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March 24, 2020
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Store Escape, Police Station Search and East Wing

Go inside the store through the front door and go to the left side of the building to see a wounded man. Continue to the cutscene and meet the first zombie. Shoot in the chest or head until the enemy falls, then in the far right corner of the room, look for the cabinet on the wall and pick up the key. Examine it in your inventory so that instead of the usual signature, the real name of the item appears. So you need to do everything. This is the key to the pantry.

Use it on the door on the side, to the right of the place where you found the item, to return to the main part of the store. There are zombies everywhere. You cannot go directly to the front door, so run right. You may have to attack some zombies, although you can run around enemies to save ammo. When you are at the door, a cut scene will start.

How to find a police station

Runaway from many monsters. Go around the destroyed objects until you find a path to the left along the alley with fire at the end. A few steps with graffiti will make it clear that you are moving correctly. When you are above, you will see a police station.

Run forward, pass the school bus and through the gate. Go inside through the main door to end up at the police station.

The main hall and east wing of the police station

You will have an administrative desk with a typewriter that allows you to save the game. Take the cartridges for the pistol and look at the record on the computer to update the target: you need to go to the east wing. There is also a large chest on the floor, which allows you to store items and get them later from any of the same drawers. You can hide the key to the storeroom of the store inside because you no longer need it. On the box on the right is a spray.

At the beginning of the game, the main hall is almost completely closed, so first, go right to see the shutters with the inscription KEEP OUT. A console hangs on the left of the wall. Come and interact with her to open the shutters and enter the east wing. This part of the police station is steeped in darkness. Follow the corridor, remove the fallen cabinet from the path by holding down the indicated key (button). On the left side, there are two rooms (before and after the cabinet) where the cartridges and spray are.

Soon you will hear screams. Enter the small glazed room and go to the shutters at the very end to see the video. Upon completion, you will receive an officer’s notebook that will help you solve puzzles with statues and medallions. Go back the same way you came here. On the way, you will encounter a lot of zombies. We do not recommend spending ammunition on their complete destruction: it is best to shoot once or twice in the head so that the zombies lose coordination, and run past.

Returning to the shutters, you will see a video and get to know Marvin. He will give a combat knife. You can find several of these knives, but they are needed for the reason that everyone has their own margin of safety. You can use the knife in order to fight off the enemies that grabbed you (but in this case you have to kill the zombies in order to regain the weapon), or brush it off by holding the “Space”. Similarly with conventional and stun grenades.

Go to the closed roles leading to the western wing and examine the panel on the right side. Use a knife on it to remove the yellow tape and open the passage.

Before you leave the main hall, you can solve one of the puzzles with statues and medallions. On the second floor, there is a statue of a lion. If you don’t want to do this now, head to the west wing of the police station to find the blue peak key there.

Exploring the West Wing and Finding the Blue Key

Move through the reception area and get to the dark corridor. Examine the body in the corner, at the very end. Continue driving for a few turns. However, the path is linear. Move this way until you find double red doors through which you can go.

Go inside this room, take the file with the report and remove the map of the first floor from the board. To continue, use the small window in the southeast corner of the room. So you will get into the corridor. Here you will see a large zombie knocking on the door. He is distracted, so you can safely pass by.

There are three doors in this part of the corridor. The right (western) is blocked. Next to her is a zombie. Two doors on the left, located opposite each other, have several interesting items. Enter the storage room on the left. On the stand on the left is a leaflet with instructions for the storage terminal. At the end of the room is a cabinet with clear glass, behind which is a shotgun (or Claire’s grenade launcher). Soon you will be able to open it to pick up new weapons.

At the beginning of the room, there is a dial on which there are no two keys – “2” and “3”. You can use the rest of the buttons to open the drawers on your right hand. And when you find the other two buttons, you can explore the rest of the cabinets.

Right now, you can open only two lockers:

– 106 with a film;

– 109 with cartridges for a pistol.

Next, head to the western office, located opposite the storage room. Here you can find two files: one tells about recipes with gunpowder, the other gives an operation report. Inside, there are two enclosed objects – a safe in a small room on the side and Leon’s desk at the opposite end of the office. It is not necessary to open them, but it is desirable, since this way you can get several additional items and even improve your inventory. We talked about all the codes and passwords in a SEPARATE GUIDE (just open the “Tips and Tactics” section of our website and find them).

