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February 5, 2024
68 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Walkthrough of Dragon Age 2 – Everything you need to know


Good day, I present to you the passage of all quests in the game Dragon Age 2 .

The material was written based on the rogue’s playthrough, with an imported save from Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening .

I completed each task several times in case it involved different completion options. All these options are recorded in the material.

Over time, the plan is to replay the game and make as many opposing decisions as possible to complete this playthrough. But the vast majority of quests are unlikely to change.
You can help improve the material if you clarify some points, or report quests I missed. For example, at the beginning I chose to help the smugglers, and I have no idea what kind of tasks the mercenaries would give.


Death of Lothering

If you played the demo version, then the beginning of the game is no longer a surprise for you.

So, your first acquaintance with the game begins. On the Diablo II-shaped screen, select class and gender. Unlike the first part, you cannot choose a race – as in Mass Effect, only humans are available.

Getting used to the combat system. For this purpose, a legion of the Spawn of Darkness will fall upon you. We show them the goat, and also press the number keys, testing out fighting techniques. Later, a huge battle ogre will attack. It is impossible to die in this episode. After winning, you will be given the choice of character appearance. Epic Fail! You’re supposed to do this BEFORE the game starts! It turns out that at first we play as one character, and then BAM! Already for someone else. However, this misunderstanding is brightened up by a wide variety of appearance settings. You can sculpt whoever you want, even characters from the first part. You can also import a save from Dragon Age Origins here.

Finally, you receive your creation. We explore the area, search the corpses, kill the creatures of darkness. Along the way, we are growing in level. Soon we meet a married couple of templars. Very unpleasant company, considering that we have a renegade sister. You can’t kill them, unfortunately. We move on and meet the pt-magician and company. You need to kill in exactly this order. Collect loot and don’t forget to level up.

The next fight is quite difficult. A huge evil ogre is standing against you. Depending on your class, either your brother (if your class is a robber/warrior) or your sister (if your class is a mage) will die. First you need to deal with his retinue, try not to engage in battle with the ogre until you kill all the birds. Well, then just make sure that the team doesn’t get tired. Then there will be another wave of Fri, and, finally, salvation in the form of a long cut-scene.

This ends the duplication of the demo version.

Welcome to Kirkwall, Free March. However, they are not allowed into the city; you will have to stay at its port. We need to find our relative, Hamlen Amell. Walk through the crowd. A guard will stop you. Ask permission to speak with the commander. Go up the stairs. There, deserted Ferelden warriors argue with the guard to let them in. Intervene in a dispute. Kill the deserters. In gratitude, the guard will bring your relative. Alas, he simply cannot take you into the city. You’ll have to work it off by joining a criminal gang. Which one is up to you to decide.

On the one hand, unkempt-looking people are mercenaries, on the other, elf smugglers. The mercenaries will ask you to finish off the merchant, and the smugglers will ask you to collect the debt. Your choices will determine some of the quests you receive in the future.

Chapter 1. Main plot

A year has passed since then. Pestilence has been defeated. The debt is repaid, the reputation is won. Our heroes want to earn extra money on an expedition to the deep trails. But Batrand Tetras does not want to take them with him. By the way, the dwarf’s brother named Varric can help with this. Now you can walk around the city, go to the market, and so on. From here you can go to other locations. 

Friend in the guard

“Aveline will probably be able to tell you about her service in the city guard. Look at her in the barracks in the governor’s fortress.”

Let’s visit our companion. We head to the Steward’s Fortress and find Aveline. We agree to accept her task. See Chapter 1. Satellites. ” As it should be .”

New house?

“Go to Gamlen’s house in the Lower Town”

Just visit your house. Here you will receive letters, there is a box for storing things. For continuation of the quest, see  Chapter 1. Companions. “Family Matters” . 

The Long Way Home
“Take the amulet of Flemeth to the Broken Mountain, to the Dalish camp, and give it to the keeper Maretari.”
The old woman saved your life, it’s time to fulfill her request. Through the global map menu, go to the Broken Mountain.

Kill the spiders, and now you are already in the Dalish elf camp. Talk to Guardian Maretari.

“Take the amulet of Flemeth to the altar at the top of the Broken Mountain.”

You can wander around the camp. There is a blacksmith here. The chest contains a map that starts Chapter 1. Side quest. “Map of Occupied Kirkwall” .

When you’re done, go upstairs where Merrill is waiting for you. After the conversation, go up further. The dead attack. Soon we meet the hunter. We continue to go to the top. We go through the Path on Broken Mountain. This is a cave with an underground river. We get off at the Mountain Cemetery station.

There is a magical barrier ahead. Merrill will open it with blood magic. That was her secret. Make your way to the altar.

I guess I won’t spoil the cut-scene. In case you haven’t seen her yet.

“Return the amulet to the keeper Maretari in the Dalish camp.”

You can walk further along the path and kill a couple more groups of dead people. By the way, at the very top there is a magical barrier. If you try to go through it, you will be attacked. When you’re done, you can leave.

So, you took Merril to the elf-house, where she will live. Now you can take her into the party.

“Merrill arrived safely at the elvenage”

The end of the quest opens the task Chapter 1. Companions. “Welcome home” , which can be performed immediately by entering the door of Merrill’s house.

The Prodigal Son
The quest begins after completing Rumors – the Prodigal Son.

“Talk to Trask in the Casemates courtyard or with Vincento in the Lower City market during the day about Feinriel.”

Let’s go look for these two. No matter what you do, you will be sent away. They will send to look for the former templar Samson. At night.

“Talk to Samson about Feinriel. At night, Samson usually hangs out in the meanest corners of the Lower City.”

Samson will send you to Reiner.

“Perhaps Rayner knows where Feinriel is. Tonight he can be found in the warehouse at the port.”

Go to the port at night and go to Arturis’s Private Marina. Dark things are happening in this place. You have to kill both Rayner and the possessed Magess. Take the letter from her body, the quest Chapter 1. Additional will begin. “Undelivered Letter” .

Find the location of the slave trader’s lair in the chest.

“Find slave trader Danzik in Cloaca”

You may have already seen him. It was just impossible to talk to him. And now, in fact, too.

“Search the bodies of the slave traders and try to understand where they sent Fenriel.”

Danzik has a map.

“Rescue Fainriel from the cave on the Ragged Coast”

It’s time to take a walk in the fresh air. Find the Slaver’s Cave in the Ragged Coast. There will be a mess inside. You can buy the guy out or do something else. Then decide where he needs to go – to the circle of magicians, or to the Dalish? Be that as it may, you need to tell your mother about everything.

“Now Feinriel is safe for a while”

Continued in Chapter 2. Additional. “Nightmares”

Gunpowder Hopes
The task begins after completing Rumors – Gunpowder Hopes .

“Go to the Torn Coast and kill the robbers located there – the Tal-Vasgoths.”

We move to the Torn Coast location. The mountains here are being split open and the shores are being torn apart… interesting. Move towards the goal, kill the Tal-Vashoths, explore the territory. You will meet a Qunari traitor. With or without his help, move on.

“The Tal-Vashoths are attacking travelers on the Ragged Coast.”

Break through further to the top. Go to the “Tal-Vashgoth Cave”. There are a lot of these Qunari here, a few crafting materials, and just a little bit of treasure. There will be quite a mess at the end.

“Inform Javaris that the Tal-Vashoth are dead. During the day he is in the Qunari camp, in Port.”

Leave the cave and go to the port. The Qunari will let you into the camp.

“The death of the Tal-Vasgoths impressed Arishok, but Javaris received nothing.”

The maximum you can get is a couple of gold pieces, if you insist on the fact that the client must pay.

Continued in Chapter 2. Main plot. “Explosive service”

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

The quest begins after completing Rumors – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing .

“The nun was lured into an alley in the Lower City. Follow her and find out if she needs help.”

Deal with the robbers. It turns out that the nun was guarded by a templar.

“A nun waits in a shelter near the market in the Lower Town”

Find “Petris’s Shelter”. Talk to her.

“Leave Petris’s hideout through the secret hatch and lead the Qunari mage through the Cloaca.”

So that’s what they are – Qunari magicians. Our name is Ketojan. Go down through the hatch. Giant spiders live in the catacombs. Now it is clear why giant flies became extinct here. A little ahead there will be thugs from the catacombs. Behind them is the exit to the Vinmark Pass. At the exit the Qunari are already waiting for you. You can give the magician to them, or not. In principle, there is no difference – purely your personal preferences.

