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March 23, 2020
56 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

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Visit the subway tunnels

During the opening part of the game, you will find yourself in the Moscow metro and catch Artyom returning after another sortie to the surface and attempts to catch a radio signal from someone. After the cut scenes, you will have to move through the tunnels. Go forward and open the door. This path will be linear, so getting lost here will not work. After some time, you will find yourself in a narrow corridor with corpses, and there is a store near one of the skeletons. Pick it up to stock up on ammo.

Keep moving and after a while, you will be attacked by a mutant. You can push the opponent away from you by quickly pressing the E key. This is a typical QTE scene that you will encounter at least a dozen times during the game. When you kill the enemy, then go forward to find more Guardians. Interrupt each of them. On the table to the right, at the beginning of the tunnel with rails, lies the first note. In each chapter, you can find notes and postcards. The former will allow you to learn more about the plot of the game, and the latter to enjoy the landscapes of the game locations, made before the nuclear explosion. We will tell you more about the location of each item in separate materials.

Get to the destroyed blue car and go inside. Follow through it and get to the other side. Kill the mutant, go up and open the door, without waiting for the remaining Guardians to appear (they will attack you endlessly). A new QTE sequence starts. Try to fight off the mutant, and after the video, you will find yourself in a safe place where you will meet Anya, Miller and a local doctor.

Metro: Exodus – Video Game Guide and Walkthrough

Walkthrough Metro Exodus

Listen to a few dialogs and after talking with the doctor, take the second note from the table on the right. Go to the next room, where you can find the first card in the game: it hangs on one of the two cabinets on the right hand.

When you are ready, then go into the room with Anya, Miller and many other characters. Get to know everyone as you have to travel with them throughout the game. However, even more importantly, some of them may not reach the end of the game intact. It depends on what end you will see upon returning from the Dead City.

Traveling with Anna through the city

Artyom does not give up, so he continues to look for evidence that there is a chance for a normal life on the surface, outside the metro. This part of the game begins with Anya and Artyom returning after a trip to the surface and another attempt to catch a radio signal.

After the conversation with the woman, you will be informed that it is time to change the filter on the gas mask. Do this by pressing the T key, then follow Anya. Go down and follow through the narrow passages, and after a while, you will find yourself in a spacious hall where you will be attacked by the Guardians.

All you need to do is follow your companion and after a while, you will find yourself on the street. Soon you will notice a crowd of Sentinels. Hide behind the bus and wait for them to leave. When it’s over, then follow Anya and help her climb the hill.

After a while, you will get into the car, believing that your friends are inside it. Artem and Anna will be stunned and captured. After the video, the main character will be shot, so the next part of the chapter will continue without Anna.

When you wake up in a ditch, then move forward and make your way under the trash. You will find a first aid kit. Press the Q key to restore health points. Go forward along the ditch, and after a while, you will find yourself near the sewer. Get inside and take the only route avoiding soldiers. In the end, you will be taken to a room where you will meet an elderly driver Yermak.


Hansa Railway Depot

After talking with Yermak, follow the man into the neighboring corridor. Go to the electrical panel in front and interact with it to turn off the power. Then follow to your companion, while it is best to bend down and not run. Sneak to the right to the stairs and go up.

Go further to see the enemy standing with your back to you. Stun him, sneaking up behind him, then open the door and move a little further. Do not rush when Ermak asks you to stop, because he will see the enemy lighting the way ahead. Pick up a can lying nearby and throw it forward when Ermak tells you.

After some time, you will find yourself in a room with Anna and the head of the railway station. As a result of this scene, you will find out that all of Moscow was cut off from the rest of the world with the help of a shield of suppressors, because of which not a single signal or message came to the residents of the city. Soon you will find out that the world is full of living people who are trying to get in touch with the rest.

After the video, go outside, turn off your flashlight so that the enemies do not find Artem. On the next leg of the journey, you will come across several soldiers. If you wish, you can act silently, stunning enemies, or attack them with firearms. This segment of the game will not affect anything.

Your task is to go through the corridor and get to the hangar, which leads to the train depot. If any enemy detects you, it will sound an alarm, notifying the presence of Artem other opponents. To calmly get to the train, proceed with caution and be patient. Get rid of two opponents located nearby. Or rather, pass them by. First, wait for the drawers on the right, while they pass by, and then get past them to the wall of the building on the left, where a throwing knife sticks out.

The next task is to climb the stairs and stun the enemy, delving into a box. Next, interact with the electrical panel to turn off the electricity. When the light is off, then move to the left. There will be other opponents below. You can jump to the neighbor and stun him. Then quickly get rid of the second. Alternatively, you can move along pipes along buildings.

Alternatively, you can shoot all the enemies in the yard or just run to the red door. Go inside, follow through the room and soon find yourself in a room with a train. Like last time, you can kill or stun guards. When you neutralize the threat, you can free Yermak, as a result of which Anna will appear. Climb up with her and defeat even more opponents.

Use the lever in the control room from above, and then shoot back from enemies. After some time, the barrels will explode, behind which the opponents were hiding, and together with Anna you will fall down. Move forward, shoot at enemies and soon find yourself near a large valve, near the place where there was a connected Ermak. Use the valve with Anna to rotate it. The video starts, as a result of which you will be on the train.

To silently go through this episode, you must act with extreme caution. Do not forget to turn off all the lamps and lights located near you. Your first task is to move to the right, turn off the lights and go down the stairs. Having done this, move to the left and deal with the enemy, considering the mechanisms under the train. Turn off the light so that no one will notice you, then move down the left hand along the wall. When you reach the far stairs, you will hear that some of the enemies have been summoned somewhere. Climb up, run to the enemy next to Yermak and stun him. Free the gray-haired man. However, the next part of the pass secretly will not work, so together with Anna will have to kill enemies.