To continue, you need to go along the previous corridor to the northeast, past the two rooms that were opened earlier. Turn left to enter the long and dimly lit corridor. Go to its end to find the stairs. On the right side, you can find boards with which to immediately hammer a window near the stairs (zombies are knocking on it). You will find other boards when exploring the police station, so be sure to nail up the windows near which the opponents are standing. Examine the door to the right of the stairs.

This is a safe room with a typewriter, cartridges, a document with recipes for the use of grass and a dark room for the manifestation of the film. Apply the film found in one of the lockers in the storage room to the photo lab sink to get a photo with a hint. When you are ready, then climb the stairs at the end of the corridor and find yourself on the second floor.

Second and third floors of the west wing, the blue key

This floor is currently unavailable for study, as pipes have been broken through in the men’s shower room and steam is blocking the path deep into the tier. On the other hand, you can inspect numerous lockers. In the leftmost box is a zombie, so you should not open it. Nearby there is a box with a lock, which requires an alphanumeric password. We talked about all the codes and passwords in a SEPARATE GUIDE (just open the “Tips and Tactics” section of our website and find them). You can also find the first portable safe in the room (if you play for the second time, this safe will be in the interrogation room, and in its place, you can find a box with stones). You can open the safe right now to get one of the buttons for the terminal in the storage room. It will allow you to open additional lockers, although access to No. 203 will still not be (and inside there is just a hip bag to improve inventory).

To unlock the safe, you must press eight buttons in a sequence so that the green lights light up in a circle (counterclockwise) one after the other. You can start with any green light.

Go to the third floor of the west wing along the same staircase and at the end of the corridor, you will find a locker with another lock requiring an alphanumeric code. Whether you opened it or not, enter the room on the right and find the blue peak key on the table with the lamp. Examine it in your inventory so that its correct name appears.


Move west through the door to another corridor. At the end of the path is a note for anyone who is alive. Enter the door on the left to enter the western pantry. Here you can find several useful items, and in the southern part of the room is a document and a hip bag to increase inventory. On a nearby wall, which is formed of several planks, C4 explosives hang. To activate it, you will need to find the detonator.

In the meantime, head west through another door that leads to the library (you will need to raise the leaning cabinet). Marvin will contact Leon via walkie-talkie and ask to return to the hall as soon as possible. You don’t have to go the same way back. The recently found blue key will allow you to open the door at the bottom of the library, through which you will return to the main hall, on the second floor.

There are several zombies on the lower floor. If you go through another door below, near the steps, you can get into the lobby with another statue (unicorn), which allows you to get a medallion. Here on the stand is a map of the second floor. After solving the puzzle, grab the map. We will indicate the solution to all puzzles in the chapter below.

You can also get a red book that lies on a table next to the library door. Take the item, go through the door and go down the stairs to find Marvin. A cut scene will start, after which you will need to get to the courtyard of the police station.

Yard, red book and puzzle in the gallery

When chatting with Marvin, you can use a chest and a typewriter. If you collected some medallion, immediately place it in a large statue in the lobby. Climb to the second floor and go to the waiting room in the east wing. Here you can pick up green grass from the table, a brochure and find a locked safe behind the counter. We will indicate later how to open it, in accordance with the found clue.

When you are ready, use the blue key on the door in the corner leading to the corridor. To start, go left and enter the gallery on the right side. Pick up the article on the red stone and pick up the access card from the armory’s left-luggage office. It will allow you to pick up a shotgun or grenade launcher depending on the playable character. There is a statue in the room, and the left-hand lies nearby.

In the inventory, combine this hand with the red book found in the library to get a hand with the book. Connect it with the statue of the king, resulting in a scepter. In the inventory, study this subject, which will pick up the red stone. To do this, you will need to deploy the scepter and click on the button. Return to the corridor and head south to see the light and the falling helicopter. Continue down the corridor to find debris blocking the path further. Turn back, pick up green grass from the windowsill and go to the door that leads out onto the fire escape.

After the cut-scene with Claire (playing as Leon) or Leon (if playing as Claire) pick up the boards on the left side of the cartridges for the pistol from the barrel. Do not go upstairs, instead pay attention to the door with a chain. Near the barrel are bolt cutters. Take them and cut the chain to return to the familiar room in the east wing, where the officer’s notebook was found. Re-apply the bolt cutters on the door in front where you could not go earlier to gain access to the eastern office.