“Return to Petris at night in her hideout in the Lower City and talk about the Qunari ambush.”

You need to return to the nun and conduct an interrogation with passion.

Continued in  Chapter 2. Main plot. “Find and Lose Again”

Business conversation “Talk to Varric at the Hangman Tavern in the Lower City” You can get to the tavern from the Lower City location. Find Varric and talk to him 

The next task will begin immediately:


“Find the Gray Wardens and ask for help with an expedition to the Deep Roads. Varric heard that one of them works somewhere as a healer. A shopkeeper named Liren from the Lower City may have more detailed information”

Go to the shop “Ferelden Goods Liren” and we talk to her owner.

“Go to the Cloaca and find the hospital where the Gray Warden heals the poor.”

Remember Anders from the add-on for Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening? He also had a kitten, Sir Lancepaw. We’ll meet him again.
Anders needs help, in return he will give you maps of the Deep Paths.

“At night, go to the church in the Upper Town and help Anders kidnap his friend Karl from the Circle.”

At night, go to the Upper Town and find Anders near the entrance to the church.

“Find Karl in the church and help him escape.”

Karl cannot be helped. Kill the templar and listen to Anders’ story. He will give you the cards and agree to shake the old days.


A Merciful Deed
The quest begins after completing  Rumors – a Merciful Deed .

“Go to the point indicated on the map of the Free March and provide the assistance that the unknown person asked for in a letter.”

Go to the location “Approaches to the Ragged Coast.” A whole brood of dragons is already waiting for you here. Talk to Trask. Renegade mages are hiding in the cave. We need to convince them to surrender until the evil templars come and kill them.

“Enter the cave and resolve – if possible peacefully – the situation with the renegades”

Go to the cave of the fugitives. After a conversation with one of the magicians, it turns out that Decimus, a blood mage, is to blame for everything. Soon you will have to fight him. The magician will ask you to help her escape. You can send the magicians into the circle, kill the templar with unknown motives, or you can lie to him that all the magicians are dead.
Your decision may come back to haunt you in the future.
Continuation of the quest in Chapter 2. Side quests. “Underground road” .


Enemies Among Us
The quest begins after completing Rumors are Enemies Among Us.

“Talk to the templar recruits in the Casemates courtyard and find out what happened to Keran.”

We go to the Casemates. Talk to Hugh.

“Find Wilmond and Knight-Captain Cullen at Wilmond’s Camp near Kirkwall”

Go to “Wilmond’s Camp” Help Templar Cullen fight off the possessed and demons.

“Go to the Upper Town brothel after sunset and find out how Wilmond became possessed.”

Go through the Upper Town at night to the Blooming Rose brothel and talk to Viveca.

“Find Idunna and find out what she knows”

Interesting conversation.

“Fight the blood mages in their hideout in the Cloaca”

Go to the Cloaca and find the “Hideout”. Fight through this terrible place. Talk to the magicians. Kill them. Find the “student’s grimoire” here – the quest Chapter 1. Side quests starts. “The Apprentice’s Grimoire” .

Talk to Keran.

“Return to Knight-Captain Cullen in the Casemates courtyard and tell him what happened.”

Go to the Casemates and decide Keran’s fate.


Friends in poor lands   You will receive a letter.

“Talk to Dougal at the Lower Town foundries in the evening” Find the gnome at night in the Lower Town. He will offer you money for the Expedition. But if you already have them, you don’t have to agree.


Gradually, as you progress, tasks will appear in the journal in the “Rumors” column. Over time, you will be able to find the object of these rumors, and a quest in the Main Plot branch will begin . Obviously, the developers themselves understand that this is inconvenient – there are only five such tasks, and all only in the first chapter.

Rumors – the prodigal son

“According to Varric, the templars are actively looking for the young elf Feinriel. His mother Arianny lives in the elf-house of the Lower City and is looking for help.”
In the elf-house of the Lower City, approach Arianni. After the conversation, the quest Prodigal Son will begin .


Rumors – gunpowder hopes

“According to Varrick, the dwarf merchant Javaris is offering good money for help. He has already left the city, but Varrick is sure that he can be found near the Ragged Coast, or near the Broken Mountain.”

I found this dwarf when going to the Shattered location mountain. Very similar to the random encounters in the first part. After the conversation, the task Gunpowder Hopes will begin .


Rumors are wolves in sheep’s clothing

“Varric’s informants report that some Church sister is seeking help in the Lower City, offering money to solve some unnamed problem. Details are scant, but it may have something to do with the Qunari. Varric recommends find her in the Lower City”
at night. Find Sister Petris in the Lower City. The quest Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing starts


 Rumors are a merciful act

“According to Varric, a group of mages who were transported to Kirkwall from Starkhaven never arrived in the Vaults. For now, this is only a rumor, so it cannot be looked into in more detail”

In fact, just go into the house and check the mail . The quest A Merciful Deed starts .


 Rumors are the enemy among us

“According to Varric, someone has been interested in the missing templar. However, no search appears to be underway, and nothing can be done to address it yet.” 
After completing the Pacifier:

“According to Varric, some Mesha is desperate is looking for a certain templar. She was seen during the day near the Church in the Upper City”

Continuation in the quest Enemies Among Us .

Chapter 1. Satellites

 The tasks in this thread are related directly to your comrades. Since the period of the game covers not one year, as in the first part, but almost a decade, the missions of the companions will take place on a grand scale. What you do in one chapter will have cascading consequences in subsequent ones. But there are also simple “chats” – when you only need to talk with a party member, and which do not affect anything except the relationship indicator.

Just as it should (Aveline)

“Go with Aveline to the broken mountain and find an ambush. The location of the robbers will only be revealed if she is with you.”

So, we return to the exit from the fortress. Using the global map, go to the point “Ambush Site on Broken Mountain.” We kill the first batch of pirates. At the fork, go right to shorten the path, or left to collect more experience. Finally, the two roads will intersect. There’s nothing really up there. We go to the next ambush.

“You have fought off the ambush. Return to the barracks and report the incident to Captain Aveline.”

We leave this place forever and go to the Steward’s Fortress. Since last time, “this” guy still hasn’t gotten tired of hitting the wall. Why wasn’t he thrown out? We listen to the captain’s scolding. Everything is fine – the bandits were killed, the merchants were saved, but the exploits in the guard were strictly on schedule!

“Take a look at the duty schedule in the barracks and find out who was supposed to go on patrol past the ambush.”

We do it. It’s right here.

“Guard Donnik’s patrol route leads straight into a trap. Talk to Aveline at night in the Lower City and save the guard.”

No problem. We go to the exit, choose the night time and go to the Lower Town. We reach the place and deal with the Thugs from the Society. The guard is saved, and the captain must answer for sending him to his death.

“Go to the barracks in the governor’s fortress and pin Captain Jiven, who was passing on secrets with the guards, to the wall.”

We return to the fortress.

“The guard captain has been disgraced. Aveline will be the new captain.”

Well, now you have your own personal captain of the guard!


Family affairs (brother or sister)

“Find the will of Grandfather Amell. You can get to the basement of the old family estate through the Cloaca”
Well, let’s go to the very… Cloaca of this city. We reach the door to the “cellar of the Amell estate.”

“Take the will from the family basement”

We kill the slave traders. In one of the chests you can find a portrait of your mother. Show it to your brother or sister; there was even a quest for this called “ Portrait from the Past ”. We find the leader of the slave traders. We take the key to the basement from him. Actually, let’s go to the basement. Yes, the wine cellar on this estate is not the weakest – the catacombs are right there, but the basement is a small room… secretly, the estate is also inferior in size to the wine cellar.

“Demand an explanation from Gamlen regarding his father’s will.”

Let’s go home and find out the whole truth.


Portrait from the past (gift) (brother or sister)
In the task Family Affairs , you can find a portrait. Give it to your brother or sister.

Welcome Home (Merril)

“Talk to Merril at her home in the Lower City Elfinage”
Talk to Merril there.


Fenris has been accepted into the squad

“Find Fenris. He is located in the abandoned estate of Danarius in the Upper City.”

Go to Fenris’s estate and have a heart-to-heart talk with him.


Questions and Answers (Varric)

“Talk to Varric at the Hangman Tavern in Lower Town”

Chat with Varric.


Understanding Isabella

“Talk to Isabella at the Hangman Tavern in Lower Town”
Chat with Isabella.
The task Chapter 1. Additional will begin. “What fell from the cart”


Talk to Anders

“Now that matters with Karl are settled, talk to Anders at his house in Cloaca”
Go to Anders’ Asylum.