Get rid of the train

Jump onto the enemy train, then move to the gap to the right of the closed door. Keep moving along the wagons until you reach the guard standing with your back to you. You can stun or kill him with a knife. Sit down and move to the adjacent car on the left, which you circled around the outside. Defuse opponents or just pick up the note lying on the table.

Go back and head towards the head carriage. Use a rifle to get rid of all opponents. After a while, you will break through to the boiler room, where you can place explosives. Having done this, Artem will jump back to the Aurora. Watch the video, after which the chapter will be completed. You can no longer return to Moscow, but the adventure is just beginning.

If you want to deal with the enemy train silently, then after moving to the next train, all the same move along the far right side of the next car. Stun the enemy and climb inside. Go to the next car to find several enemies. You can get around them, getting behind the boxes on the right. There will be three more opponents in the next car, they are focused on firing at your train, so you can use this to stun them.

In the next car, you can hide under the floor. Thus, no enemy will have time to detect you. Get to the beginning of the train, and then install the explosives.

Metro: Exodus – Video Game Guide and Walkthrough


From time to time in Metro Exodus, you will go through short tasks that are named after the seasons – “Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer” and “Autumn”. These are small transitional stages during which you mainly need to talk with a lot of your comrades, search the train and try additional actions. And the first such task is called “Winter”.

At the beginning of the chapter, you discuss the situation with your team. Among other things, you will learn about the war between Russia and the rest of the world. In the end, you can go to the map and choose the next destination, or spend some time searching for the train.

However, in the beginning, it will be necessary to tune the radio to the wave in order to listen to the recording from Yamantau. In other cars, you can listen to additional dialogs, smoke or find an additional note. All transition chapters do not have postcards, but there is one note each. When you are ready, then return to the map and interact with it to begin the Volga chapter.

First steps

Volga – the first location with an open game world in Metro Exodus. Artem, Melnik, Anya and the rest of the team will be shot at by unknown people, because of which they have to urgently stop the squad. Next, we will tell you how to get through this dangerous region. After the cut scenes and conversations, take with you a tablet on which there are a map and a notepad with the current goal of the task. To open the tablet, press M. LMB allows you to zoom in on the map, while RMB allows you to switch to notepad with the main purpose.

At this stage, you can try free movement and study of a location. Meet Anya and move with her through an abandoned village to the boat station. Get in a boat and sail along the river with the only possible route.

You can search islands nearby, but now your task is to swim into the church filled with sectarians and get to the very end of a narrow canal. In the end, you will find yourself near the stairs. Get out of the boat to lower the grate. Silantius decided to trap you.

Church escapes

This is a very important point in Metro Exodus, because depending on your further decisions, one of the satellites may survive or die. If he dies in this chapter, then you cannot get a good ending.

Get out on a wooden platform and climb up the stairs. Enter the room after the girl Nastya to meet her mother named Katya. A woman and her daughter will tell you about the current situation on the Volga, and then they will offer you to get out of the room through the opened window until the guards come here. At the moment, you will have a choice that determines the ending of the chapter and the game. You can get out of the church silently, stunning opponents with weapons as much as possible, or choose a bad option and kill opponents you meet on the way.

All you have to do is wait until the soldiers of Silantius burst into the room of Nastya and Katya and then shoot them. Leave the room through a door or window. It is best to choose a window since this path will allow you to quickly get to the boat.

On your way, you will meet even more opponents. But if you chose the option with a fight, then it makes no sense to avoid them, since you can kill one after another. The advantage of this solution is that you can freely search all rooms in the church and collect various items, including one postcard. As soon as you eliminate the opponents, then move to the boat at the right side of the church (on the right, if you look at the entrance from the inside). Use the valve to lower the boat, and then climb onto it and sail away.

At the very beginning of the trip along the Volga, you will find yourself in a church. As soon as you get to it and get off the boat, the door will be locked back. Get to Katya with Nastya, and then get out through the window. Get to the right and go up. Stun the enemy and get down from the left side. Defuse another enemy, then enter the building on the right. Move along the wall, avoiding enemies and turning off the lights. You can distract the attention of enemies by throwing cans.

If you stun a large number of sectarians, then at some point the remaining enemies will surrender. Do not kill any of them. After that, you can freely explore the area. Go to the temporary port where you need to find a new boat. To do this, turn the valve, then jump into the boat and sail back.

Regardless of the decisions made in the church, you will need to sail back from the church. Anya will contact Artem. If you passed the episode silently, then she would praise Artem and say that he was her ninja. In general, she will be pleased that she managed to do without bloodshed, even if you raised the alarm, but did not kill anyone.

Sailing back, get ready for the attack of shrimp – river mutants. Defend against them by firing weapons. Soon you will be attacked by a huge catfish, but Artyom will get on shore in time, where the Prince is already waiting for him. Talk to him to get a new task. Return to the train where Katya and Nastya have already arrived, then go to the Miller to listen to his plan.

Search for the Cross

It is time to meet a local resident nicknamed the Cross, who can help repair the train. Before starting the quest, it is worth visiting a place near the point where you met the Prince. There is a broken plane. Go inside, collect resources and find a compass with which it will be much easier to go through the game. Thanks to him, you can see in which direction you need to move on the current story missions.

Move south to the location of the Cross. On the way, you will meet familiar monsters – Guardians. If you move at night, then be prepared for a collision with electrical anomalies. They cannot be destroyed, so the only option is to get around. After a while, you will reach the ruined building. Walk past him to the right, and you will be attacked by a human beast.

After killing him, search the building and continue walking in the direction of the marker. You will find yourself near a high crane. Jump on containers and climb up until you get to the roof, located near the crane. Several monsters will stand in your way, but the Prince will respond and will help you destroy them.

When all the mutants are killed, the Cross will allow you to rise to him, lowering the arrow of the crane. Climb up and meet a man. He will tell you about the situation in the region, give binoculars with which you can mark interesting points on the map.