This room will be stormed by zombies from all sides. One will climb through the window, the other through the door behind the hero, and some are inside. Understand them before exploring the room. To the left of the entrance, there is green grass and a flash grenade; in the far corner of the room, you can find an electrical part (fuse). In the corner of the office, there is a valve on the table, and near it on the shelf is yellow high-quality gunpowder.

When you are ready, then move the chairs that block the door to the west, and exit into the corridor. Opponents can wait for you here. Go left, south, in the direction of the main hall, apply a fuse to the shield next to the roller blinds and get out of here. Zombies can’t get into the hall. You have acquired several new items, so now you can collect the detonator and detonate explosives to get to the statue of the virgin with the third medallion.

C4 detonator and battery how to fight Lizun

You received bolt cutters, a valve from the eastern office, and an access card from the weapons cabinet in the storage room from the gallery. Worth returning to the west wing! Move along the first floor, passing through the reception room and the corridor awash with zombies. When you get to the room where you found the map of the first floor (and climbed through the window), you can go into the corridor through the door, cutting the chain with bolt cutters. After that, a hint will come that the item can be thrown away since it is not needed. All such items will be marked with a “red bird” in the inventory. Feel free to throw bolt cutters.

Go through the door and on the table you will see an electronic gadget. Examine it, expand it and press the button on the back to understand that it is a battery-free detonator. In another part of the room, there is green grass and the password for one of the lockers is CAD. Remember this code, because now we can open the locker.

Where to find the battery and detonator for explosives

When you are ready, then head west into the corridor past the storage room and the western office. On the way, you can look into the storage room and use an access card in order to open the cabinet and pick up the shotgun with cartridges. This weapon will destroy zombies in one or two shots to the head. However, we recommend saving ammunition for emergency cases.

Go northwest, climb the stairs to the locked cabinet on the second floor, in the shower room, and use the CAD code on it to access the contents. Inside are cartridges for a shotgun or grenade launcher depending on the character. In the same shower, use the valve on the broken pipes to remove the steam. There is nothing more interesting here, so move forward and exit into the corridor at the far western end of the second tier. It is advisable to carry a shotgun or grenade launcher.

How to Fight Lizuny

Pick up the cartridges on the left and get ready for a collision with the first Lizun. These are blind creatures that will not see you but will be able to respond to the sound being made. You can safely move around them, but any sounds gradually attract the attention of the Lizuns. You can pass them if there is a place for this, but in this narrow corridor, it is advisable to take the fight. It’s good to have a light-noise grenade with you: drop it to temporarily stun your opponent (even though he’s blind).

When fighting the Lizuns, keep your distance to avoid blows and the long tongue of monsters. If you play as Claire, then to fight them is much easier thanks to her grenade launcher (just a couple of shells). Driving Leon and using a shotgun, you have to get closer to the target. Keep calm and kill the enemy soon.

When done, go through the door on the left to the S.T.A.R.S. office, located in the middle of the corridor. Look into the small room on the left and take the battery off the table. Open inventory and combine it with an electronic gadget found recently. This will allow you to get a detonator.

At the far end of the room, there is a small document that indicates the combination of a safe from the western office on the first tier. Inside is a hip bag that expands inventory (+2 extra cells). On the other side of the office, there is a computer on the table. It cannot be used yet, but remember this place. Search the room to collect consumables.

We use the detonator C4

Time to use the detonator. Go back to the stairs through the men’s shower and go up to the third floor. Enter the western pantry, look for explosives in the southern part and use a detonator on it. Stand back a bit to avoid explosion damage, then go through the hole and look for the statue of the virgin. Solving the puzzle, you will receive a third medallion.

Once you’re done, get ready to face the Lizun and the regular zombies that attack you while moving through the western pantry. The path to the library will be blocked by a fallen wooden cabinet, so it is best to fight all the mutants. When you figure it out, enter the library, return to the main hall and you will be safe.

If you have not done this before, then use the blue key on the door with the blue symbol on the first floor of the main hall, which will allow you to quickly access the western office and get rid of the blue key (you do not need it anymore). When you have all three medallions, it remains to apply them to the statue of the goddess in the main hall, on the first floor, and then go down to the subway.

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