Chapter 1. Additional

Side quests are not as important as the main story quests, but they are still part of the story. Many lines stretch throughout the entire game. There is a suspicion that they are required to be completed in order to move to a new chapter, but I can’t say for sure.

Bone Pit
To receive the task, check the mail in your house.

“Talk about working with Hubert at the Upper Town Market.”

Finding the mentioned merchant is not difficult. We make inquiries with him and move on.

“Go to the Bone Pit and find the missing workers.” 

Using the map, we go to our destination. A very unpleasant and green place. Walk along the road and kill the marauders. Look around the area, then go into the mine. Next, a family of dragons will attack you. Explore the mine. Finally, you will find a surviving miner. We move on, exit through the “Edge of the Bone Pit” passage and meet with the Adult Dragon.

“Report to Hubert at the Upper Town Market”

After killing the dragon, search its body. Now you can move out. All that remains is to report success.

If you agree to the partnership offer, the quest continues.

Returning to work

“Convince the remaining miners to return to their work. They can be found during the day in the Nizhny Talk near the “Hangman””

There is nothing to do, we move out. Find a surviving miner and hint to him that he should continue working.

“Hubert will be glad to know that the workers will return to the mine”

Continued in the task Chapter 2. Additional. “One of our own.”

Unfinished Business (Smugglers)
The quest is available if you chose smugglers to get into the city.
A letter arrives at your house.

“Talk to Athenril in the Upper Town before sunset.”

We go to the Upper Town, to the red light district, and find Athenril.

“Help Athenril’s assistants in the river after dark”

We choose night and move to the port. Rescue Captain Price from the Society Goons. You can take the goods for yourself, or you can leave it to Price.

“Report everything to Athenril during the day in the Upper City.”

We return to the elf and report what happened.

“You have completed Athenril’s quest”


Judge’s Orders
Judge Vanard – can be found in the Upper City.

“Go to the old ruins outside the city and arrest the fugitive criminal at the request of Judge Vanard.”

At first glance, the deed is good. Talk to Nabil. An elf will intervene in the conversation. It turns out that our target is a child killer. He’s been killing elven children for years now. You have a choice: kill him, or deliver him to the judge alive. Go to the Collapsed Passage. Giant spiders will be waiting for you here. There are also pirates here. And the walking dead… how do they all get along? Find Leah. It turns out that Kelder is possessed by demons. That is what he told the girl. Continue on to find it. So, it’s time to choose. If you kill the guy, you will please the elves, but the judge will swear revenge on you. Of course, otherwise, the elves will be unhappy, and a conversation will have to be had with the judge.


Herbalist Quests
Find Solvitus in the Casemates.

“Find a spider gland, a dragon’s fang and an iron bark for Solvitus.”

You will find these items by completing tasks. It is impossible to sell them; they are not displayed in the inventory.

The spider gland can be found in the Collapsed Passage location as part of the quest  Chapter 1. Additional. “Orders of the Judge”
The dragon’s fang can be found in the Bone Pit (Chapter 1. Additional. “Bone Pit”)
The only reason you need to go specially is the iron bark. You are on your way to the Dalish elf camp on Broken Mountain. Talk to Master Ailen. He will show you where to go. You have the opportunity to go to the location “Edge with Iron Trees”. There are many creatures of darkness there. Find Pure Ironbark. Now you can give it to the herbalist.
“Solvitus has everything he needs, but in the future he may need your help.”
In the second chapter, also do not forget to visit him.


Undelivered letter

“Take the letter found from the transformed Magess to Templar Trask in the Casemates”

For the quest Chapter 1. Main plot.  ” Prodigal Son” you can take a letter from the body of a possessed woman. It must be taken to Father Templar in the Casemates.


Free cheese (Fenris)
A letter will be sent to your home.

“Meet Anso at night at the market in the Lower City”

At night, go to the Lower City. Find the gnome Anso.

“At night, visit the lair of smugglers in the elfage of the Lower City and take away Anso’s goods from them.”

Actually, you need to go to the “Abandoned House.” Kill the thieves and look for Anso’s goods in the chest.

“If Anso’s goods were in the smugglers’ lair, then they took it from there. We must tell Anso about this.”

At the exit from the house, the Tevinter people are already waiting for you. Or rather, not you, but that’s not the point. Kill them and go to Anso. What is this! You will be stopped again. It turns out that the employer is not Anso at all, he is only an intermediary. In fact, a certain mutated elf Fenris needed bait.

“Go to the master’s estate in the Upper City at night and meet Fenris there.”

Fenris will be waiting for you next to the estate. Fenris must be on the team in this episode. He will probably take the place of a warrior. For some reason, he reminds me of the demonic character Dante from the Devil May Cry series. White hair and a huge sword on his back.

“Search the estate and find the magician Danarius.”

Wander around the estate exterminating demons. There will be a key on the body of one of them. Go back, go up the stairs and open the door.

“Master Danarius has escaped. Look around before you leave.”

When you have collected all the rattles, go outside. Talk to Fenris.

“When the master fled, Fenris settled on his estate in the Upper City, where he can be found”


Uninvited Rescue
In the market of the Upper Town there is a notice about the missing son of the governor.

“Talk to Senichal Bran about the Steward’s son”

Go to the Steward’s Fortress. You are not the only one who is going to save the child.

“Look for the viceroy’s son, Seamus Dumar, on the Ragged Coast”

So, you need to visit the Ragged Coast again. You got ahead of yourself. The guy is not too happy that his “saviors” killed the Qunari.

“Protect Seamus from the Zims”

Kill three waves of mercenaries, and then deliver Seamus to his father. You can ask him to wait to collect the loot.

“You returned Seamus to the Viceroy safe and sound.”


Crazy people won’t take a detour (Isabella)

No, they’re always looking for trouble on their ass.

Presumably upon completion of the task Chapter 1. Main plot. “Pacification” , go to the Hangman Tavern and talk to Isabella.

“Meet Isabella in the Upper City after sunset. She is going to settle scores with Haider.”

At night we go to the Upper City and talk to Isabella. Haider will not show up for his duel, but will send the guys.

“Search the bodies and try to find out Haider’s location”

Pick up the letter from the body.

“Go to the Church and finish off Haider”

Follow Isabella and enter the Church. Kill Haider and his pirates.

“Haider has been killed. Isabella has offered her services to you. She can be found at the Hangman Tavern in Lower Town.”


What fell from the cart
The quest begins after the task Chapter 1. Companions. “Understanding Isabella” .

“Talk to Martin about working in his room at the Hangman.”

The addicted pirate needs your help.

“Find Martin’s stolen cargo during the day at the port of the Lower City”

Go to the port and find the dock workers.

“Go to the port and ask the port master Liam about Martin’s cargo”

Talk to this man. Then with his assistant. He’ll have to pay.

“Make sure Martin’s cargo is in the Woodrow warehouse by the pier”

Kill the warehouse guards. Visit Woodrow Warehouse. Inside you will find Martin’s goods.

“Report the found cargo to Martin in the Hangman.”

You can tell him where the goods are, or not tell him.


The first victim
There is a notice hanging in the market of the Upper Town.

“Talk to Ghislain about his missing wife. He is in the Upper Town Market during the day”

Go up the stairs and find Ghislain de Carrac.

“Ask Gitanna about Ninette. This elf works at night in the “Blooming Rose”, in the Upper Town.”

Go to the brothel! Talk to the elf. By the way, he will work for you for free.

“Find the templar Emeric in Cloaca and find out what he knows about Ninette.”

Let’s go to Cloaca. Find the “Meeting Place” and go down to “Cloaca: Emeric’s Investigation”. Well, a name for the location. Fight off the attacks and save the templar.

“After dark, explore the foundry in the Lower City, where Maren’s trail ended.”

At night in the Lower City, go to the “Dark Foundry” Kill everyone and go upstairs.

“Find Emeric in the Casemates and show him the human remains. Also visit Ghyslain in the High City and see if he recognizes the ring”

First, give the ring to your husband. Walk towards the templar.

“Emerick continues to investigate the disappearances of women”

This is a very important task in the future. Continued in Chapter 2. Main plot. “Prime suspect”


Chapter 1. Side quests

Side quests are loosely connected to the main plot. You may not even know about many of them while playing the game. Some of them even represent the work of a postman.


Lower City, during the day, Sergeant Joanna.