How to use binoculars?

For “white question marks” to appear on your map, take out the binoculars on key B and look around the area. You will hear clicks. In such positions, enlarge the image to maximum (LMB) and point the camera so that the picture is blurry. You will hear an amplifying sound, and after two or three seconds the picture will cease to be “soapy”. A binocular icon will appear in the upper left corner. This suggests that a new “question mark” has appeared on the map.

Go down to the shelter of the Cross, replenish supplies, use the workbench and remove the postcard. From now on, you can use the cables to go down them. Do this, after which you will receive a message from Miller: Anna went on reconnaissance and stocked herself somewhere. Have to help her out!

Anna’s Salvation

In the next part of the Volga, you will need to save Anya. Go to the marker on the map and go down through the hole to Anna. After the cut scene is completed, go through the door and go forward. On the right, there will be a lattice with a lock. You can break the lock and find a note on the room table. In addition to her, collect various resources. In the cave, do not forget to pick up luminous mushrooms that give one unit of chemicals. Chemicals are needed for crafting and cleaning weapons.

Follow the narrow aisle forward until you come across many mutants. In this part of the game, they will go straight through the bars towards you. At this point, you can get lost, but you can navigate by the compass needle on your hand (by the way, you need to install it on a workbench). After some time, you should get to the electrical panel, which will turn on the light in the bunker. Then move on and find a metal door. It is closed, so go to the right of it to find a valve on the wall. Turn it: the front door will open. You can also unlock the previous metal door. Sam and Damir will come here.

Go back to the train, where Melnik and other crew members are waiting for you. After persistent convictions, the colonel will agree to go in search of a trolley and a car, thanks to which you can take Katya and Nastya with you.

Big fish hangar

Next, we will tell you how to get to the railcar, find the car and tow it to the Aurora. This is a rather long task, replete with various events and clashes. Among other things, there will be a big catfish. To get started, get to the Prince, who sits in the designated place, and discuss several objects on the Volga. Then replenish supplies and, if desired, sleep on the bed to change the time of day. It is also worth walking to a nearby building, killing or stunning gangsters, then freeing three captives from the cage. One of them will give as a reward the key to the room in the terminal where the night vision device lies. You will receive this device without a key, but at the end of studying the terminal. However, with the device available from the very beginning of the task, it is much easier to go through the terminal. In addition, in the same building, there is a note and cartridge pouches.

Go to the place indicated on the map, and then board the boat on the pier. Go left towards the terminal. Follow in through the water, going around the columns until you reach the middle of the building where the light is on. Get to the surface, climb up the column and go to the right side. Follow the path along the wall on your right hand. There are several green mushrooms that illuminate the path.

Kill the mutants and keep moving forward. You will reach the door, the key to which you had to get a few minutes earlier (from the hostages). Open this door and search the room. On the table to the right will be a night vision device that will help you explore the darkest places of the terminal.

Go back through the same door and climb the stairs opposite it until you find the lever (you do not need to go even higher). Pull it to rotate the bridge nearby. Continue on the only route, kill the mutants. After some time, when you move along a metal bridge, a huge fish will destroy it, and you will be near another object.

Put on a gas mask and go forward. Move along the pipes and stairs up, where other mutants are waiting for you. Go from one tank to another and deal with the wave of beastmen. Go down the stairs to the right and make your way to the other side under the car. Move to the left to find the fire escape down. Having gone down, run forward and climb the other stairs.

Walk forward a bit so that a large catfish will kill several mutants. Continue moving along the wall along with your left hand, then turn right and run forward without turning anywhere. Follow a little to the left along a narrow path until you reach a pipe through which you will need to climb to the other side.

In the end, you will find yourself near the huge gate of the terminal. Turn the valve on the left side to open them. Having done this, go into the room on the right, but do not rush to pull the lever. The pool below is used to feed large fish. And here you can kill her by receiving a secret achievement. To do this, cut the three ropes, and then ring the bell on the right. Now boldly pull the lever to rotate the bridge with rails and topple down all the metal trash. It is the latter that will kill the fish. In the same room on a chair lies a note.

Metro: Exodus – Video Game Guide and Walkthrough

Passenger car grab

After your adventures with bloodthirsty fish in the terminal, Artem will go on a trolley for a passenger carriage. Move along the rails that lead you in the right direction. After some time, if you go through the episode at night, as in our case, you will see an electrical anomaly. These are deadly objects, and even if you move near them inside the trolley, you can get a deadly amount of damage. At some point, you will be taken to a fork. The rails lead you to the left, but there will be a dead-end, so you need to get off in front of the fork and pull the lever on the right. This is where the anomaly moves, so you have to choose the right moment.

Continue on the right tracks until you come across a base of bandits living in old wagons. You need to get rid of them, while you can safely use firearms since this episode does not affect anything. However, there are a lot of enemies, so you need to act as carefully as possible. Ideally, you should kill as many enemies as possible covertly, and after that, if they discover you, start an open firefight.

Then go up to the top of the station to find the lever on the balcony that raises the gate and allows you to get close to the car on a railcar. Do this, and the railcar will automatically hook the car. Drive the trolley in the only possible direction until you return to the Aurora, where the rest of the team is waiting for you.

You have to go through several anomalies (at night), so try to avoid any contact with them. You can pre-save. After a short trip, you will find yourself next to your train and comrades. Listen to Miller to find out about the next assignment.

Capture the tugboat

Now you need to steal the tug of merchants in the port where the Cross lived. Go to the indicated place, climb the stairs to the crane and move to its top, where Anna is. She will tell you what to do next. In order to get to the bridge of sectarians, you need to hijack a boat of merchants. This moment of the game will determine the further course of events and the ending that Artem and the Prince will see.

