stronghold
  14. Swamp_Hut
  15. Village

Minecraft 1.14 Commands for Communication

The following Minecraft communication teams are easy-to-understand ways to communicate with other players. They range from standard conversations, whispers, and actions. You can use this to add a bit of role play to your games, to say that your character has done something, or to share a secret with one other player at the same time.

To tell
/ say (message)

Displays a message from you to other players.

Example: / say hello! – Displays an invitation from you in the chat window saying “Hello!”.

Player whisper
/ msg [PLAYER NAME] <message>

Gets a message for the player that only they can see. The player will always see who they whispered to them.

Example: “msg [PLAYER NAME] Hello! – this player whispers “Hello!”

/ me <action>

Adds the status “YOUR PLAYER” and everything that you put into action.

Example: “/ I went for lunch.” – generates a text that says: “[PLAYER NAME] went to lunch.”

Minecraft 1.14 Server Commands

The latest Minecraft commands listed below are more complex, mainly for building your own Minecraft servers. These are the most difficult to understand and are intended primarily for advanced players.

/ kill [PLAYER NAME]

Kills your own character instantly if you do not enter a name in [PLAYER NAME]. Kills the specified player instantly if you specify his name.

This is much more complicated and has several definitions depending on what you want to do.

/ worldborder add [DISTANCE / TIME] [DISTANCE VALUE / TIME VALUE] – Adds or removes blocks from the world to the set value.
/ worldborder center [X] [Y] [Z] – changes the center position to coordinates
/ worldborder damage (amountbuffer) – sets how much damage something takes outside the border.
/ worldborder get – Find out how wide the world is.
/ Worldborder Set [DISTANCE / TIME] [DISTANCE VALUE / TIME VALUE] – Sets the distance / time for the world border.
/ warning about world borders [DISTANCE / TIME] [VALUE OF DISTANCE / VALUE OF TIME] – Sets a warning about the border of the world at a specified point.

Example: “/ worldborder center 91 74 123” – Sets the center of the world to coordinates 91/74/123.

/ debugging [START / STOP]

It either starts or stops in debug mode, depending on whether you typed Start or Stop.


Opens the created world for the local network. You will need to open the appropriate port so that other players on your local network can join the game.

/ clone [X] [Y] [Z] [DX] [DY] [DZ] [X2] [Y2] [Z2] [Type]

Copy the area in the first two sets of coordinates ([X] [Y] [Z] [DX] [DY] [DZ]) and paste it into the sets set in [X2] [Y2] [Z2]. Types include more variables to tinker with.

Example: / clone 71 63 72 93 63 91 12 63 18 replace – Replaces tiles with about 12/63/18 tiles from the surfaces between tiles 71/63/72 and 93/63/91

the effect

Gives the target player the effect specified during the specified time period.

Example: “/ effect gives @a minecraft: bad_omen 12 12 true” – gives the target player a “bad omen”.


Allows the player to view, modify, or delete data.

Play sound effects

Plays a specific sound for a specific player in specific coordinates. The volume should be at least “0.0”, the step between “0.0 and 2.0”, and the minimum volume should be between “0.0 and 1.0”.

Example: “/ playsound minecraft: ambient.cave block @a 71 18 123 1.3 1.2 0.4” —Produces an Ambient Cave sound to each player in 71/18/123 with a volume of 1.3, a height of 1.2, and minimum volume 0.4.

/ execute [AS / AT / IF / IN / POSITIONED / FACING / STORE / RESULT] [TARGET] [X] [Y] [Z]

Executes the specified command at the location of the specified player or object relative to the coordinates.

Set a point of appearance in the world
/ setworldspawn [X] [Y] [Z]

Sets the world when players join coordinates.

Example: / setworldspawn [71] [71] [123] – Sets the appearance point in the world 71/71/123.

Set appearance point
/ spawnpoint [TARGET] [X] [Y] [Z]

Sets the appearance point of the specified player in the coordinates.

Example: / spawnpoint @a [71] [71] [123] – Sets the appearance points of all players to 71/71/123.

/ particle [PARTICLE NAME] [X] [Y] [Z] [DX] [DY] [DZ] [SPEED] [ACCOUNT] [GOAL]

Shows the specified particle effect in the specified coordinates for a specific player with the specified speed and quantity.

Example: / icle minecraft: angry_villager 11 64 10 11 64 10 2 23 force – Displays an Angry Villager particle at the specified point 11/64/10.

fill in
/ Fill in [X] [Y] [Z] [DX] [DY] [DZ] [TILE TYPE] [NUMBER / DELETED / PLAN / SAVE]

Create a set of cubes based on the perimeters indicated in a square of two separate points. Tiles made can be made hollow, crushed, created contours or “hold” to fill all the blocks in question.

Example: / fill 0 62 0 12 72 12 minecraft: water outline – Fills from 0/62/0 to 12/72/12 with water tiles.

Install block
/ setblock [x] [Y] [Z] [UNIT NAME] [VALUE]

Changes the location of the block to the specified tile. Then you can leave the block, replace it or destroy the tile.

Example: / setblock 29 62 -12 minecraft: red_wool replace – Replaces a tile in 29/62 / -12 with a red wool block.

Replace item
/ replace the [ENTITY] element [ITEM] [QUANTITY] or / replace the [UNIT] element [X] [Y] [Z] [UNIT TYPE] [QUANTITY]

Replaces a block or item in a player’s inventory with a specified block or item.

Example: / replaceitem entity [TARGET] armor.chest minecraft: diamond_chestplate 1 – Changes the item in the armor slot for the target player to Diamond Chestplate.

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