“Track down the Amaranthian conspirators who are hiding in the city – they wear red Amaranthian outfits. After each conspirator dies, approach Sergeant Joanna in the Lower City to receive a reward”

The conspirators can be found:
During the day. In the Upper Town, in the area of ​​estates.
At night in the port.
Dalish camp on Shattered Mountain.
Brothel “Blooming Rose” in the red light district of the Upper Town.
“You have killed all the conspirators. Return to Sergeant Joanna in the Lower City before nightfall.”

Report success.

“You have killed all the Amaranthian conspirators. Sergeant Joanna has returned to the Tower of Vigil”

This task is related to the plot of the Dragon Age: Origins:  Awakening add-on.


Miracle Workers
Lower City, during the day, Sergeant Melindra.

“Get rid of the Charter machinists operating in the Lower City”

It’s not far. We find the fraudster and the thugs. Kill them.

“You have killed the Charter scammers. Before nightfall, return to the market in the Lower City to Sergeant Melindra and receive your reward.” It is

very funny to receive a reward from the Sergeant, given the presence of the captain of the guard in the party.

“The Charter scammers are dead and Sergeant Melindra is happy.”


The pommel of the sword Eustis
When completing the task ” Bone Pit ” in the location of the same name (in the cave), we find the “Pommel of the sword Eustis” in the bag.

“This sword pommel, judging by the teeth marks, was lost in a fierce battle. Apart from the engraved name, it is no different from the pommel of an ordinary city guard’s sword. ”

Go to the Steward’s Fortress and find the guard Eustis.

“You gave Eustis her pommel back.”


Last of the Kind
Find Lord Renvil Harrowmont in the port during the day. I don’t know what this quest would have been like if I hadn’t imported the save in which I sided with Belen.

“Destroy the thugs from the Charter who are trying to kill Lord Harrowmont. They are prowling the port.”

The first detachment will try to outbid you. You can kill the last Harrowmont, for this you will be paid 3 gold. If you decide to save the lord, there will be three groups of fighters against you. Harrowmont will pay only 1 gold, but will promise more in the future. In the second chapter he will send you 5 gold.



Map of Occupied Kirkwall
In the Dalish elf camp on Broken Mountain, there is a map in the chest.

“A map with a very generous expansion of the borders of Orlais. Many similar documents from the occupation were thrown out of the windows every time after the liberation of Kirkwall – to the great disappointment of those involved in maintaining archives in the Casemates”

Find Archivist Therin in the casemates.

“You have returned the map to the Kirkwall archives.”


Shawl of the Daughter of Dolov
In the “Hangman” in one of the rooms you can find a shawl.

“An antique shawl embroidered with the family name, the Tevinter symbol of femininity, and the Blossoming Rose crest.”

During the day, travel to the Upper Town and find the owner of the shawl at the Blossoming Rose brothel.

Toe of the Perfect
In a room on the upper second floor of the Blooming Rose brothel, you can find a stone toe.

“A stone toe, chipped from a huge dwarven statue. Might be of interest to a dwarf who has recently settled up high and is looking for some reminder of home. These overworlders often wander into the market in the Lower City”

Go and find the New Overlander.


Special Redflower
In the Broken Shore location you can find a potion. Somewhere at the bottom of the map, after clearing out a bunch of Qunari.

“An incredibly effective tincture of rose petals and goose droppings. A folk remedy for indecent rashes. The label says that the drug is intended for Dalian Shaw from Cloaca.” There is

nothing to do, you need to save the guy.

“You gave Delian Shaw his “special red flower”. The rash went away.”

Where did the information come from that the rash went away??? However, I don’t want to know…



The Dark Apparition
of the Dead Emissary can be found in the Ragged Coast. Top of the map.

“During the day, take the letters from the Gray Wardens to the hiding place near the foundries in the Lower City.”

Go to the addressee. A large detachment will be waiting for you there. Put the letters in the hiding place.
I wonder, since the bandits knew about the hiding place, why didn’t they just wait for the messenger and take them out themselves?

“You have returned the letters to the guards. Look into Gamlen’s house and check the mail”


“The guards have sent a reward for returning the letters”


Secret Meetings
The suspicious lady in the Hangman Tavern will give you a task after meeting with Isabella.

“At night, go to the port and disrupt the meeting of the pirate captains. Eavesdrop on their conversation to get an additional reward.”

Approach the captains, eavesdrop on their chatter and interrupt.

“Return to the suspicious lady in the Hangman at night. Tell her that the pirate captains are dead and that you have overheard their plans.”

At night, come to the Hangman.

“The pirate captains are dead and the suspicious lady is happy”


Minor jabs
After several skirmishes with the Games at night in the Lower City, this task will appear.

” The Needles would like to stab the Lower City to death, but their leader, Ignazio Gila, cannot hide forever. Destroy the gang’s lair”

At night, find the “Shack” in the Lower City. Kill Ignazio Gil and his henchmen.

” The Needles are no longer able to inject injections into the Lower City – only a few escaped bandits remain from the gang”


Difficulties on the pier
Kill several squads of pirates from the Bloody Teeth gang at night in the port.

“The Bloody Teeth are in charge of the port. Destroy the Bloody Teeth’s lair, and make sure that they are gnawed. The Leech realized his mistake and curtailed his large-scale activities.”

Go to the “Warehouse” in the port. Leech is a powerful magician, kill him first. Then everyone else.

“Bloody Teeth used to be called Lamprey Goldfinch. And it’s not a joke.”


False Night During
the night in the Upper Town, kill enough units of False Guards.

“False guards use guard uniforms to get close to their victims. Attack their warehouse and kill the fake captain”

Find the “barracks” in the Upper City.

“Apart from a few escaped bandits, the false guards no longer exist.”


Apprentice Grimoire
The book can be found during the quest Chapter 1. Main Plot. “Enemies Among Us”

“Unfinished, thoughtless and, most likely, thrown into the gutter – in the manner in which a narcissistic fool would act if the templar decided to look in his direction. “Bonwald” is scribbled inside, there is also a shopping list for Market”

Go to the Lower City Market and find Bonwald.

Chapter 1. Finale. Expedition to the Deep Roads

The last task of the first chapter. It lasts the entire chapter, but the culmination is the expedition itself. Be sure to complete all other tasks before it. After the trip, you will no longer be able to return to them.

Dwarf Bertrand equips the expedition.

For this task you need:
Accumulate 50 gold.
Complete all tasks of the Main Plot. After completing the Main story quests, you will receive a letter – the quest Friends in Scarce Lands . If you don’t have 50 gold, the gnome will be able to lend you some.

When everything is ready, find Bertrand in the Upper Town. And don’t forget to capture Varric.
You should seriously consider whether to take your sister or brother with you. If you take it, you should also think about taking Anders with you.

So, the expedition has begun. But we already have problems. The first is a rubble, and the second is a lost gnome. Remember the dwarven merchant from the first part, who had an adopted son who worked with lyrium? We need to go explore the side passages. There are many creatures of darkness there. In one place that looks like a dead end, you can run into the Most Giant Spider there is in the game. Walk until you find the boy. It remains to find a workaround. Go far. You will meet an ogre. And then completely – the Dragon. Passage behind the dragon.

“Explore the mysterious thaig and discover its secrets”

Well, here we go. The taiga is inhabited by ghosts and even a golem. Go to the Primordial Thaig. A curse! You’ve been locked up! We need to find another way out of crypto. What about the door? Go ahead. New opponents – Savages. They seem to be made of stones flying in the air. Wow, it even talks. To get out, you will have to kill one creature on the order of another. Kill the Ancient Stone Spirit. The fight is very difficult. But how many treasures this spirit guarded… It’s time to go out.

So, if you took a brother or sister with you on an expedition, they will certainly become infected with filth. But if you take Anders into your team, he will lead you to a detachment of Gray Guardians who will take on a brother or sister. If you leave Bettany at home, she will be taken into the Circle of Mages, and Carver will join the ranks of the templars.


Chapter 2. Main plot

Three years have passed since the Deep Roads Expedition.

Finding a home
At the exit from the governor’s fortress, the gnome Bodan will find you.

“The Amell mansion in the Upper Town has been restored. Bodan suggested returning there as soon as possible.”

Go through the Upper Town to the Hawk Estate.

“Now the Amell mansion has become a new home for the Hawk family. This is much better than being crowded under the roof of Gamlen.”

Yes, not a weak little house. Yet the wine cellar was much larger than the estate itself. Our favorite gnomes also settled here. Sandal has become more talkative, but can still enchant equipment for you.