If you want to get a good ending and make the Prince survive a meeting with Silantius, then it is best to act secretly. If you want to see a bad ending, you can kill everyone in a row. By the way, if you are noticed, then Anya and her comrades will immediately open fire on arms dealers.

There is nothing special to add here: all you need to do is start a shootout with the merchants literally from the very beginning of the assignment and kill them all. The shots alarm the rest of the opponents and a massive skirmish begins. After killing all the enemies on the way, move along the boats to the tugboat in front. Enter inside it through the side door to meet the main marketer. After the cut-scene, the Cross will steer the boat.

Your goal is to get to the tugboat marked on the map and at the same time act stealthily from the merchants. If you can’t get around the enemy, then stun him (do not kill). Ideally, you need to go down the crane and find the Cross among the containers. Follow him into the tunnel, wearing a gas mask, and exit at its opposite end. Wait. The cross will offer to distract the guards, which will allow you to quietly get into the nearest boat. Hide behind the boxes on the right and wait for the two opponents to pass into the tunnel.

After that, climb the boat along the main ladder and turn right. There is a lever on the wall. Turn it to turn off the light, then move around the perimeter of the boat counterclockwise. Turn off the lights along the way. Get on the raft between the two ships, pick up the moment and climb onto the next ship on the port side. Move past the boxes avoiding meeting with opponents. Ideally, you need to save, because to make a mistake is easy. After the next ship, you will be in tow with the only enemy. Stun or go around it, then open the door to the captain’s cabin.

Cultist Base

The stolen tugboat allowed Artem and the Prince to enter the sectarian base, which they equipped on a railway bridge over the river. Regardless of previous decisions, you will find yourself in the same place. Here again, you need to make an important choice that determines the ending of the game – to pass the bridge secretly, stunning the enemies to the maximum, or to act more brazenly and kill everyone who stands in the way. As before, the decision made affects the ending of the chapter, the fate of the Prince and the final game in general.

There are a lot of enemies here, and even if you decide to act by force, we recommend that you pass at least some part of the path secretly, stunning or killing enemies from the back. Moving forward, kill opponents standing in the way. At some point, the locked lattice will block the path further, but you can get around this place by jumping onto the suspended boat on the right. Just wait for it to swing in your direction. Then jump back to the bridge.

The path of power is no different from stealth. You need to move along the right edge of the bridge, stunning everyone who stands in the way. This approach will lead you into a room with a praying sectarian. Having got rid of it, exit from the other side and you will see the elevator on the left. Put out the flashlight, go inside and go upstairs by pulling the lever.

Move even higher, waiting for the moment correctly, until you reach the very top where there is a door. Opening it, you will meet Silantius. It is here that the fate of the Prince will be determined. If you passed this level silently and secretly, did not kill the innocent and saved the hostages (which is optional), then the Prince will live. If you killed at least one person without a weapon, then the Prince is wounded and after a while, he will die.


After the events on the Volga, your team will decide to discuss what to do next. This will be another transitional stage, which is based on the narration and in-depth study of ENT. The mood of the crew on the train will be different depending on whether the Prince survived on the Volga or not. Listen to the dialogues of other team members, play the guitar with Stepan or read Artem’s diary.

In the end, Miller will talk about the next destination. This time the road will lead you to the government bunker “Ark” in Mount Yamantau.


In this chapter, you will find yourself in the underground bunker “Ark” in Yamantau. According to Melnik, the current government of Russia should be located there. The level will begin with several cut scenes and dialogs. Upon reaching your destination, exit the train and follow the elevator. Another long game sequence will begin, in which all you can do is watch.

Minister and cannibals.

Soon the events will escalate, but the comrades will save Artem and Miller. Pick up a weapon and start firing off cannibals. You can quickly search the premises and collect resources. By the way, attacking all opponents is not necessary, since most of them will be killed by your comrades. You try to aim at those who shoot at you from above.

However, we noticed that if you kill an enemy standing on top, a new one will immediately appear at the same point. And this cycle will be repeated indefinitely until the lift arrives. It turns out that trying to kill everyone to some extent is even wrong. Sooner or later you will be able to enter the lift.

When reaching the top floor, exit the elevator and go forward by pulling the lever. The next-door will not open as the lights go out. Return to the beginning of the room and interact with the shield on your right hand. The door will open slightly. Go up to her and squeeze through. Move forward and fight against several opponents in cramped rooms. A shotgun works best here. Continue to move through the premises, destroying all the enemies on the way.

You will reach the kitchen with refrigerators. Kill opponents and move forward and to the left. Soon you will find yourself in the corridor, where an electric shield hangs on the wall. Interact with him to turn on the light. Go further down the corridor and encounter an enemy who will die from hot steam. No need to move there, but go up the boxes on the right and climb into the duct.

Leave the ventilation on the other side and continue to destroy the cannibals. The path here is linear, and there should be no problems with passing. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to search for everyone’s room. Collect ammo, as there will really be a lot of enemies.

Soon you will reach the tunnel. The miller will contact you, and Artem should go to the headquarters. Follow the narrow corridor and eliminate the cannibals. There will be boxes of supplies. Climb up and get to the other side.

You are attacked by even more opponents. Save ammo and collect resources for crafting them. Interact with the lever in the backroom, and then go through the opened door to the next room. You will find yourself trapped in a kind of arena, where a powerful enemy with a machine gun will appear. Ordinary cannibals, occasionally appearing indoors, will help him kill you.

First, kill the weak opponents in the arena, hiding behind the column. When the armored enemy ceases to shoot continuously, then peer out from behind the column and attack him, aiming at his feet. You can throw explosives or Molotov cocktails. By the way, after several cocktails, it finally burns out. Repeat until the enemy dies. The door will open and you can move on. Continue to kill the cannibals in your way.

