5 Tips for Winning Call of Duty Warzone Solo Matches

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September 27, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

If you think you’ll have teammates to clean up your mess or make up for your shortcomings all the time, Warzone Solo matches aren’t for you. You’ll be faced with many endangering moments, including coming up against an enemy with superior weapons and the gas circle closing in on you.

You’d save yourself a lot if you had an aiming skill above average and good movement and positioning strategy. This article will provide several additional tips that make up an excellent winning guide for your solo matches. Furthermore, you can boost your survival and winning chances if you use warzone hacks from Battlelog.

5 Tips for Winning Call of Duty Warzone Solo Matches

5 Tips to help you win Call of Duty: Warzone solo play

1.    Some drop locations are not favorable

There’s no ideal drop location in Warzone. However, there are things that you must look out for to make sure you don’t have a disastrous landing or start in your game. One of the ways of this is looking out from the aircraft for where other players are landing.

While you may want to go where you’ll find free loot, you must avoid places with many other players. If you come face to face with a player already equipped with a better weapon, that’s Game Over for you. Some hot zones you should avoid are the Hospital and Superstore. If you land close to a Scavenger contract, just run.

2.    Meta weapons contribute to wins.

Many new players on Warzone like trying their hands on something different. But you shouldn’t do this if you’re after wins. The Warzone meta weapon at the time of this writing is the NZ-41 assault rifle. The weapon balances its key properties, including the range, accuracy, and damage output.

However, you may want to do things a bit differently. In that case, you can pick any weapon with good damage output and work it up with attachments. But stick with the meta if you don’t have good knowledge of weapon attachments and how to use them.

3.    Only enter buildings for loot

When loot chests spawn in Warzone, they usually emit an audible hum. Except you hear this hum from a building, it’s best to avoid buildings unless you’re trying to flank an unsuspecting foe. However, you should beware of claymore traps behind doors or enemies using loot chests as baits.

The main reason to avoid buildings in the game is that many players prefer camping in buildings since they don’t have teammates to make them want to push quarters. Also, you may have a sniper aiming at you from a window; as such, always be alert when you come close to raised buildings.

4.    Make a headphone your teammate.

You don’t have teammates to warn you about an enemy approaching your location from a different route. The only available warning sign you have in your solo matches is sound; you should utilize it to the fullest.

Sound will alert you of many things such as approaching enemy footsteps, opening doors, jumping enemies, loot spawns, etc. The best way to get the best experience with sound in your matches is by using a good set of gaming-specific earphones.

These earphones can pick the minutest sounds in the game. More so, reducing or turning off the volume of irrelevant in-game sounds will come with additional benefits.

5.    Go for loot

You can get some really valuable things from loot, including cash and some good weapons or attachments. If you’re after scavenger contracts, you’d better know it’s of little or no use. You can easily find enough cash for whatever you want to buy.

However, you may not find your ideal weapon and other valuable perks among loot. In that case, save some money to secure them from Buy Stations. Save your first $14,000 and buy a loadout as soon as you can. You can also get UAVs or self-revives.


You may have a tough time settling in for Solo matches on COD: Warzone. Gameplay adopts pretty much what you do in multiplayer games with just a few adjustments in your gaming approach.

While you may want to go for Scav contracts for money, we’d advise you to go for Recon instead. You’ll easily find cash in loot chests around the map. For the best guns, simply stay up to date with the meta. Lastly, stay silent and use noise from your enemies against them.

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