The quest Prime Suspect will begin immediately:

Prime Suspect
This is a continuation of the quest Chapter 1. Additional. “First victim”

“Talk to Emeric in the Casemates”

The old templar is sure that Gascard Dupuis is behind the murders.

“Get into Gascard Dupuy’s estate after dark” At night in the Upper Town, make your way to “Dupuy’s Estate”

Find Gascard. You can believe him, or kill him. This will slightly affect the next task. Go to the Casemates and talk to Moira. It turns out that Gaskar has already left to meet you…
At night, go to the special location “Dead End”.

“Emeric was killed by a powerful being created by dark magic.”

Continuation in the task All that remains:

All that will remain

is “There is a bit of turmoil on the Hawke estate. Find out what is causing it.”
Your mother has disappeared. If you saved Gaskar’s life, you can go to him in Cloaca. Otherwise, you will have to be content with Gamelin.

“Look for Liandra in the foundry of the Lower City”

Follow the bloody trail. Go down into the dungeon. Find the mother and kill Quentin.

The mother cannot be saved.

Explosive service
Continuation of the quest Chapter 1. Main plot. “Gunpowder Hopes”

“Talk to Arishok in the Qunari camp”

Part of the quest Kun’s Requirements.

“Go to Cloaca, to the Society, and find out where Javaris went.”

Find the Society Barker in Cloaca.

“Javaris fled the city. Follow him through the tunnels leading from the Cloaca to the Smugglers’ Pit.”

Climb into the next tunnel. Along the way, you can find a Ship in a Bottle – a gift for Isabella . On the other side, get out into the “Wilderness”. There you will find this gnome. You can spare him or not.

“Go to the alley leading from the Lower City and find the elf who tried to kill Javaris.”

First, pick up the “Steel Lock”, and then close the barrel. Repeat the operation four times. Then kill the hero of the occasion.

“Report the fanatics to the Arishok in the Qunari camp.”

Well, then report everything to the governor in his fortress.

The following task will begin:


Find and lose again
Talk to Seneschal Bran.

“Go to the Gallows at night and look for the guards who allowed the Qunari to be taken away.”

After a short conversation, the guard will lay out everything.

“Go to the Church and find out if the Lady of the Church is involved in the disappearance of the Qunari.”

Instead of her, you will be met by Sister Petris from the quest Chapter 1. Main plot. “Wolves in sheep’s clothing.” She suspects that her former security guard is behind this.

“Go to Sir Varnell’s daytime gathering near Cloaca and confirm Petris’ suspicions.”

Go to the special location “Sir Varnell’s Hideout” during the day. Kill everything that moves. The box contains the lady knight’s shield – a gift for Aveline.

Following Kun 
Check your mail.

“A letter recently arrived from the governor. It must be about the safety of all of Kirkwall.”

Go to the governor’s fortress and talk with Governor Dumar.

“Go to the Qunari camp and find out if Seimus left voluntarily.”

On the way you will be attacked in the “Twisting Alley” Talk to Arishok.

“Seamus has been lured to the Church. Go there at night and see him.”

Some… petty episode.


Catch the thief
“Talk to Isabella in your mansion in the Upper Town”

Go to your home. We have a whole drama there. You have to choose who to help first: Isabella or Aveline. If you select the first option, the task will continue. If the second, the final task  of Kun’s Requirements will continue .

Go to the foundry in the Lower City. After the battle with the Qunari, you will have to decide who to give the relic to – the Qunari or Isabella. Fight the Qunari and Tevinter in the foundry. The box contains part of Isabella’s armor – “felt insoles”. Go outside and find Isabella’s letter. Continued in the final task of Kun’s Requirements .


Chapter 2. Satellites

The tasks in this thread are related directly to your comrades. Since the period of the game covers not one year, as in the first part, but almost a decade, the missions of the companions will take place on a grand scale. What you do in one chapter will have cascading consequences in subsequent ones. But there are also simple “chats” – when you only need to talk with a party member, and which do not affect anything except the relationship indicator.

Call the captain (Aveline)

“Find Aveline in the barracks of the governor’s fortress”
Have a heart-to-heart talk with Aveline.


Plans for the Future (Varrick)

“Talk to Varrick at the Hangman Tavern in Lower Town”

Share your plans for the future with Varrick.


Visit Anders

“Talk to Anders in his hospital in Cloaca”

Visit the poor fellow, he will wither away, or he will get into trouble somewhere.


Talk to Fenris

“Talk to Fenris at his estate in the Upper City”

The elf has lost the meaning of life, talk to him.

Interestingly, the bodies in the house did not decompose in three years. Definitely dark magic!


Finding Isabella

“Find Isabella at the Hangman in the Lower Town”

Talk to Isabella.


A ship for Isabella (gift)
During the completion of the task Chapter 2. The main plot. “Explosive service” , you can find a gift for Isabella.



New Information (Varric)
Talk to Varric at the Hangman Tavern.

The next task will begin immediately:



Family matters (Varrick)

“Help Varrick explore Bartrand’s mansion in the Upper Town”

At night we go to the Upper Town and find “Bartrand’s Estate”. Varric should be in the party. I won’t spoil the beginning, it’s too gorgeous.

“Find Bartrand in the mansion”

We make our way through the squads of guards. Talk to Bartradn’s servant. He will say that his master has gone crazy. In the room upstairs on the right in the chest you can find a fragment of armor for Varric – “silverite buckles”.

“Find Bartrand and put an end to his evil deeds”

Fight Bartrand and decide his fate.

The next task will begin immediately:



The tale is told (Varrick)

“Visit Varrick in his private room at the Hangman”

You have a PR person.


Questions of Faith (Isabella)

“Talk to Isabella at the Hangman Tavern in Lower Town”

Love line with Isabella.


Bitter Pill (Fenris)
While traveling on the map outside the city, you will be attacked and demanded to hand over Fenris. Most likely, for this you need to have Fenris in the party.

Go to the Cave Corrals location. There, find the “Abandoned Slaver’s Lair.” Make your way through the crowd of slave traders. Talk to the elf. In this place you can find the “amulet of the Tevinter Church” – a gift for Anders . Also nearby are “fortified belts” – part of Fenris’s armor. Find Adriana and deal with her.

“Fenris ran off in a rage. He is not at home. Return to your estate in the High City to find out about him.”

The next task will begin immediately:



Questions of Faith (Fenris)
Talk to Fenris at his estate.


Anders: Tevinter Church amulet (gift)
The amulet can be found in the quest Chapter 2. Companions. “Bitter pill .” Give it to Anders at his hospital.


Disagreement (Anders)
“Anders would like to talk. Go to his hospital in Cloaca and find out what is troubling him.”

Let’s see if Anders’ conspiracy theory comes true.

“Escort Anders to the secret passage leading from the Cloaca to the Casemates.”

In Cloaca, find the “Dungeon of Casemates”. You can find impeccable pants in the dungeon. Make your way through the smugglers and find the templar Alrik and the Magess. Take the letter from Alrik’s body. Not far away in the chest lies part of Anders’ armor – the “essence of the spirit.”

Head up to the city and find Anders. Talk to him twice.


The Long Way (Aveline)
“Aveline wants to talk about something in her office in the governor’s fortress.”

She will ask you to deliver a package to the guard Donnik. Very close to the barracks. Return to Aveline. Now hang the new duty schedule on the board. Return to Aveline again.

Now invite Donnik to “Hangman”. At night, go to the tavern.

“Give a sign to Aveline when there is no interference left on the Ragged Bank, so that she and Donnik can talk calmly.”

Go to the Ragged Bank and kill the flock of mabari. It’s strange that there is only one breed of dog in the game. Light the “signal fire”. Repeat the operation four times further down the road. Return to the barracks and talk to Aveline.


Reflection in the mirror (Merril)

“Talk to Merril at her home in the elf-house of the Lower City.”

Merril wants to restore the magic mirror.

“Go with Merril to the Broken Mountain and talk to the Guardian.”

No one is going to give you anything just like that.

“Kill the varterral in the cave near the Dalish camp”

The quest Respect for the Memory of the Fallen will also appear. Find the Varterral Hunting Ground cave. Fight your way through until you find the surviving hunter Paul. In his opinion, the Varterral is not as scary as… Catch up with him before the Varterral eats him. Fight a large creature that looks like a praying mantis. Don’t forget to pick up the Varterral’s heart for the quest Chapter 2. Additional. ” Herbalist’s quests”

“Tell Marethari about the death of the varterral”

Turn around and go to the exit. Talk to the keeper. You may or may not give Merrill the tool. Your choices can play a huge role in the next chapter.