Soon Artyom will meet Anya and the Minister responsible for the events taking place in the bunker. Follow the woman to the elevator, upstairs and find yourself in the headquarters, where you will meet with the other comrades. Follow them to another lift. Kill all the enemies on the way. In the end, you will return to the Aurora. You don’t even have to shoot at cannibals running after you. In the end, the chapter will be completed.

Metro: Exodus – Video Game Guide and Walkthrough


Car search

Artem and his comrades reached the Caspian Sea, from which only sand, heat, pools of oil and many bandits remained. You need to follow the car on which there were bandits who noticed the Aurora. Leave the train and follow Alyosha. Remember to replenish supplies and ammo. Alyosha will tell you about where the last time he saw a car. Take the train tracks to get a message from Damir that a sandstorm is coming. Beware of Sentinels and beast-men, while moving towards a tall building at the beginning of the location.

The car is located next to the building, and the bandit is hiding inside. Enter there, go upstairs and kill some mutants. Knock out the door that they tried to crack, go up the stairs and get to the roof. Take a couple of steps to the right so that Saul attacks you. Press the E key to fight off him, and then decide the fate of Saul – kill or stun the enemy. If you kill, you are unlikely to see a good ending to this chapter. If you want Damir to continue the journey with you, then stun Saul.

From it, you will receive a key for the car. Go down the rope, kill several mutants next to the car or immediately try to open it. One way or another, another beast-men attack you. Try to fight them off, after which Damir will appear, who will shoot everyone. Artyom has a new goal – to get to the lighthouse.

Old lighthouse and Gulnara

Get in the car and drive towards the lighthouse in the northern part of the map. You need to move exclusively along the road. Once at the foot of the mountain where the lighthouse stands, enter the nearest cave next to the cars. Inside it, slide down the stretched rope to be on the opposite side. Continue to follow the bridges, destroy or stun enemies. Later you will come across a small group of oil workers, but they should not be a problem for you.


Finally, you will reach the surface. Keep going up towards audible shots. You will encounter another group of enemies attacking the lighthouse. Kill them, then go to the lighthouse building and wait for Gulnara to lower the lift. Get to the top and listen to the woman. Use the nearest workbench, replenish stocks of cartridges and first-aid kits. Follow Gulnara to the lift and go down. Follow the woman to the old bunker. Go downstairs. Gulnara will ask to restore nutrition. Enter the room to the side of it and interact with the electrical panel. After that, Gulnara will open a large door, behind which there is a lift leading down to the bunker.

Receiving Missing Cards

You will encounter creatures that are similar to something between scorpions and spiders. In general, these mutants should be familiar to you from other games in the series. These monsters are afraid of the light because it inflicts severe damage to them.

Tip. Before moving into the cave and following to the lighthouse (or at least going down to the bunker), go from the lighthouse to the west to find a rusty ship. Inside it is hidden an improvement that enhances the power of the flashlight. A brighter flashlight will do more damage to enemies.

Follow corridor 01 and crawl on to the other side. Go down the stairs and go through the door. Jump through a hole in the ground and put on a gas mask. You will encounter a lot of mutants. Do not waste ammunition, because now we turn on the light that will kill them.

Get to the electrical panel in the back of the office space and activate it with the charger. The light will turn on, the spiders will run away, and you will hear Damir. He will tell you what to do next. Go through the door next to the inscription “03”. Go down to get into the room with monitors. Walk along the corridor and go into the shower room. After destroying the enemies, proceed further until you reach the locked door. Damir will tell you that the entrance is closed. Turn back and go through the doorway on the left. You will be taken to a room where a skeleton sits at a table. On the table is a note. But that’s not all: in the room to his left, behind the door, there is another skeleton of a woman holding a photograph. Take her away, as she depicts Gulnara and her parents.

The corpse of mother Gulnara.

Move through another doorway in the previous room, kill the monsters or run past them, then find the air duct through which you can move to another room. You will encounter even more enemies. Make sure that they do not attack you from the back. In the end, you can jump into the archives. Go to the far rack where the year 2019 is indicated and interact with him to get cards.

Use the valve to open the door in the command center and go through it. You will return to a number of previous rooms, but this time many of them will be dark. Due to the blackout, a lot of spiders appeared in the rooms. Use a flashlight to scare them away, and try to move along the walls.

Your task is to get to the elevator, which is located in a room with a large number of monitors. Stand near the elevator and wait, fighting off the spiders. Sooner or later Damir will manage to launch it. Come inside and drive upstairs to meet Gulnara and Damir. Follow the man, then fight off the monsters using a flashlight to scare away. One of them may attack you, but you will get out of a difficult situation by clicking on E.

Run through the tunnel with the light. It will begin to go out, so you have to run to the elevator without stopping. Going upstairs, you will automatically pass on to Gulnara the found family photo, which will improve the girl’s attitude to Artem. You will also receive a flask that can be presented to Nastya from Aurora. Return to the car that Damir drove for you, and head to the new target.

Water search

The Caspian has a very hot climate, and your comrades need water. Get to the question mark on the map, following the road straight to meet Anya. Listen to her, she will tell you about three interesting points on the map – a crane, a wrecked ship and a building outside the port. You can examine each object, but this is optional. If you do not kill slaves, then the chapter will probably end successfully.

Return to the Aurora when you are ready to continue with the story missions. You have a new goal – to go with Damir to the source to get water for the crew. Replenish supplies before getting into the car and move to the marker in the upper left corner of the map. Get ready to face the bandits. Also, bring gas mask filters with you.

You need to get to the northern part of the map, which is very easy to do by moving along the road by car. Damir is already waiting for you there. Go to the fire and listen to the man. Follow him until you climb inside the cave. The path is linear, and the only problem is with the numerous mutants that attack you from time to time. Keep moving for Damir. You will encounter slaves. Damir will offer a secretive way of passing, which is very important for determining the ending of the chapter and the fate of Damir.

