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March 23, 2020
16 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

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For use cheat code in Gothic 3, you need to open the file (in the Ini folder of the game directory) Notepad.
Change the line:

TestMode = false

on the:

TestMode = true

Save. Launch the game. During the game, call the console with the [~] (tilde) key and enter the codes:

God – God Mode
Invisibility – Invisibility
Teach all – Training all skills
Kill – Kill a target
Give – Get the specified item
Spawn – Spawn the specified item/creature
Give gold x – Get x gold (does not work with the patch)
Give money x – Get x money (does not work with the patch)
idkfa – Get All
Help – Show commands
fullhealth – Health
give Cat_Armor – All Protection
give Cat_Weapon – All weapons
give Cat_Artefact – All artifacts
control – Hero control
watch – Camera control
teach STR x – set strength
teach DEX x – set dexternity / hunting skill /
teach INT x – set intelligence (ancient knowledge)
teach ALC x – set alchemy skills
teach SMT x – set smith skills
teach THF x – set thief skills
teach HP x – set health
teach MP x – set mana
teach SP x – set energy
teach LP x – set learning points


[F1] – Screenshot
[F2] – Fenster / Vollbild Modus
[F3] – Framerate
[F4] -?
[F5] – Quicksave
[F6] – Zeitraffer an / aus
[F7] – Slowdown time
[F8] – Reset Character – PRETTY USEFUL!
[F9] – Quickload
Gold: give It_Gold #
where # – the desired amount (for example, give It_Gold 10000) – WORKS WITH THE PATCH from Russobit-M

To change your reputation in various factions: spawn sh
calls Mr. Helper, who will help you change your reputation in various factions if you ask him well. By the way, he knows how not only that …

List of things

It_1H_AncestorSword_01 Ancestral Sword
It_1H_AssDagger_01 Assassin’s Knife
It_1H_AssSword_01 Assassin’s Sword
It_1H_BarbarianSword_01 Barbarian Sword
It_1H_Bastardsword_01 Bastard Sword
It_1H_Broadsword_01 Broadsword
It_1H_Club_01 Club
It_1H_Crescent_01 Sickle
It_1H_ElBastardo_01 El Bastardo
It_1H_Epee_01 Rapier
It_1H_FlameSword_01 Sword of Flame
It_1H_GreatSword_01 Greatsword
It_1H_Iceblade_01 Blade of Cold
It_1H_Ingvar_Sword Nordmarian Sword
It_1H_Inquisitor_01 Inquisitor
It_1H_Katana_01 Katana
It_1H_Longsword_01 Long Sword
It_1H_MasterSword_01 Sword of the Master
It_1H_MiloksFirst_Sword_01 Crash Milok (Quest)
It_1H_Moonblade_01 Lunar Blade
It_1H_OrcSlayer_01 Orc Slayer
It_1H_PaladinSword_01 Paladin Sword
It_1H_Rubyblade_01 Ruby Blade
It_1H_Runesword_01 Rune Sword
It_1H_Scimitar_01 Cleaver
It_1H_Sword_01 Sword
It_1H_Sword_Rhobar_01 Sword of the King
It_1H_Sword_Rust_01 Rusty Sword
It_1H_Wenzel_Sword_01 Monogram Sword
It_2H_AncestorMight_01 Ancestral Strength
It_2H_Bak-Arash_Staff Shamanic Staff
It_2H_DemonSword_01 Demonic Sword
It_2H_Executioner_01 Sword of the Leader
It_2H_GreatInquisitor_01 The Great Inquisition
It_2H_InnosWrath_01 Innos’s Fury
It_2H_OrderSword_01 Sword of Order
It_2H_Sword_01 Two-Handed
It_2H_Sword_Ore_01 Ore Two-Handed
It_2H_Sword_Rust_01 Rusty Two-Handed
It_Axe_BarbarianAxe_01 Barbarian War Ax
It_Axe_Bardiche_01 Beard Ax
It_Axe_BattleAxe_01 Battle Ax
It_Axe_BerserkerAxe_01 Berserker Ax
It_Axe_BerserkerRageAxe_01 Berserker Rage
It_Axe_HeavyClub_01 Heavy Club
It_Axe_NailedClub_01 Sharp Club
It_Axe_OgreMorningStar_01 Morning Star Ogre
It_Axe_OrcSword_01 Crash Warok
It_Axe_OrcSword_02 Crash Morocco
It_Axe_OrcWaraxe_01 Crash Agash
It_Axe_Orc_01 Crash Patch
It_Axe_Rust_01 Rusty Battle Ax
It_Axe_SpikedClub_01 Spiked Club
It_Axe_Waraxe_01 Butcher’s Ax
It_Axe_Warhammer_01 War Hammer
It_Halberd_01 Halberd
It_Halberd_Orc_01 Crash Tarach
It_Irmak_2H_Halberd Crash Irmak (quest)