The next task will begin immediately:



Return from Broken Mountain (Merril)
After the quest Reflection in the Mirror, talk to Merril.


Questions of Faith (Merrill)
Talk to Merrill.



Shield of the Lady Knight (Aveline) (gift)
In the task Chapter 2. Main plot. “Found and lost again” you can find a shield, a gift for Aveline.


Questions of Faith (Aveline)
Talk to Aveline.


Friendly Concern (Varric)
Talk to Varric at the Hangman Tavern.


The captain’s sympathy (Aveline)
At first I thought that we were talking about Isabella, but no – the captain is Aveline.


Fenris: Book of Shartan (gift)
I found this gift in the elfage of the Lower City.


Tetras Signet Ring (Varric) (gift)

The ring can be purchased at the “trinket shop” in the Lower Town Market. Give it to Varric.



Wooden Galla (Merrill) (gift)

Can be purchased from the merchant in the Dalish camp on Broken Mountain. A gift for Merrill.

Chapter 2. Additional

Side quests are not as important as the main story quests, but they are still part of the story. Many lines stretch throughout the entire game. There is a suspicion that they are required to be completed in order to move to a new chapter, but I can’t say for sure.

Check your inbox. This is a continuation of the quest  Chapter 1. Main plot “Prodigal Son”.

“Talk to Arianny in the elvenage in the Lower City”

So, you need to go to the Shadow to save the dreamer.

“Kill the demons fighting for Feinriel”.

Immediately you will find a puzzle: a book on the right moves very quickly, stopping and becoming visible for a few seconds. She needs to be “caught”.

In the room on the left there are two more puzzles:





Each one gives several stat points. Then you will go out into the courtyard, where the demon of Idleness will be waiting for you. You can make a deal with him, or you can kill him.

We go through the door “Feinriel’s Lust” Rules: do not agree with the demon and do not tell the boy that there is a demon in front of him. Then… well, it all depends on who you take with you. However, a joke is the best argument!

We go to the door “Feinriel’s Pride” Rules: the same as last time.

“Return to Feinriel”

Reap the fruits of your labor. Depending on the companions who fell under the distribution, two “ apology ” tasks will appear.

I chose to make a deal with the demon, and there was essentially no continuation of the quest in the next chapter. Need clarification.


Herbalist’s quests

This is a continuation of the quest  Chapter 1. Additional. “Herbalist’s Quests” 

Now the alchemist Solvitus needs:

The “whore’s blush” flower – grows on the Ragged Bank, at the entrance to the cave.
Dalish tattoo ink – in the Dalish camp on Broken Mountain.
Heart of Varterral – on assignment  Chapter 2. Satellites. “Reflection in the mirror” .


One of our own
Continuation of the task Chapter 1. Additional. “Back to work.” 

You will receive a letter.

“Talk to Hubert about the missing cargo. During the day, he visits the market in the Upper City.”

After much conversation, you set off to protect the cargo.

“Meet Lilly in Cloaca.”

Find Lilly in Cloaca. It’s a shame.

“Find Brekker’s lair in Cloaca.”

Go down to Brekker’s Hideout and kill its owner. Report to Hubert.



Crawling through the cave,
check out the Bone Pit . They’re in trouble again.
Also in this camp, the chest contains the Sixth Finger of Wentworth .

“Deal with the spider infestation in the Bone Pit.”

Go to the Bone Pit Hut. Kill the queen and her retinue.

“Return to Jansen.”

Miners can work safely again. To be continued.


Pirates on the Cliffs
Find the guards on the Ragged Shore.

“Help the guards capture the pirate headquarters.”

Outflank the pirates and kill them.

“Go to the fortress and report everything to Jalen.”

From one of the bodies you can remove part of Aveline’s armor, as well as Jackyard’s canvas . Receive your reward from Jalen in the Governor’s Fortress.


Chapter 2. Side quests

Side quests are loosely connected to the main plot. You may not even know about many of them while playing the game. Some of them even represent the work of a postman.


Lost Patrol

Near the Qunari camp, one of them will ask if you killed their patrol.

“Find out what happened to the Qunari patrol that disappeared somewhere on the Ragged Coast.”

Go there, find and kill the Taken.

“The Qunari patrol has been killed. Report this to the Qunari in the port of the Lower City before dark.”

During the day, go to the port and report what you saw.


Check your mail desk. This is a continuation of the quest A Merciful Deed. True, I’m not sure about this. And probably only if you save the magicians’ lives.

“Contact Mistress Selby at the port for information about jobs and tasks that will help the Kirkwall renegades.”

Find Mrs. Selby in Porto. Next to her lies a book, which the translators called a “board”. There you can find new tasks.
Only one thing is not clear, what is this title for – “underground road”?

The next two quests:


Find and rescue
Take the task from Mrs. Selby’s book at the port, see the quest Underground Road.

“Bounty hunters are holding a renegade on the Ragged Coast. Renegade Terry will pay handsomely for saving her friend.”

On the Ragged Coast, find a cave labeled “The Bounty Hunter’s Escape.” There are a lot of bounty hunters out there. Find the “captive renegade”.

“You have freed a captive renegade. Return to the port to Lady Selby this afternoon for your reward.”

All that remains is to get the money.

…And the second:


 How to frame a templar
Take the task from Mrs. Selby’s book at the port, see the quest Underground Road.

“Find a way to slander Sir Conrad Wernhart. The search for the traitorous templars is led by Sir Roderick, who can be found in The Hangman.  In the Casemates and the Lower Town you can also find suitable reasons for the opportunity to slander.”

In the Casemates, find the “restoring order” scroll. Give it to Sir Roderick at The Hangman.
In the Casemates, find the Port Worker.

Report success.


The corpse of the bandit Gerralt Southsinger
…can be found in the “Abandoned Thaig” – near the Dalish camp on Broken Mountain, find the “newly opened passage”.

“A famous renegade robber who, in his quest to avoid prison, clearly overdid it. The name of his family is well known in the Lower City.”

In the Lower City, find Gerralt the Eastern Sage.


Wentworth’s Sixth Finger
This thing can be found in the Bone Pit mining camp.

Take it to Sister Phyllis. During the day in the Upper Town in front of the Church.


Respect for the memory of the fallen
On assignment  Chapter 2. Companions. “Reflection in the mirror” .

“Look for traces of the hunters sent by the keeper Maretari to the varterral.”

There are three bodies of hunters in the cave, collect amulets from them and give them to the keeper in the Dalish camp.


Flawless Pants
Can be found in the quest  Chapter 2. Companions. “Dissent.”

There is a gnome in the Upper Town market who owns these pants.


The jack of all trades
will send you a letter. There is a suspicion that the task is available because I decided to burn the bodies of the Qunari in the task Chapter 2. Main plot. “Find and lose again.” 

“Someone wants to get rid of corpses in the Cloaca, in the Lower City and in the port”

Find a body in each area at night and get rid of it. They are not indicated by a marker on the map.
The last corpse is located on the Ragged Coast.
By the way, whether you help the killers or not depends on who you will receive the reward from.


Good night, girls
Kill several squads of “invisible sisters” at night in the Upper City.

“Invisible sisters rule the Upper City at night. Remove “Blessed” Gillian Winger from their lair.”

Go to the “suspicious house” and kill the leader of the gang.

“You have exposed the Invisible Sisters. The secret persecution has almost ceased.”



Urban generation
At night in the Lower Town, dog walkers walk their pets. Kill several of their units.

“Dog walkers are ruining the general image of all Fereldans. Destroy their lair and kill the ‘Mongrel’.”

There is no Greenpeace on them… Go to the “abandoned alley”. Kill Cor “Mongrel” Blamey.

But then there’s the rub. The last group of bandits in Porto completely refused to appear. In short, there is a third gang, but I cannot describe their quest.

Jackyard Canvas
Can be found in the quest Chapter 2. Additional. “Pirates on the Cliffs” .

Give it to the “Ship Observer” in Porto.



Family in Debt
This quest will appear if the result is Chapter 1. Main Plot. “Enemies Among Us” will be the expulsion of the templar Keran from the order.

Go to the casemates and talk to the novice templar Margit.

Keran’s family owes a debt to a certain Senestra the Snake. Go to the port at night, find and kill Senestra.