You need to get to the opposite end of the fortress, in which the oil workers settled, using the aborigines as a workforce. There will be a staircase leading upstairs. At the very top is a lever that can be pulled to open the gate. After that, the cut-scene will start and Artyom together with Damir will leave this place. On the other hand, before you go upstairs, you can free a couple of slaves sitting inside the cage. To do this, just knock down the castle. There are many resources on the location that you can pick up.

Metro: Exodus – Video Game Guide and Walkthrough

Assault on camp

Damir and Artem returned to the camp, but the Baron decided to avenge the tricks of the protagonist and set his subordinates on the train. There will be a lot of bandits. Hide in cover and prepare weapons. Teammates will also shoot back from opponents, but you will have to take on most of them. Move along the cliff to the left to go to the enemies from the flank, and kill them. Do not rush, because you can quickly be surrounded by many opponents. You can storm enemies only if you complete the game at the minimum difficulty levels.

Move from one object to another, using them as a shelter. Seize the moment, jump out of cover and attack your opponents. Then hide back. Such tactics will allow you to go through the episode even on hardcore. Remember to use throwing weapons, including knives, Molotov cocktails, and explosives. In addition, one of the priority goals should be an armored fighter with a machine gun. However, you can get rid of simple oil workers first, and then switch to it. Use the same tactics as in Yamantau. When all the bandits are killed, then return to your comrades and listen to them. Move into the train car and replenish ammunition. It is time to face the Baron.

Baron Fortress

This section focuses on visiting Baron Fortress. Artem, Damir, and Gulnara want to get rid of him once and for all. Go to the place marked on the map to meet Gulnara and Damir. Follow them to the entrance to the tunnel. Go through the bars that Damir will raise. Here it will be necessary to make another important decision, which will determine the ending of the chapter and the fate of Damir. You can shoot slaves with weapons or try to pass them secretly.

If you agree to leave the mountains of corpses behind you, then the path through the sewers will be easier. However, you have to participate in a mass shootout. Keep moving through the rooms and focus on killing opponents. Most bandits will stand with their backs to you, and this is a great opportunity to attack them from behind. In the narrow corridors, pomegranates and Molotov cocktails work great. We repeat that for a good ending, opponents do not need to be killed. You can stun them or even try to run through these corridors without paying any attention to anyone.

Whatever approach you take, go down the stairs. Soon after Damir contacts Miller, you will hear an invitation from the Baron. Go to the closed gate, which will kindly open for you. It’s time to go to the Baron. Take the elevator. Along the way, you will see an oilman beating a slave. You can wait a bit, go into the room after him and neutralize him to help the prisoner. You can even kill a bandit because it will not affect anything.

Soon you will reach the Baron. But right in front of him will be another scene in which an oilman beats a girl. You can attack him to get another flash. In any case, you will have to fight with the bandits, even if you silently and unquestioningly get to the Baron and decide to discuss a deal with him (he is simply attacked by Gulnara). Take cover in Baron’s lair and be prepared to shoot back from enemies. First, Gulnara will help you, but then the girl will try to get around the locked door, and Artyom will have to shoot back from the bandits alone. Your favorite armored opponent with a machine gun will also be here.

Baron and Gulnara.

After a while, Damir will appear. About when you shoot everyone. After the video, you will learn about Damir’s decision. If you saved the slaves and tried to spare all the slaves, even those who use weapons, and also returned Gulnara a family photo, then Damir will return to the Aurora. Otherwise, Damir will remain with Gulnara in the Caspian.


The time has come for another transitional chapter, where there are no skirmishes and any difficulties. You will again be on the Aurora. Listen to the conversation of all comrades, but the chapter will begin with a conversation with Anna. If you want, you can linger with her and listen to her different stories. You can also check Artem’s diary to find out his opinion on recent events. When you are ready, leave the compartment.

The train hosts the wedding of Katya and Stepan. Listen to Melnik’s speech until Anna becomes ill. It turns out she is seriously ill. Go to Miller in the head carriage and listen to his opinion about his daughter. Return to the rest of the team, sit on a chair and listen to the dialogs. You can explore other parts of the train. When you are ready, go to the map and select Taiga as the next destination.


First contact with local

Taiga is the next location you will visit at Metro Exodus. Unlike the Volga and the Caspian, although it is open, most of the level is covered by a linear route. After the video in which Olga will save Artem, move forward and find yourself in the yard. Artem will remove the crossbow from the statue. In the building on the right, you can find the first postcard, and when leaving the courtyard – take a crossbow bolt with the first note. If you go forward from the yard, you can find a bandit tied to a log. A wolf is trying to attack him. Kill the wolf and free the bandit to get a flash. This is one of the solutions that allow you to get a good ending to the game and determine the fate of Alyosha.

Go along the beam and head to the marker on the map. Soon you will stumble upon a destroyed bridge. Go up to him and see on the other side of the pirates who will warn that the passage further is prohibited. Wait for them to leave, and then go down the left side. Move through the ruins until you find the rope. Use it to cross over to the other side.

You will find yourself in an old building, which is occupied by pioneers. As in previous chapters, your approach to the locals will determine the end of the chapter and the fate of Alyosha. Try to avoid open battles with pioneers and pirates, or at least stun them if the situation requires it.

Enemies in this location do not have any powerful weapons. They all use crossbows. If you decide to act openly and do not worry about the finale, then kill the opponents with a knife and shoot from afar from your own crossbow. Bolts can be removed from dead bodies. You must climb to the top of the tower, then use the rope to get to the other side, to the edge of the road. Watch the cutscene in which a bear appears, scaring away the wolves.

Metro: Exodus – Video Game Guide and Walkthrough

The owner is a mutated bear.

