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“Frau Engel is looking for me? On the contrary, lady. I’m looking for you, “says American cripple in a wheelchair overwhelmed with fascists. His body is covered with abrasions, from clothes on it – panties and bathrobe.

Ten minutes almost all the fascists will be dead. “I am a burden,” – without a drop of humor in his voice, the agent William Blassovitz says.Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Game ReviewFor the implementation of certain actions of Blassovitz “pumps” some skills. This “feature” can not even notice.

Colossus shooting genre

Generally review Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus It would be possible to make the character quotes and describing the context of their pronouncement – here the events speak for themselves. Here, for example, another case from the first mission.

“You disgrace our race!”Says Frau Engel as a fat woman, eating a recently cake. This selected sadist will have a lot of things to give out: and produce the show “The execution of a terrorist”, and a session of oral fetishism to arrange, and give the most memorable in the American world interview. But while she just cuts off two people body parts. Man – hand, girl – head. Without censorship.

Horror, drama, fighter, comedy?

Already at the very beginning The New Colossus Detects all those features that distinguish a series of ordinary shooters. We understand that a dozen hours of shuttle anti-Nacristian action, seasoned with an absurd heroism of the main character, unusual gameplay approaches, and a very serious drama, enjoyed in the remote,.

The latter is when the events in the work of their participants are experienced quite seriously, but on some formal signs, access to which only the viewer has, and not the character, everything unfolding on the screen turns into a farce.

In this humor lies the whole concept Wolfenstein from the time of THE NEW ORDER. IN The New Colossus The authors have completely denied the brakes, and they decided to connect an intact: to establish the fascist regime in the United States. We saw something similar we saw in HomeFront: The Revolution. But the creators are Machinegames think much more conceptually than colleagues from Deep Silver: The New Colossus – This is the creation of the author, despite all its mass.Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Game ReviewYou guess what guy shines, yes?
The plot of the sequel is built around the activities of the underground organization opposing the regime. Blaskojitz will gradually acquire a group of sympathizer – a bustling-a-upriferous, black woman in the role of an office manager, a guy with a prosthetic hand … However, the last comrade is optional: at the very beginning we will make us make a choice, which will affect not some plot scenes and gameplay features.

Characters consistently lead their liberation activities and fight for the right thing. But Machinegames demonstrates the pathology of faith in the existence of this “right case” – the revolutionaries by the American society are unanimously recognized by terrorists, they explode nuclear bombs and kill millions of innocent residents, although the player looks at everything from one position. With that with which Blaskowitz and the company – non-alternative heroes.

Such a conceptual game everywhere – in characters, dialogues, music, location design. It creates the strongest emotional polyphony. We penetrate what is happening, we become participants in the events – hated fascism revolutionaries. But at the same time, we are the audience laughing all of these.

Pleasure is an ax. And the fascist near

As postmodern history new Wolfenstein Genial. Like shooter she is gorgeous. As stealth – a little loose. But to whom it is, because the question is completely different! What prostheses will get Blaskowitz instead of a stroller – this is the only thing that the player cares after the first mission.

It would be possible to just enable the hero to crawl – he would cope. But it is boring. The agent will acquire energy – scales resembling an iron man or hero dressing Dead Space. The latter gives incredible skills: Now Blasowitz can walk and break some sections of the floor under them. That is, the main character began half a robot. Well, in the conquered by the Germans of the United States with a sadistic woman headed by the Savior of mankind becomes cyborg, burdened with existential problems.Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Game ReviewLocal BFG.
Shooter mechanics – old songs about the main thing. The basis is the classic FPS of the time of the last century, in which you need to run in terms of the level, destroying the hordes of the enemies, collecting aid kits and cartridges. Similar “Old School” is complemented by original mechanics THE NEW ORDER. By default, Blaskovitz is immeasured and can move in stealth mode – quietly squeezing to enemies from the back and binding them into pieces of ax, you can significantly simplify life and yourself, and french. By the way, the perfect weapon is chosen for invisible executions, do not find?

And if still hands itch, then try not to kill the officer first of all, heading the squad of the fascists on the ground. Then he will have time to call alarm – the action will be several times more.

These common mechanics inherited and The New Colossus. But the context that makes the shooter still beyond and spectacular. For example, the Lazegever gun is a similar laser pointer, which we scared in childhood, only heavier. And when opponents and walls are mounted under her beam, it becomes so nice to the soul … in general, severe weapons that can be borrowed from defeated rivals, the most fun.