It_Bow_01 Onion
It_Bow_Army Army Bow
It_Bow_Ass Assassin’s Bow
It_Bow_Bone Bone Bow
It_Bow_Composite Compound Bow
It_Bow_Deathbringer Deathbringer
It_Bow_Demon Demon Bow
It_Bow_Fight Combat Bow
It_Bow_Horn Horn Bow
It_Bow_Hunting Hunting Bow
It_Bow_Long Longbow
It_Bow_Nimroder Nimrod
It_Bow_Oak Oak Bow
It_Bow_OrcRipper Orc Ripper
It_Bow_Ranger Bow Ranger
It_Bow_Rune Rune Bow
It_Bow_SilentDeath Silent Death
It_Bow_War Military Bow
It_Bow_WolfRipper Wolf Ripper


It_Crossbow_01 Crossbow
It_Crossbow_BloodHarvest Bloody Harvest
It_Crossbow_Bounty Bounty Hunter
It_Crossbow_Heavy Heavy Crossbow
It_Crossbow_KrashMorra Crash Morra
It_Crossbow_Merc Mercenary Crossbow
It_Crossbow_Nrd Nordmarian Crossbow
It_Crossbow_Orc Orc Crossbow
It_Crossbow_Rhino Rhino Slayer
It_Crossbow_SlaveKiller Death of a Slave
It_Crossbow_War Military Crossbow


It_Staff Rod of the Eternal Wanderer (quest)
It_Staff_BladeStaff_01 Staff with a blade
It_Staff_Darkmage_01 Wand of Darkness
It_Staff_Darkmage_02 Black Mage’s Wand
It_Staff_Darkmage_03 Wand of Death
It_Staff_Druid_01 Druid’s Staff
It_Staff_Firemage_01 Wand of Fire
It_Staff_Firemage_02 Rod of the Fire Mage
It_Staff_Firemage_03 Staff of Dominance
It_Staff_JudgementStaff_01 Judge’s Staff
It_Staff_Mana_01 Staff of Witchcraft
It_Staff_Mana_02 Staff of Magic
It_Staff_Mana_03 Wand of Power
It_Staff_Prot_01 Wand of Defense
It_Staff_Prot_02 Wand of Protection
It_Staff_Prot_03 Wand of Invulnerability
It_Staff_Scythe_01 Scythe
It_Staff_Spear_01 Spear
It_Staff_Watermage_01 Wand of Water
It_Staff_Watermage_02 Water Mage Wand
It_Staff_Watermage_03 Wand of Equilibrium

Arrow Strelp

BluntArrow Knockout Arrow
Bolt Bolt
Bolt_Sharp sharp bolt
ExplosiveArrow Explosive Arrow
Firearrow fire arrow
PoisonArrow Poison Arrow