Run forward and soon you will see a watchtower. Climb onto it, go over the bridge and use the rope to slide down. Inside the hut, there will be a lone alchemist pirate. There is his diary. Stunning or killing him, collect a lot of resources.

Go to the stairs hanging on the rock and go up. Collect objects and go down to the cave. Follow down to get out in the opposite part and be trapped. Watch the cutscene at the end of which you will be released. Pirates and the bear fled from the location.

Village of Pioneers

Follow the marker on the map to meet several interesting points along the way, including a cave with a diary and a small pier with a lone pioneer and a hut, where another note lies. Get to the stones beyond the stairs, go upstairs and find your gear. Nearby lies a wounded pirate. You can kill or stun him, which affects the ending of the game. soon you will be near a large camp of pioneers. Listen to the conversation and choose how you want to move on.

There are several ways to get to the camp: through the main entrance, through the cave on the left by the lake and along the river in a boat on the right. The second and third methods allow you to do this silently, and when you enter from the central gate you can enter the building on your right hand and find another note. One way or another, once in the camp, climb the houses from above and move along the bridges to a high rock, where several rooms are located in a row. It’s not necessary to enter them. Go right and find a staircase that leads up to the last building. Go through it and on the other side use the rope to slide down.

Bandit camp and the church cemetery

Move through the gorge until you find the entrance to the cave on your right hand. Inside there are a couple of corpses and two notes. The path through the cave leads to the bandit camp – to the house where the only prisoner is. You can kill all the bandits in the camp, after which you hear the prisoner’s request to release him. Do this and get another flash. From the camp, you can go down to the river, where on the pier there is a new note. Or climb the mountain past the houses to get to the church.

You can also walk past the cave described above to directly access the gate to the church cemetery. Near them lies a corpse with a bag in which the hunter’s diary is hidden. Enter the territory of the cemetery, go to the littered passage to the church in front and try to cut the rope. A huge bear will appear. Use Molotov cocktails to set it on fire. Spend all the cocktails that you have, and after four of them, he must escape. Perhaps, depending on the level of difficulty, you will need to shoot him.

When the bear runs away, cut the rope and go up the stairs. Enter the chapel at the very top of the church. There are a canister and generator. Fill the last of the cans to turn on the light. You can use a workbench, as well as collect various resources. When you are ready, then open the bars to meet with Olga. Listen to her. At the end of the conversation, you can turn on the tape recorder to listen to the recording of the Teacher’s words.

Pirate camp and meeting with the Admiral

Leave Olga, going down the stairs, and follow the only path leading from the hill. Turn left and on the right, you will see a gazebo with a diary. Use the stairs to go down below and discover the pirate village. Decide what to do in this case – kill the pirates or try to act covertly, stunning opponents to the maximum. This affects the ending of the chapter and the fate of Alyosha.

In fact, there are not many enemies in the village, so you can easily get past them without raising an alarm. Even better if you are not particularly worried about the ending of the game and are ready to kill opponents standing in the way. A few accurate shots and a hat thing.

However, if you want to act covertly, we recommend that you go to the end of the asphalt road, go down and turn left, where the boat is located. Get into the boat and sail along the only path until you find yourself in the camp. The gates block the path to the left, so leave the boat, enter the nearest building, where the diary lies on the table, and go up. There you can find the lever that opens the gate. After that, return to the boat and sail further towards the abandoned workshop.

Pass the statues with the children and find yourself next to the workshop. Enter the canopy to the right of the workshop and start the generator. Go inside the workshop, kill the monsters and find an electric shield on one of the walls. Interact with him to turn on the light. Go to the other end of the building to find the lift. Use it, which will allow you to go up. Go through the door in front and meet the Admiral in a wheelchair.

You can listen to him, sit on a chair and even play the guitar. On the right is a postcard hanging on the wall, on the left is a rope that needs to be cut. Do this and go up the stairs. Go down the rope to the other side of the mountain. You are already close enough to the dam.

The path to the dam and reunion with Alyosha

Go upstairs and enter the tunnel. Drive out the spiders using a flashlight, then open the door and climb higher. In one of the parts of the tunnel, the lantern will stop working. So conceived in the plot. Run to the torch and light it to scare away the spiders. Go from one torch to another, setting fire to them. Soon you will see the stairs. Climb it, after which you can reuse the flashlight. Get through the duct and use the light to scare away opponents.

Go to the generator in the room on the right and try turning it on. Unfortunately, fuel is required. The canister nearby is empty, so exit the room and climb the stairs in front. Go to the closed gate and pick up the canister next to them. Go back to the generator and pour out fuel to turn on the light and get rid of monsters forever. Go back to the gate. Open them, rise higher and go outside to meet Alyosha.

Reunion with Alyosha.

Follow him, listen to his story and go downstairs. There is a note in the building on the left, and a postcard on the right. Try to cross the bridge when a mutated bear attacks you. Shoot it, use Molotov cocktails and explosives. In the end, the bear should still hurt Artem, which is planned according to the plot. This will happen after you do enough damage to the beast.

Watch the video featuring Olga and Alyosha. There will be locals. If you previously tried not to kill anyone, especially the innocent, released the prisoner, you can get a good ending. Olga will let you and Alyosha safe and sound. Otherwise, you will have to urgently flee from the inhabitants of the forest, while Alyosha will be shot. He will no longer be able to move on his feet and will use a wheelchair.


Artem and the rest of the team are trying to figure out how to proceed to save Anna, whose health condition has deteriorated sharply. Talk to Anna first. Drive along the Aurora and listen to the conversations of other crew members. Read Artyom’s diary. You can also meet Alyosha. A man’s health status will vary depending on how the previous chapter ended.

Go to Miller and find out about the dangerous plan of visiting radioactive Novosibirsk, called the Dead City. An experimental drug should be hidden in this place, which will help Anna defeat the ailment. Interact with the map to start the last chapter.