Chapter 2. Final. Kun requirements

The last task of the second chapter. It lasts the entire chapter, but the climax is the battle with the Qunari. Be sure to complete all other tasks before it. After the battle you will no longer be able to return to them.

The governor asks you to come to the Qunari and find out what they need.

“The Qunari’s prolonged stay in the city causes tension. The Arishok’s irritation is growing, and the governor’s anxiety is growing. We need to find the origins of this problem.”

The quest slowly drags on throughout the chapter.

No matter how the quest  Chapter 2. Main plot went. “Catch a thief” , you will need to come to the Qunari after completing all the tasks of the main plot. Take Aveline with you.

After your conversation, the Qunari will begin their attack.

“Go to the governor’s fortress and warn the city guard about the Qunari attack.”

The city is engulfed in battle. Ahead you will meet the Gray Wardens. Make your way to the passage to the Upper City. After the battle, you will meet Knight Commander Meredith for the first time. Make your way further to the Steward’s Fortress. Ahead you will meet the first sorcerer. He and the knight commander argue over who should lead the troops into battle. Then you can either attack head-on, or try to distract the Qunari near the tower.

By any means you can get to the Fortress. It is already occupied by the Qunari. Next you will see the Arishok’s speech. Fight the Qunari. Isabella will appear with the relic. Now you need to defeat the Arishok so that he does not take Isabella. The enemy is very, very difficult. Well, or you can fight everyone at once. Or you can just hand over Isabella, then the Qunari will leave in peace.

Chapter 3. Main plot

Three years have passed since the Qunari attack. During this time, a new governor never appeared in the city. Knight Commander Meredith has appropriated all the power to herself, even though she denies it. She oppresses the magicians so much that the First Sorcerer Orsino will try to stir up a riot among the townspeople. From this moment the action of the third big chapter begins, seven years of life in Kirkwall.

Some things will depend on your answers, but choosing a side can wait until the final battle.

In the first dialogue, I chose the side of the magicians. In the Upper Town you can meet Sir Marlene Selbreck. Quest “Noble Design”. The Templars will get something similar. That’s all.


When you are free,
you received a letter.

Go to the Casemates and enter the “Hall of the Templars”. The entrance is next to the herbalist Solvitus. Meet with the Knight Commander.

“Talk to Meredith’s assistant Elsa in the Hall of the Templars and find out from her details about the missing renegades” Talk to Elsa “Find three renegade mages hiding in Kirkwall”

For the first, Emile de Spears, you need to go to the Upper City overnight. There, find the “Estate de Copières”. After the conversation, it turns out that Emil can be found in the “Hangman”. By the way, in the estate you can find a Kunar sword according to the assignment Chapter 3. Side quests. ” Missing Swords” . Go to the “Hangman”. Talk to Emil. To let him go or not is a matter of principle.
Walter will tell you the location of the second magician, Evelina, in Cloaca. Step into the “passage through the drains”. Unlike Emil, Evelina is truly obsessed.
Find Nissa in the Lower City Elvenage. After the conversation, go to the elf-house at night and kill the possessed Khion.
“Report to Meredith that you have successfully located the three magicians.”


Serve cold
You will receive a letter.

“Find the First Sorcerer Orsino in the Hall of the Templars in the Casemates”

Through the Casemates, get to the Hall of the Templars. Orsino’s office is directly across from Merritt’s office.

“Help Orsino find out why magicians and templars secretly gather at night in the Upper City.”

At night, go to the Upper City. Kill the conspirator and pick up the note. At night, go to the port and go to the warehouse. Kill everyone. The chest contains a sword of mercy , and there is also a piece of Anders’ armor. Now go to the Ragged Shore. Find the Ruins at the bottom of the map. Along the way you will meet Samson. Then it will be fun. Kill Grace and the other crazy people. Return to Orsino in the Hall of the Templars and report what happened.


Chapter 3. Satellites

The tasks in this thread are related directly to your comrades. Since the period of the game covers not one year, as in the first part, but almost a decade, the missions of the companions will take place on a grand scale. What you do in one chapter will have cascading consequences in subsequent ones. But there are also simple “chats” – when you only need to talk with a party member, and which do not affect anything except the relationship indicator.

Conversation (Merril)

“Go to Merril’s home in the elf-house”

Talk to Merril at her home.


The storm and what it foreshadowed (Varrick)
” Talk to Varrick at the Hangman Tavern in Lower Town.”

“Kit swamp”! Anders is burning.

Standard conversation with Varric.

Visit Anders Talk to Anders.

 Defenders and Captains (Aveline) 

“Talk to Aveline in the fortress barracks.”
Aveline fights back against the templars.


Talk to Fenris
“Talk to Fenris at his estate in the High City.”

Fenris found his sister. By the way, he still hasn’t gotten rid of the corpses. Or maybe they are new every time?..

The next task will begin immediately:


Alone (Fenris)
Go with Fenris to the “Hangman”. His sister will indeed be there, but also the Tevinter mage Danarius. You have to determine the fate of Fenris and Varanya. This tavern has seen better times…


Isabella’s Remorse
Probably only available if you keep Isabella alive.

Isabella is waiting at your estate.

The next task will begin immediately:


No Rest for Sinners (Isabella)
“Take Isabella to Velasco. He spends his nights at the Rose in Bloom.”

Go to the Blooming Rose brothel in the Upper Town. During a conversation with Velasco, click on the fist option in the dialogue.

Follow the trail. At night. Although the pointer will point to the first “trace”, ignore it. Get to the market. Now to the Lower City. Continue the same way until you reach the pier.

Go to the Castillon landing site warehouse. Kill Velasco and his guys.

“Look in the warehouse for anything related to Castillon’s affairs in Kirkwall.”

First, remove the key from the body, then enter the room and find documents in the chest. At the exit, Castillon himself will be waiting for you. You can kill him, or spare him.

“Talk to Isabella at the Hangman Tavern in Lower Town.”


 Questions of Faith (Isabella)
Talk to Isabella again.


Rivean Talisman (Isabella) (gift)
There is an “Unused Passage” in the port. There you can find a gift for Isabella.


Justice (Anders)
Visit Anders in his hospital. Anders wants to brew a potion. For this he needs: “saltpeter” and “dragon stone”. Go down into the “sewers” in Cloaca. Kill everyone and collect saltpeter.
Now head to the Bone Pit. Find the “dragonstone mine.” Collect the required amount. Return to Anders’ Asylum.

“Go to the Church and distract the Lady with conversations so that Anders can complete his plan.”

Let’s go to Church. Chat with the Lady. And now you are already in Anders’ hospital… Talk to him.

 Questions of Faith (Anders)
Talk to Anders after the quest Justice.


Reminder of the Dalians (Merrill) (gift)
When you visit the Broken Mountain, you will be attacked by thieves. From one of the bodies you can take an elven ring – a gift for Merril.


A Little Problem (Varric)
Talk to Varric at the Hangman Tavern.

The next task will begin immediately:


Haunted House (Varrick)
“Go with Varrick to the Upper Town to Bertrand’s Mansion to put an end to the ghosts.”

At night, make your way through the Upper Town to the “Bartrand’s Estate.” The house is truly haunted! And not at all the ones we stacked in batches. Walk through the house, reaching the place where Varric reminisces about his childhood. After that, turn back. Enter the central room and go upstairs.

“Defeat the stone spirit.”

It contains an idol fragment. Decide whether to give it to Varric or not. If you decide not to give it, the quest will continue:

“Take the piece of the idol to Sandal.”

The boy will make a rune out of it.

Closing (Varric)
Talk to Varric at the Hangman Tavern.

Anniversary (Varric)
Celebrate the anniversary of meeting Varric.

A New Path (Merrill)
Talk to Merrill at her home. Perhaps the quest is available because I gave Merrill the tool in the last chapter.

“Go with Merril to the demon’s cave behind the cemetery on the Broken Mountain.”

Go to the Broken Mountain and go up to the same place where the Flemeth amulet was carried. Now move on. To the cave “End of Pride”. Approach the “strange idol”. Kill the Demon of Pride. You can take part of Merril’s armor from his body. Leave the cave.
If you don’t want to fight the Dalians, choose the bottom option. If you want, any of the remaining ones.

Favor and Mistake (Aveline)
A letter will arrive from Knight Commander Meredith. Talk to Aveline in the barracks of the Governor’s Fortress.

“Take Aveline and at night walk with her along the harbor along the patrol route of the guard Donnik.”

At night, take Aveline into the party and go to the Port. Find the guard Donnik. Kill the thugs from the Society. Go to the Casemates and find Knight-Captain Cullen. Now go to the Lower City at night and find Guard Brennan.