Body_AssMage Assassin Heavy Armor
Body_AssNovice Assassin’s Light Armor
Body_AssWarrior Assassin Armor
Rob Druid’s Body_Druid
Fire_ Body_Firemage
Body_King Robar’s Armor
Body_KingGuard Ceremonial Armor
Body_Leather Leather Armor
Body_MercElite Mercenary Heavy Armor
Body_MercNovice Mercenary Light Armor
Body_Merc_Orcish Orc Armor
Body_Mercenary Mercenary Armor
Body_Nomad Nomad Exposure
Body_NomadNovice Light exposure of a nomad
Body_NomadWarrior Heavy exposure of a mercenary
Body_NrdElite Heavy Nordmarian Armor
Body_NrdScout Light Nordmarian Armor
Body_NrdWarrior Nordmarian Armor
Body_Paladin Paladin Armor
Body_Peasant Peasant Clothing
Body_Ranger Ranger Clothing
Body_RebBandit Rebel Light Armor
Body_RebElite Rebel Heavy Armor
Body_RebWarrior rebel armor
Water_ Body_Watermage
Rob_Mage’s Body_Xardas
Body_Zuben Zuben Clothing


It_Helmet_Crown_01 Crown of Myrtana
It_Helmet_Horn_01 Horned Helmet
It_Helmet_LightHorn_01 Light Horned Helmet


It_Shield_Knight_01 Knight’s Shield
It_Shield_Leather_01 Leather Shield
It_Shield_Paladin_01 Paladin Shield
It_Shield_Rhobar_01 Shield of Robar
It_Shield_Round_01 Round Shield
It_Shield_Rune_01 Rune Shield
It_Shield_Skull_01 Shield Skull
It_Shield_Wood_01 Different Wooden Shields
It_Shield_Wood_02 Different Wooden Shields
It_Shield_Wood_03 Different Wooden Shields
It_Shield_Wood_04 Different Wooden Shields
It_Shield_Wood_05 Different Wooden Shields
It_Shield_Wood_06 Different wooden shields
It_Shield_Wood_07 Different Wooden Shields


It_Am_Assassin_01 Amulet of the Assassins
It_Am_DEX_01 Amulet of the Hunter
It_Am_Druid_01 Amulet of the Druid
It_Am_HP_01 Amulet of Vitality
It_Am_Hunter_01 Amulet of the Hunter 2
It_Am_Mage_01 Amulet of Amulet
It_Am_MP_01 Amulet of Magic
It_Am_Paladin_01 Amulet of the Paladin
It_Am_Prot_Edge_01 Amulet of Protection
It_Am_Prot_Edge_02 Amulet of Protection 2
It_Am_Prot_Edge_03 Amulet of Protection 3
It_Am_Prot_Edge_04 Amulet of Protection 4
It_Am_Prot_Fire_01 Amulet of Fire Protection
It_Am_Prot_Ice_01 Cold Protection Amulet
It_Am_Prot_Lightning_01 Amulet of Lightning Protection
It_Am_Prot_Missile_01 Amulet of Protection from Arrows
It_Am_SP_01 Amulet of Endurance
It_Am_STR_01 Amulet of Strength
It_Am_Thief_01 Amulet of a thief
It_Am_Warrior_01 Warrior Amulet
It_Artefact_Amulet Amulet of Adanos (quest)
It_Ramon_Amulet Amulet of Ramona (quest)