Subway way

The last chapter of Artyom’s adventures will talk about how he and Miller are trying to find a cure to save Anna. Before setting off with the colonel, use a workbench (you will not be able to change weapons throughout the chapter, although you will gain access to one workbench). Be sure to stock up on filters and first aid kits. Then follow Miller. On the way to the car with the car, you can drop into Anna, although the woman will be unconscious. Get in the passenger seat of the car. At first, Miller will be driving, but after that Artem will drive the car.

Drive along the road and avoid obstacles. The miller will say where and where to turn. However, this is perfectly clear without his prompts. After some time, the car will stop in front of the muzzle of a tank that has blocked the way. Have to move on foot. Go forward, not turning anywhere until you find a hole. Go inside the fallen tram and go down into the tunnel. When you have to Miller, then with him open the door of the car. Go through it and find yourself on the other side, in the subway tunnel.

We walk on the subway

Go forward to meet your first opponents. Shoot them and follow the health indicator, as their strikes are powerful and painful enough. Follow your companion until you reach a new room. Use the electrical panel on the wall to turn on the light. A nearby postcard hangs on a cabinet.

Continue to move along with Melnik through the next door, turn left and find yourself at the flooded tunnel. Get down into the water and take the only route to the new part of the metro. Just follow Miller if you are afraid to get lost. Follow the corridor until you fall down. Miller will help you go up.

Go forward until Miller uses the red flash. A new wave of mutants will appear. Eliminate them all, then go to the front gate and turn the valve together with Miller. After a short walk, you will find yourself in a snowy room. Go to the hatch and open it to find a hiding boy.

The pursuit of him will begin. This fragment is quite simple because no matter how slowly you move, the boy is still not able to escape from Artem. Overcoming obstacles, follow a linear route. In the end, you will meet Miller in the same room. Go through the pipes and find the barrel inside which the boy is hiding. Open it and watch the cutscene.

Meeting with Cyril

Suddenly, underground you will see a boy named Cyril. He will agree to help you and will lead you to a personal refuge. Follow Miller and Cyril. After a while, you are again attacked by mutants, who will have to be shot. Deal with the threat and wait until Cyril appears again. Follow the boy in his refuge.

Listen to his story about his father and the situation in the city. You will learn some interesting things, after which you decide to split up with Miller. Be sure to pick up his Tihar, which he left in the room. By the way, next to the workbench, on the left, is a second postcard. Prepare for the final stages of the game using a workbench, and then take antirad from the hands of Melnik.

Crawl through the hatch and get out into the street. Your task has remained unchanged – to find a cure for Anna. Go forward, then move through the car and jump to the other side, where you need to fight with the mutants.

When you are done, go upstairs and continue moving along the scaffolding. In this part of the game, if you have a compass on hand, then its help will be invaluable. After a while, you will reach a lighted room that will quickly fill with mutants. Fight enemies, turn the valve nearby and move on.

Metro: Exodus – Video Game Guide and Walkthrough

Boat trip

While traveling through the metro, Artem will find a boat that needs to be used in order to move on. Get in the boat and sail forward past the dirty walls of the tunnel. Soon, the interior will begin to change, due to the excessive dose of radiation that Artem received. You will pass into a large room where huge centipedes attack you. Enemies rise from the water, then dive back and move to the next place. Try to kill them as soon as possible, dropping the oars with the E key.

Go into the corridor with green lights and climb the stairs. Kill even more mutants, make your way through the carriage and continue moving on. There will be smaller tentacles that shoot at you with poisonous balls. Kill them and climb the stairs. Continue driving until you find the lever. Use it to lower the stairs and climb even higher. Go down to the other side and enter the corridor. Kill the larvae and move through the narrow passage.

Follow through several infected rooms until you reach the generator. Use it to lower another boat. Go down and kill other mutants in the water, sailing in a boat forward. When the job is done, then move in a straight line into the new tunnel, where the next visions will begin. This time with Anna.

Hallucinations and blind monsters

When you come to, follow the corridors until you find yourself outside. Other scenes from the past will be visible along the way, including events that led to the destruction of the subway entrance. The path is simple and linear, so you quickly get to the institute. Go through it, studying different rooms, and go upstairs. Follow the narrow aisle and climb up the stairs. Here you will meet the first blind monster.

Metro: Exodus – Video Game Guide and Walkthrough

The first blind gorilla.

Blind animals called librarians are essentially mutant gorillas. Enemies do not see Artem, but they feel it very well thanks to their sharp hearing and sense of smell. At this point in the game, you will have to decide whether to fight the gorillas or not to kill them to get another achievement.

You will find a locked door in the room next door. Go inside and go down the stairs. In this room, you need to find an electric shield. Interact with him to turn on the light. A gorilla will come down here, but you can get around it since the obstacles in the room allow you to do this. Go back upstairs and open the grate on the landing to go up the stairs.

After a few hallucinations above, you will see another large gorilla in a room with many tables. Move around the perimeter of the room, bypassing the gorilla, and run to the next passage. Go forward, then follow up the stairs and use the hole in the wall to move to another building. Turn right and go down. Open the door, on which lies the diary on the table. The next room will be filled with corpses, through which you will need to squeeze through.

On the other side, you will find several librarians. To get started, go ahead and turn right to find an electric shield on the wall. Use it to restore electricity. Go back, go to another part of the room, turn around and go up the hill. Here you need to find the column with the control panel. Toggle switches to open the door at the far top of the room. Move there and go on. Follow the only route until you find a room with medicine.

Unfortunately, the librarian is attacking you. You must perform QTE actions to kill the mutant. The final episode of the game is a real epilogue. Depending on how many of your companions remained safe and sound (Damir, Prince, and Alyosha), you will receive one or another end.

The ending of the game.

If at least two of the above satellites are with you on Aurora, they are alive and well. Otherwise, there will be a bad ending.

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