“Go with Aveline to Cloaca for a rally and fight back against Jiven.”

At night in Cloaca, find Jiven. Kill him and his henchmen. Return to Aveline Barracks.

Questions of Faith (Aveline)
Talk to Aveline in the barracks of the Governor’s Fortress.

Fenris: Sword of Mercy (gift)
The sword can be found in the warehouse in the port as part of the quest Chapter 3. Main plot. “Serve cold” .


Chapter 3. Additional

Side quests are not as important as the main story quests, but they are still part of the story. Many lines stretch throughout the entire game. There is a suspicion that they are required to be completed in order to move to a new chapter, but I can’t say for sure. 

Visit Gamlen

“Since the death of his mother, Gamlen has lived alone. Perhaps it is worth visiting Gamlen from time to time in his house in the Lower Town.”

Visit old man Gamlen in his house in the Lower City.

“Gamlen is as pathetic as ever.”


Finding Nathaniel
You can find Delilah Howe in the Upper Town.

“Go to the Deep Roads and find Nathaniel.”

The same Nathaniel from Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening.

We have to visit the Deep Roads again. You can get there using the global map. Help Nathaniel fight off the creatures of darkness. Then follow him to find other survivors. The first one will be a gnome with explosives. Press the levers to blow up the barrels. The remaining members of the expedition died. All that remains is to kill all the creatures of darkness and collect the junk. In the chest you can find part of Varric’s armor. You will not return to this location again.


Murder of Ravens
Nunzio can be found in the Upper Town.

“Nunzio asks you to kill the famous elf assassin from Antiva. Ask Variel in the Dalish camp where he may be hiding.”

So, we move to the Broken Mountain and find Variel. Go to the indicated cave. There, don’t miss part of Isabella’s armor on the skeleton – plates of boiled leather. The entire cave is riddled with traps. At the end you will have to kill the Varterral again.
Finally, Zevran, familiar to Dragon Age: Origins players, will be released.
You can let him go, you can tie him up, or you can just deliver him to Nunzio. The latter will have to be fought in any case. Go to the Antivan camp location.


Massacre at the mine
Continuation of the quest Chapter 2. Additional. “Crawling through the cave ”

Find Hubert at the Upper Town Market.
Visit the Bone Pit location. Restless miners dug up the High Dragon.
During the battle, small dragons will attack you. Collect potions from their bodies. After winning, be sure to search the dragon! Return to Hubert at the Upper Town Market.

Herbalist’s quests
There is no list this time. Bring Solvitus the Fire Gland of the High Dragon from the quest Massacre at the Mine .


Chapter 3. Side quests

Side quests are loosely connected to the main plot. You may not even know about many of them while playing the game. Some of them even represent the work of a postman.

Missing Swords
Taarbas can be found in the Upper City.

“Find the missing Kunar swords and take them to Taarbas in the Upper City.”

These swords are everywhere, in all areas of the city and on the Ragged Coast. In chests, on bones, from merchants.


At night in the Port, kill all the slave hunters.

“The Drovers are surrounding the people at the port. Take to the streets and drive “The Beater” Jess Varwell from her lair.”

Go to “Dilapidated Alley”. If you kill everyone, but the task is not completed, wander along the alley in search of enemy squads of squads.

” All sources claim that most of the slave traders left the city.”


Almost a necessity
At night in the Lower City, kill all the troops of her followers.

“Her followers swarm throughout the Lower City. Destroy their lair and rid the city of this ‘Her’.”

Go to the “Abandoned Alley” and kill “Her”.

“You have defeated Hunker and crushed the humble dreams of her followers. Few survivors will not give up their faith.”


Red-red on the streets
At night, “bloodthirsty” live in the Upper Town, kill them.

“The ferocious Scarlet Weaver thugs are terrorizing the Upper City. Pursue their leader, the Bloodletter, to the gang’s lair.”

Go to the “suspicious house” and kill everyone.

“You stopped the main thugs from the Scarlet Weavers gang.”


A noble intention
In the very first skirmish between Knight Commander Meredith and the first sorcerer Orsino, I chose the side of the magician.
Sir Marlene Selbreck was found in the High City with a message from the aristocrats.

“Find in Cloaca a secret entrance to one of Meredith’s secret warehouses”
“Kill the rabid fanatics of the knight-commander who are “cleansing” the Lower City of residents who sympathize with the magicians”
Go to the named addresses and kill everyone. All that remains is to receive the letter.

“Sir Marlene gathers the aristocrats at night in the Lower City to convince them to oppose Meredith. Ensure the safety of the meeting”

At night, go to the Lower City and find Sir Marlene Selbreck. One of the negotiators brought templars with him! Kill them.

“The Templars tried to interrupt the meeting, Sir Marlene, but you fought them off. The aristocrats remained alive and were determined to fight against Knight Commander Meredith.”

There were three people at the meeting: Sir Marlene and two aristocrats, one of whom was a traitor. Gorgeous.


King Alistair 
“King Alistair of Frelden is waiting for you at the fortress. It’s best not to keep him waiting.”

Depending on the background you chose and the saves you imported, the quest may be different. Talk to His Majesty at the Governor’s Fortress.


Avirgan Scrolls: Aspect One
Found on the Ragged Coast, at the very beginning. Continue on and kill Medan.


Avirgan Scrolls: Aspect Three
The scroll was found near the Dalish camp.

“A mark of a secret lair has appeared on the map. Find out what lies behind it.”

Remember the path along which you carried the Ring of Flemeth? That’s about where you need to go. Kill the Spell Horror.


Avirgan Scrolls: Aspect Two
The scroll can be found in the same place where the Arcane Horror from the Third Aspect was killed, behind the stone hiding it. The demons are located beyond the “Broken Mountain Path”. Go through the cave to the cemetery and continue along the road.


Avirgan Scrolls: Pride Unleashed
“Seek other scrolls and secret lairs to expose an ancient evil.”

Once you have collected all the scrolls and killed the demons, the quest will continue: “An ancient evil is sealed deep beneath Kirkwall. Find the secret magical entrance in the Cloaca.” On the map of Cloaca, find the cross “secret lair”. This is at the entrance to Anders’ hospital. Kill the Hybris demon.


Chapter 3. The end of the game. Last straw

The Knight Commander sent you a letter.

After completing the mission Free, check your email again.

After completing the Serve Cold task, check your email again.

So, the final mission. Head to the Casemates. It’s time to make the final choice, whether you are for the magicians or the templars. It is here and now that your answer will lead to one of the two endings of the game.


Walkthrough on the side of the magicians
Fight the templars. Then go to the port. The city is engulfed in battle. Even if you are for the mages, this will not save you from the attacks of the possessed and blood mages. By ship you will be transported to Casemates.

Orsino and Meredith will take a break to prepare. Talk to your companions before the final battle. Then tell Orsino that you are ready. The battle will begin.

After the first wave, Orsino will summon a demon. You will have to kill him. Three times.

“Escape the Vaults by fighting your way through the Templar army.”

Go to the Hall of Templars. Little Sandal not only does not grow up, but still manages to find himself in the thick of things. You will soon meet Fenris, and if your friendship with him is less than the maximum, you will have to kill him. Go to the “Casemate Courtyard”.

Final fight against Meredith. Damage her. She will then bring the Gatekeeper statue to life, and then several more. And so on until you finish her off. Finally, the final video and credits await you. You will also receive a “post-campaign save” in which you can walk around the estate and complete tasks from premium content.


Walkthrough on the side of the templars
(Emphasis is placed on the differences from the walkthrough for mages)

You will have to fight with mages. When you’re done, make your way to the port to take the ship to the Casemates.

The Templars will be your allies. If the magicians in the Casemates defended themselves, then the templars, on the contrary, will storm them. Talk to your allies and then tell Meredith you’re ready.

Fight the magicians. At the end, a couple of magicians will ask you to spare them, it’s up to you. Then you need to go through the door on the right side and break through further. You will meet Sandal, who has killed a bunch of possessed people and demons. Go to the Hall of Templars. In this light, Orsino’s action makes sense. You will have to kill what he turned into three times.

“Meet Meredith outside in the courtyard.”

Go to the Hall of Templars. Even the fact that you helped her won’t stop Meredith from attacking you. You have to kill her. Gradually she will revive the statues, but the main thing is to kill her herself. After victory, the templars will kneel before you. You will find a final video and credits that are different from playing as magicians.

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