It_Recipe_2Handed Two-Handed Recipe
It_Recipe_2HandedOre Ore Two-Handed Recipe
It_Recipe_Alligator Crocodile Recipe
It_Recipe_AncestorMight Ancestral Strength Recipe
It_Recipe_AncestorSword Ancestral Sword Recipe
It_Recipe_Bastardsword Bastard Sword Recipe
It_Recipe_Bison Recipe for a Bison Turn
It_Recipe_Bloodfly Hornet Turning Recipe
It_Recipe_BluntArrow Knockout Arrow Recipe
It_Recipe_Boar Recipe for a Boar
It_Recipe_Booze_1 Hop Drink Recipe
It_Recipe_Booze_2 Cactus Drink Recipe
It_Recipe_Booze_Nrd Nordmar Drink Recipe
It_Recipe_Broadsword Broadsword Recipe
It_Recipe_CureDisease Prescription for Treating Weakness
It_Recipe_CurePoison Antidote Recipe
It_Recipe_DEX Agility Potion Recipe
It_Recipe_ElBastardo El Bastardo Recipe
It_Recipe_ExplosiveArrow Explosive Arrow Recipe
It_Recipe_FireArrow Fire Arrow Recipe
It_Recipe_Firewaran Recipe for a Fire Lizard
It_Recipe_Health_1 The recipe for a healing elixir from a medicinal plant
It_Recipe_Health_2 Prescription Healing Elixir
It_Recipe_Health_3 Recipe for a healing elixir from healing roots
It_Recipe_Health_4 Prescription Healing Elixir of Wild Berries
It_Recipe_HPMax Recipe for Health Potion (Permanent)
It_Recipe_Lion Recipe for a Lion
It_Recipe_Longsword Recipe for a Long Sword
It_Recipe_Lurker Recipe for a Lurker
It_Recipe_Mana_1 Mana Herb Recipe
It_Recipe_Mana_2 Fire nettle mana potion recipe
It_Recipe_Mana_3 Recipe for Magic Roots Mana Potion
It_Recipe_Mana_4 Morning Dew Mana Potion Recipe
It_Recipe_MasterSword Wizard Sword Recipe
It_Recipe_MC Crawler Recipe
It_Recipe_Meatbug Recipe for turning into a mitbag
It_Recipe_Meatbugragout Mitbag Stew Recipe
It_Recipe_MPMax Mana Potion Recipe (Permanent)
It_Recipe_NrdSword Recipe for the Nordmar Sword
It_Recipe_PoisonArrow Poison Arrow Recipe
It_Recipe_Poison_1 Poison Bubble Poison Recipe
It_Recipe_Poison_2 Lizard Tongue Recipe
It_Recipe_Poison_3 Recipe for Hornet Poison Poison
It_Recipe_Rhino Rhino Turn Recipe
It_Recipe_Rubyblade Ruby Blade Recipe
It_Recipe_Runesword Rune Sword Recipe
It_Recipe_Sabertooth Recipe for a Saber-Toothed Tiger
It_Recipe_Scavenger Scavenger Recipe
It_Recipe_Shadowbeast Recipe for Transforming into Mrakoris
It_Recipe_Snapper The recipe for becoming a snapper
It_Recipe_SPMax Recipe for Endurance Potion (Permanent)
It_Recipe_Stamina_1 Ogre Leaf Endurance Potion Recipe
It_Recipe_Stamina_2 Jellyfish Stamina Recipe
It_Recipe_Stew Stew
It_Recipe_Stollengrollen Kishkider (Tumblertuner. Quest.)
It_Recipe_STR Power Potion
It_Recipe_SwampLurker Recipe for a Swamp Lurker
It_Recipe_Waran Recipe for turning into a lizard
It_Recipe_Wolf Recipe for turning into a wolf


