How a Passion for Video Gaming Matches Gamers with Each Other

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February 17, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

The gaming community is certainly inclusive, with people from all different races, sexual orientations, lifestyles, and locations joining in on the fun. While the idea of gaming doesn’t often make one think of romance, in truth, video games can actually be a great way to find your partner for a while or forever (as well as form life-long friendships). If you’ve ever wondered how to expand your dating pool using video games, keep reading: we’ll tell you!

How a Passion for Video Gaming Matches Gamers with Each Other

Where to Find Your Own Princess Peach

Many singles jump online to find potential partners, but they often limit their options purely to dating websites. Sure, they are great tools for finding hookups and help a lot, actually. While it’s certainly possible to hook up tonight on a dating site and hang out with someone, chances are, it’s even possible to find someone who shares your every gaming belief and interest. Gamers generally center their lives around video games, so finding a partner who can appreciate this lifestyle is of the utmost importance. If your new partner doesn’t understand the gamer lifestyle, then it’s unlikely any new relationship will last long! Here is the point where the dating matchmaking sites stand on guard, providing decent algorithms to find people with the same interests and background as you. Even nearby, so you can meet no obstacles seeing them one day.

So, where exactly should you look? Casual dating sites are an option, but rather than using generic dating services just like everyone else does, one may still make it work better using game-specific data to find a compatible partner. Just fill up your profile with proper interests and specify what genres you do prefer. Leave some place for other hobbies or sports. And you’re ready to go. You just need to play the games you like; there is surely someone who nukes in this game and is lonely too this evening!

Which Games Are Good for Romance?

 If you only play LAN games, then you won’t meet anyone you don’t already know! If you’re serious about finding a romantic partner online, then you’ll need to play online.

However, different types of games tend to have different atmospheres, which means you’ll need to take the genre of the game into account. For example, an MMORPG like World of Warcraft offers a lot of romantic potential since the community overall is much more accepting. For individuals, either FPS or MMORPGs can be used to find love, but you should play a game that you enjoy. This ensures that (once you meet someone) you’ll have a common interest!

 Why Video Game Dating Works

Sharing common interests is important for the health of a relationship, but it’s also helpful during the “pre-date” period. You’ll likely spend a lot of time together online and go on virtual dates before deciding to meet up in the real world. Dating in-game offers many advantages over real-world dates since there are plenty of amazing locations and places to explore that you could never visit IRL. In-game dating also allows you to test your partnership since you can work together towards a common goal.

What to Do on a Virtual Date

 The best part about virtual dates is that the dating options are limitless. However, you should still keep a couple of things in mind to maintain the traditional dating experience. Here are two important things to consider when planning your next virtual date.


 First things first: what are you planning to do on your date? Different types of games will offer different activities, but you’ll have a lot more date options if you’re playing an MMORPG. These types of games allow you to skill (level up) together, fight bosses together, travel to new locations, and even do two-player quests! On the other hand, FPS games are all about action, which isn’t great for carrying a conversation. Nonetheless, you can still play on the same team (team deathmatch) or aid each other in 1v1 matches (deathmatch). If you met through an FPS game, then we would recommend using private voice chat for your date. This allows you to get to know your date better without subjecting the entire lobby to your conversation.


 Just because it’s a virtual date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up! Popular FPS games like CoD have many different skins you can use to customize your character’s appearance. Since you’re going on a date together, choosing matching outfits might help enhance the experience! Of course, you can also maintain a sense of individuality and simply choose your favorite outfit. Many MMORPGs (such as Runescape) have in-game trading features, which allow you to provide your date with a gift. It may be virtual, but a gift can certainly make someone’s day!

Moving Offline

While dating a gamer in the virtual world is fun, eventually, you’ll probably decide to take things offline. Never fear: since you’ve spent so much time talking to each other online, your first offline date is sure to be a success! Since you already know what each other likes and share similar interests, you’ll have plenty to talk about on your first “real” date. Still, remember to consider activities and attire when planning your date (they still matter offline!). As with most things, plan, prepare, and then enjoy — happy dating!

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