World of Gambling: Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

In the modern industry of gambling, the clubs have their own rules. Among them are different bonus systems and loyalty programs such as SlotClub, without which it is hard to imagine an online establishment. A wide selection of games, their quality, and fairness together with favorable conditions are not enough to succeed. The platform must be interesting and attractive. Let us discuss programs and bonuses that are used for this purpose.

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What is a loyalty program?

In online clubs, it is a special tool used to support a gamer’s interest in playing actively. It applies only to registered clients and in different institutions has a set of privileges. Nowadays, the network has a large number of virtual platforms that offer gaming software for gambling. Increasing competition leads to the development of such programs together with other effective tools and solutions to attract the audience.

In essence, it is a system of rewards, expressed in the form of points, which tend to accumulate. Once a player has earned the needed number of points, he can exchange them for such options as free spins, cash equivalent, increase in deposit, and more, or increase the status. The conditions are similar but still unique for each and every platform.

Points can be awarded for some of the following actions:

  • general activity;
  • winnings;
  • the total time or funds spent on the platform;

As a rule, both winnings and losses are taken into account, the general indicator is deduced and points are accrued for it.

The program of this type is a system of rewards that offer a new status, additional comfort when withdrawing funds, accelerated processing of applications. This approach is both a financial motivator to invest in the game, and psychological – a player who has received a VIP-level, feels respectable.

The most common version of the loyalty program is level. Different casinos have different conditions, but the basic rules are almost the same. When registering and making the first deposit, the player is given the status of a newcomer. Then, depending on the activity, points are collected on a special bonus account, which can be checked in the personal account. To do this, you must log in to the site.

There can be up to 7 levels and more on different sites, which can be called differently – bronze, silver, gold, diamond… There are also other formulations – Beginner, Experienced, Professional Master, etc. The longer a gambler visits the club and plays, the higher his status.

Each level gives a certain set of privileges. These can be:

  • increased limits on replenishment of withdrawals;
  • payment of commissions at the expense of the institution;
  • priority access to new products;
  • participation in special promotions and tournaments with increased prize money;
  • high percentage of cashback;
  • personal manager;
  • more free spins and other gifts;
  • nominal bonuses.

VIP-status gives significant additions to deposits, opens access to additional opportunities, clubs, personal invitations to offline events. The more solid the club is, the better and wider is the loyalty program.

How a loyalty program is developed

This work is done by marketing professionals who take into account many factors to create optimal conditions for the player. The system must be attractive, competitive, motivating to achieve a higher level. At the same time, a balance must be struck between generosity and financial costs so that the club does not suffer losses.

What aspects are taken into account when developing a loyalty program:

  • bonuses and rewards interesting to the target audience;
  • their number is constantly updated, new privileges are added;
  • not much time passes between updates;
  • the rules are simple and clear, without small print additions and hidden requirements;
  • there are unique rewards that no one else has;
  • to reach the highest level is difficult, but real;
  • focusing on a wide audience, not just the most active users;
  • conducting an active advertising campaign to alert more users.

In addition, all offers are sent to users by e-mail, in the personal account, various methods of informing potential customers are used. The more people learn about an attractive bonus program, the more likely they are to be involved and then retained on the site.

Differences between bonuses and loyalty programs

Some inexperienced gamers confuse the terminology, calling as bonuses all promotions. However, the usual bonuses are somewhat different functionally and it is worth knowing. Bonuses are one-time actions dedicated to an event or action. For example, bonuses are issued for registration, first or second replenishment, on a certain day of the week, date, holiday.

Keep in mind that any bonus is accompanied by special conditions called wager. This means that the amount received must be recouped, and only after fulfilling all the requirements to withdraw to a personal account. A wager is expressed by a factor that means the multiplicity of the amount of the win.

In some cases, the payback period and the slots on which it will be credited are specified. Other conditions may include minimum and maximum limits for bets. This is a common practice of all online establishments, protection against bonus hunters who register in the casino solely for the sake of receiving bonus money and then putting them on the card immediately.

In turn, the loyalty program operates on a permanent basis, so it is more attractive for those who plan long-term cooperation with the club. The system includes a whole package of offers, supplemented by new privileges.

How to select a loyalty program

Due to a large number of clubs available online, the question of choosing one of them is complicated. Beginners are lost among the many offers and cannot stop at anyone. In order not to miss a really worthwhile option, just answer a few questions:

  • What does the program give me personally?
  • Does it meet my expectations?
  • Can I meet all the conditions and requirements associated with receiving rewards?
  • How attractive are bonuses compared to other online clubs?
  • What is the scoring system used, its validity, exchange options?
  • Has the equivalent of points to monetary amounts been developed or can they be changed only to increase the level?
  • Can I take full advantage of all the proposals, or are they unrealistic?
  • Are there additional bonuses for high rollers or does everyone play on equal terms?

If not all of these questions are answered, you can clarify them by contacting technical support. This is a good way to test the support for professionalism, responsiveness, and speed of interaction with customers.

Both an experienced gambler and a beginner pay attention to the special programs when selecting an online club. It is worth noting that too generous promises should be checked very carefully. It is better to study the conditions and rules to avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters. If we take the example of the Slotbox, then it clearly spells out all the necessary points to get bonuses, without some hidden data.

The benefits of a program for each player are individual, but they have some significance when choosing a platform for gambling. If the system is given enough attention, it is regularly updated, work is being done to improve the service in general, that means the club is constantly improving and this is a good sign. First, read all the available information about bonuses and promotions and then make your choice and enjoy the game.

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