It_Perk_1H1H_1 Fight with two swords
It_Perk_1H1H_2 Two-Sword Combat Master
It_Perk_1H_2 Strong Swordsman
It_Perk_1H_3 Master Swordsman
It_Perk_Acrobatic Acrobatics
It_Perk_Assassin Murder
It_Perk_Axe_1 Big weapon
It_Perk_Axe_2 Big Weapon 2
It_Perk_Axe_3 Big Weapon 3
It_Perk_Barter Trade
It_Perk_Bow_2 Good shooter
It_Perk_Bow_3 Shooter Wizard
It_Perk_Crossbow_1 Crossbowman
It_Perk_Crossbow_2 Good Crossbowman
It_Perk_Crossbow_3 Master Crossbowman
It_Perk_Darkmage Dark Mage
It_Perk_Druid Druid Mastery
It_Perk_Excuse Justify
It_Perk_ExplosiveArrow Explosive Arrow Production
It_Perk_FireArrow Production of Fire Arrows
It_Perk_Firemage Fire Mage
It_Perk_HeavyArmor Armor Strengthening
It_Perk_Hunter_1 Hunter
It_Perk_Hunter_2 Big Hunter
It_Perk_ImmuneToDisease Disease Immunity
It_Perk_ImmuneToPoison Poison Immunity
It_Perk_JumpAttack Jump attack (not activated)
It_Perk_KnockOut Knock Out
It_Perk_Learn Quick Learning
It_Perk_LightArmor Wearing a Rob
It_Perk_LockPick_2 Opening difficult locks
It_Perk_LockPick_3 Opening Impossible Locks
It_Perk_MasterGladiator Life Regeneration
It_Perk_MasterMage Mana Regeneration
It_Perk_MasterThief Master Thief
It_Perk_Mining Miner
It_Perk_OrcHunter Orc shooter
It_Perk_OrcSlayer Orc Slayer
It_Perk_Paladin Paladin
It_Perk_PickPocket_1 Simple Pickpocketing
It_Perk_PickPocket_2 Heavy Pickpocketing
It_Perk_PickPocket_3 Impossible pickpocketing
It_Perk_PoisonArrow Poison Arrows
It_Perk_PoisonBlade Blade Poisoning (not working)
It_Perk_PotionMP Mana Potions
It_Perk_PotionPerm Making Potions with a Continuous Effect
It_Perk_PotionPoison Poison Maker (not working)
It_Perk_PotionTransform Potions Transformation Maker
It_Perk_ResistCold Cold Resistance
It_Perk_ResistHeat Heat Resistance
It_Perk_SharpenBlade Blade Sharpening
It_Perk_Shield_1 Using Shields
It_Perk_Shield_2 Shield Wizard
It_Perk_Smith_2 Forging Ore Weapons
It_Perk_Smith_3 Forging the Perfect Ore Weapon
It_Perk_Sneak_1 Sneaking !!! Attention! A new skill appears in the skills panel !!!
It_Perk_Sneak_2 Sneaking up on animals
It_Perk_Sprinter Wolf Stamina
It_Perk_StaffMagic Magic Wands
It_Perk_Staff_1 Fighting the Staff
It_Perk_Staff_2 Fighting the Staff II
It_Perk_Staff_3 Fighting the Staff III
It_Perk_TrophyFur Animal Skins
It_Perk_TrophySkin Reptile Skins
It_Perk_TrophyTeeth Teeth, Horns, Claws
It_Perk_Watermage Water Mage


