Valve Removes 300,000 Cheaters from CSGO

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September 27, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve is taking action against bad players by banning over 300,000 cheats as part of a VAC wave.

A classic shooting game with millions of players is called CSGO. Hackers and cheats spoil the experience, though, as popularity grows. Because CSGO is free-to-play, cheaters have taken over the game, and Valve has continually ignored the problem. The firm is now taking harsher measures against rogue actors and has banned thousands of hackers.

Valve Removes 300,000 Cheaters from CSGO

In just three months, the developer has blacklisted almost 304,000 cheaters, according to a recent analysis by This is only one of several significant hacker purges from the game.

300,000 CSGO Cheaters Removed by VAC Ban

There is a significant cheating issue in CSGO that frequently goes undiscovered. As a result, the number of hackers in CSGO has increased over time. According to Steam data, Valve is at last acting.

The developer has been banning as many as 9,000 hackers every day, according to CSGO statistics. In the last three months, 304,655 bans have been issued due to the steady pace. Given the decline in CSGO’s player numbers in 2022, that is a sizable quantity. People who still like CSGO are compelled to quit because of obvious cheats, even if many have switched to other games.

According to the data, there was an increase between July and September, when prohibitions nearly reached 10,000 in a single day. A liberal distribution of VAC sanctions would undoubtedly influence the gaming environment over the next months. After many players choose to use third-party services like FACEIT and ESEA, the advantageous tweak could persuade gamers to give matchmaking another go.

However, the latest VAC ban wave will result in severe penalties because these bans are inflexible, irrevocable, and seldom lifted. In the upcoming months, it is hoped that players will run into fewer hackers.

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