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November 4, 2022
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In the roguelike game Slay the Spire by Mega Crit Games, the player is guided by cards. It was evident that the game was incredibly entertaining even when it was first made available as early access. But it’s also challenging, that’s for sure. It may be difficult for someone who is not up for a challenge to finish a run even once.

It’s crucial to realize that Slay the Spire exhibits a strong ‘just one more’ mentality. Here are some expert Slay the Spire strategies you should be aware of for those of you who struggle to finish it at all or who are having trouble moving up the ascension ranks.

Roguelike Prototype - Roblox

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1. Get used to the challenge by embracing your losses

The thought of avoiding elite battles and foes may probably seem lot more appealing when you first start playing Slay The Spire, but it’s important to adopt this and other Slay The Spire strategies. The fact of the problem is that if you simply keep avoiding every obstacle, you won’t improve at the game. Anytime you have the chance, you must battle the elites. As we’ll explore in a later piece, elite foes in particular provide special challenges that can truly assist you learn to adapt and develop a shell of confidence as you strive to advance.

2. Focus on building smaller decks

It may be tempting to keep include all the intriguing new cards in your deck at first. This seemingly simple action may result in a discouraging defeat when you are left wondering where the crucial card is. The main issue here is that you have less probability of drawing key cards the more cards you have in your deck.

However, this does not imply that your base deck should be kept. Instead, grab the strong cards you’ll need to defeat the boss at the conclusion of the current act. Utilize the removal options available at events and retail locations to remove unused cards. This also applies to your initial basic strikes, which are frequently the lowest cards in your deck.

3. Choose to defend more often

You will eventually fall if you keep taking damage. Different strategies are used by the various characters to lessen their own deaths. However, just because it’s important to defend yourself doesn’t imply it’s always the right thing to do. It might be preferable to kill an enemy rather than to defend if you can. Your final health total—rather than round-to-round—is what important.

Additionally, some opponents make defending useless. Gremlin Nob is an Elite that can be faced off against early on. Every time you use a talent, Gremlin Nob activates an ability that boosts him, and all of your early defenses are skills. Other circumstances involving other adversaries can call for you to forgo defense in favor of offense.

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4. Study your Map

Even though it can be tedious, this is such a crucial step to take whenever you begin a new run. You can see which boss you’ll face by reading the map, and it also reveals the best course of action. Be aware that there will always be a campfire in front of the boss, so take that into account when making plans.

In the game Slay the Spire, it’s important to take your time and make certain that your next move is the best one. The map aids you in this by allowing you to decide when to rest in addition to when to pick your battles. One more thing: if you realize that you suddenly lack the health to take on an elite, don’t be afraid to change your course.

5. Don’t be too greedy with your resources

You have a lot of tools at your disposal in the game to help you solve problems. This can include things like antiques, cash, and potions. Each of these is essential for winning tough battles. The majority of artifacts are permanent and are obtained in various ways. When using an artifact, many of them don’t require much thought, but some will reward foresight. It’s simple to pick one up and sort of forget it.

Another important resource is money, which not only enables you to purchase artifacts and cards but also permits the removal of cards from your deck. Keep in mind that there is no incentive to save money until the very end. The last resource is potions, which are typically overlooked. Potions encounter the problematic mentality of delaying use. They can be quite helpful during boss battles, for sure, but don’t be afraid to use them against any foe you’re having difficulties with.

6. Master your chosen character

There are presently three playable characters in the game’s complete release. These characters each has unique strengths and flaws. The relic the Ironclad starts with heals him after battle, making him much more forgiving. He also has a tendency to play his cards more openly.

You receive two extra cards at the beginning of each encounter thanks to the Silent’s relic. Because of how much more combo-focused her cards are, it’s simple to get caught up in seeking for synergies. At the start of a battle, the Defect’s relic summons an orb of lightning, its unique mechanic. The Defect unfolds in a very different manner. It’s crucial to understand which foes each character performs better against and to know which cards to use to compensate for these deficiencies.


Slay the Spire is sure to have you seated for hours on end. If you want to enjoy a similar experience in other games too, check out for some of the top strategy games available.

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