It_DruidStone_Lion Druid Stone – Lion
It_DruidStone_Lurker Druid Stone – Lurker
It_DruidStone_Ripper Druid Stone – Ripper
It_DruidStone_Ripper_Broken Shattered Druid Stone (quest)
It_DruidStone_Shadowbeast Druid Stone – Mrakoris
It_DruidStone_Snapper Druid Stone – Snapper
It_DruidStone_Waran Druid Stone – Lizard
It_DruidStone_Wolf Druid Stone – Wolf
It_Scroll_ALC_01 Scroll of Alchemy
It_Scroll_AnimalForm Animal View
It_Scroll_ArmyOfDarkness Army of Darkness
It_Scroll_BlessWeapon Bless Weapon
It_Scroll_Bloodlust Bloodlust
It_Scroll_CallAnimals Call the animal
It_Scroll_Charm Oblivion
It_Scroll_CureDisease Cure Weakness
It_Scroll_CurePoison Cure Poison
It_Scroll_DestroyEvil Banish Evil
It_Scroll_Disease Loosen
It_Scroll_DuskToDawn Day to Day
It_Scroll_Fear Fear
It_Scroll_Fireball Fireball
It_Scroll_Firerain Fire Rain
It_Scroll_Flamesword Summon Fire Sword
It_Scroll_FrostWave Ice Wave
It_Scroll_Hailstorm Storm
It_Scroll_Healing Healing
It_Scroll_HealOther Heal another
It_Scroll_HeatWave Fire Wave
It_Scroll_Icelance Ice Spear
It_Scroll_INT_01 Old Scroll
It_Scroll_Light Light
It_Scroll_Lightningbolt Lightning Bolt
It_Scroll_Meteor Call meteor
It_Scroll_Mist Fog
It_Scroll_OpenLocks Open Lock
It_Scroll_Poison Poison
It_Scroll_Sleep Sleep
It_Scroll_SoulTravel Journey of the Soul
It_Scroll_SummonDemon Call the daemon
It_Scroll_SummonGoblin Summon Goblin
It_Scroll_SummonGolem Summon Golem
It_Scroll_SummonLightning Call Lightning
It_Scroll_SummonSkeleton Call Skeleton
It_Scroll_TameAnimal Tame the animal
It_Scroll_Telekinesis Telekinesis
It_Scroll_TimeBubble Bubble Time
It_Scroll_WordOfControl Innos Word
You can learn spells in the spellbook with the same cheats, only replace the word Scroll with the word Spell There is one spell for which there is no scroll.
It_Spell_IceBomb Ice Blast


It_Artefact_Ring_01 The Ring of Life of Adanos (quest)
It_Artefact_Ring_02 Ring of Mana of Adanos (quest)
It_Artefact_Ring_Geldern Ancient Alchemist Ring
It_Ring_DEX_01 Ring of the Hunt
It_Ring_HP_01 Ring of Lives
It_Ring_MP_01 Mana Ring
It_Ring_Prot_Combat_01 Melee Defense Ring
It_Ring_Prot_Edge_01 Weapon Protection Ring
It_Ring_Prot_Edge_02 Protection Ring
It_Ring_Prot_Fire_01 Ring of Fire Protection
It_Ring_Prot_Ice_01 Cold Protection Ring
It_Ring_Prot_Lightning_01 Lightning Protection Ring
It_Ring_Prot_Magic_01 Ring of Protection from Magic
It_Ring_Prot_Missile_01 Arrow Protection Ring
It_Ring_SP_01 Endurance Ring
It_Ring_STR_01 Ring of Strength


It_Teleport_Ardea Ardea
It_Teleport_Bakaresh Bakaresh
It_Teleport_Beliar Beliartempel in Bakaresh
It_Teleport_BenErai Ben Erai
It_Teleport_BenSala Ben Sala
It_Teleport_Braga Braga
It_Teleport_Faring Faring
It_Teleport_FireClan Fire Clan
It_Teleport_Geldern Geldern
It_Teleport_Gotha Gotha
It_Teleport_Hammerclan Hammer Clan
It_Teleport_Innos Innos Cave in the monastery
It_Teleport_Ishtar Ishtar
It_Teleport_KapDun Cape Dun
It_Teleport_King Throne Room of Vengard
It_Teleport_Lago Lago
It_Teleport_LeaveVangard From Hungary
It_Teleport_Monastery Monastery
It_Teleport_Montera Montera
It_Teleport_MoraSul Mora Sul
It_Teleport_Nemora Nemora
It_Teleport_Okara Okara
It_Teleport_Reddock Reddock
It_Teleport_Silden Silden
It_Teleport_Trelis Trelis
It_Teleport_VangardTempel Vengard Temple
It_Teleport_Wolfclan Wolf Clan
It_Teleport_Xardas Xardas Tower
It_Teleport_Zuben Zuben Palace