The enemies, by the way, behave adequately on the battlefield – are constantly manageable to bypass us from behind the backs, the thin-thyroid fristes are hiding behind the shelters, those who are thickening, go to the hero in the forehead. Their combination, especially in large quantities, often creates difficulties. Shooting the reptiles – one pleasure, the carcasses react spectacle to each hit. Visually everything looks juicy and bright: graphics in The New Colossus on high.

Here is such a traditional action, in 2017, the first-hand of the first-sighted first-handed first-hand first-hand of the first-hand first-hand of armor, symbolizing ten glasses and dynamism is not inferior to the latter Doom. But unlike her The New Colossus constantly inserts his five kopecks of narrative. Of that very, which makes it simultaneously laughing and crying.Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Game ReviewEvery time in your life, the conversation will go about politics, remember this scene.

Professor Dowell’s Head

And every time these five kopecks – by weight of gold, for almost all the dialogues, all rollers are stylistically perfect. Literally in any scene you can see some madness. Each character is gorgeous in its self-denial – they are all heroes – revolutionaries, and parodies on themselves.

This is some style Saints Row. But skill Machinegames distinguished by what she is presented with a serious mine. Everything is so elegant and subtly that you believe and empathize every story, every dialogue and character – and first of all the tragedies of Blaskovitsa.

He remains to live for about two weeks – this is the price of wearing a supercase. The monologues of the hero, the biographical episodes of return home and memories of the childhood of Little Billy, and the stern face with the scar and alpha samstaya jaw, are easy to lose a tear.

And in these moments, the image of Blaskovits seems the most rectilinear and transparent, and his story is so natural and understandable. There are no ears of other characters in it – only courage, the desire to deal with freedom and simple, sincere, human feelings.

Pupping ODD Dramatism of Creation Machinegames only one side of the intellectual labor of the developers. IN Wolfenstein any moral or emotional promise is not an end. Any idea here exists only in order to be destroyed. Some small detail, movement in the frame. The New Colossus reflects and ironizes over everything: our agent is not a sworn enemy of fascism, but its main showman;The dramatic end of the hero was inevitable, but at one moment everything changes. Blassovitz is Dadpool, but as a true spy, hides it.Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Game ReviewThis is how this Nazi evil must be ..

Mr. Hitler

Here you sneak up to opponents not only in order to stay unnoticed, but to hear the dialogues between them. Two friction will definitely not discuss real problems, and if they are, some pearl hid behind them. For example, the fascists, weeks hiding in the “shadow” part of the submarine from us, terrorists, dream of a steak and declare: “We are submariners. Do not break us. The same concerns and scattered over the levels of the spell. Notes are not so much, but every study carefully to discover this omnipresent author’s laughter.

In fact Machinegames much larger than it seems. Developers can simply take and insert in the frame “Cartoon” monster. Why? They are having fun, mock conventionals.

The main surrosis, on which the creators decided, should not be described in order to avoid spoilers. But after him The New Colossus The right right can be called the most highly intelligent shooter, which will have a complete deconstruction of the figure “Hero / Terrorist”. After the plot Fint and Action acquires new faces. Fresh Hero Skills By yourself Patches – How do you supervalicity to squeeze the chest? They are somewhat expanding the possibilities of moving on locations, but their main role is in the updated self-identification of the main character. The whole drama flies under the tail, all the problems, all “heroism”.

Each video Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Set amazing. But there is a small problem: if you calculate the ratio of the time of direct gameplay to the timing of the video detection, then it seems to be something about 3: 1. I did not check, but too often the gameplay is interrupted by video. Although they are made amazing, the authors still had to inform their director’s ambitions. Or maybe not – Fritz knows him!Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Game ReviewSorry for the abundance of screenshots from gaming videos, but you can not keep.***
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – the smartest, extravagant and brave shooter of recent years. And not because some important topics are discussed here. Just the opposite – the game appeals to the simplest and understandable for each things: causes emotions with tear scenes and squeezes adrenaline action. The player must do what he likes, – shoot, laugh and empathize. However, he will have a vague sensation to the final titers that the “Colossus” absurdity – not just the creative developers. And this is the absurdity that promptly lives in the very core of shooters, games, politics and our whole life in general.

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