It_Potion Bottle

It_Potion_Alligator Convert to Crocodile
It_Potion_Bison Turning into a Bison
It_Potion_Bloodfly Turning into a Hornet
It_Potion_Boar Turn into a Boar
It_Potion_CureDisease Treating Weakness
It_Potion_CurePoison Antidote
It_Potion_DEX Agility Potion
It_Potion_Empty Flask
It_Potion_Firewaran Turning into a Fire Lizard
It_Potion_Health Elixir of Health
It_Potion_HPMax Elixir of Permanent Health
It_Potion_Lion Turning into a Lion
It_Potion_Lurker Turning into a Lurker
It_Potion_Mana Mana Potion
It_Potion_MC Turning into a Crawler
It_Potion_Meatbug Turning into a mitbag
It_Potion_MPMax Permanent Mana Potion
It_Potion_Poison Poison
It_Potion_Rhino Turning into a Rhino
It_Potion_Sabertooth Turning into a Subdental Tiger
It_Potion_Scavenger Turn into a Scavenger
It_Potion_Shadowbeast Turning into Mrakoris
It_Potion_Snapper Turning into a Snapper
It_Potion_SPMax Potion of Constant Endurance
It_Potion_Stamina Restore Stamina
It_Potion_STR Power Potion
It_Potion_SwampLurker Turning into a Swamp Lurker
It_Potion_Waran Turning into a Lizard
It_Potion_Wolf Turning into a Wolf

It_Aldo_Schatulle Old Casket

It_AlShedim_Deadkeeper_01 urn of the guardians of the dead
It_AlShedim_Healer_01 Bowl of Healers
It_AlShedim_Warrior_01 Statue of the Warriors
It_Amul_Goldsack Amula Wallet
It_Ancestor_Stone_01 Stone of the ancestor of Akasha
It_Ali_Artefact Ancestral Stone Ejnar
It_Ancestor_Stone_03 Ancestor Stone Snorre
It_Ancestor_Stone_04 Ancestral Stone Baldar
It_Ancestor_Stone_05 Ancestral Stone Angir
It_Ancestor_Stone_06 Berek Ancestral Stone
It_Artefact_Abbas Bowl of Abbas Water
It_Artefact_Crown Crown of Adanos
It_Artefact_GeldernShadowBeastRuin Shadow Scepter
It_Artefact_Helmet_Geldern Helmet of the First Paladin
It_Artefact_Robe by Rob Adanos
It_Basir_GoldChest Basir’s Casket
It_Chalice_Beliar Asama Bowl
It_Chest_Good Casket
It_Chest_Normal Casket 2
It_Cup_Gold Gold Cup
It_Cup_Gold_KapDun Gold Cup from Cape Dong
It_Cup_Gold_MoraSul Soul Bowl from Mora Sul
It_Cup_Horn Drinking Horn
It_Cup_Silver Silver Cup
It_Cup_Silver_KapDun Cape Dun Silver Cup
It_Ejnar_Helm Helmet of Einar
It_FiremageCup Fire Bowl
It_FiremageCup_Blessed Blessed Fire Bowl
It_Gold Coin
It_GoldChalice_Lares Shaman’s Bowl (Geldern)
It_GoldNugget Gold Nugget
It_GoldRing Gold Ring
It_Gold_Stack_01 Gold
It_Gold_Stack_02 A lot of gold
It_Gold_Stack_03 Treasure
It_Ilja_Artefact Artifact of Ilya
It_Kamak_Artefact Camak Artifact
It_Necklace Necklace
It_Ore Magic Ore
It_Scepter Scepter of Varant
It_Thorald_Armor Armor of Torald
It_Ashton_GoldList Ashton’s Golden Scroll
It_Aidan_Book Aiden’s Book (+20 Ancient Knowledge)
It_AlShedim_Priest_01 Stone Plate of Priests
It_AlShedim_Wise_01 Scrolls of Scientists
It_Bernado_Letter Letter to Bernado
It_Bradley_SlaveList Bradley’s Slave List
It_Book_ALC_01 The Basics of Alchemy
It_Book_INT_01 Old book

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