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December 28, 2021
6 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

“I wish I knew…” – this is the most frequent thought most players repeat after completing their favorite game. Let’s be honest: if you know answers to many questions you would make better decisions and reach better results in the end. For instance, the skills that are worth upgrading, the most useful equipment to buy, etc. 

Usually, we are wise after the event but with the following tips, you can have a better experience playing God of War. Such guidelines are helpful no matter what you need: playing a game, writing my and your paper for money, or preparing a business presentation for a conference. As God of War is a trending game of 2021 you may be interested in secrets, strategies, and other special things to know before playing it. So here they are!

Guide: Useful Tips Before You Start Playing God of War 

Make your choices wisely 

After approximately 5-6 first hours of playing God of Water, you can’t earn plenty of XP. It’s fine and doesn’t harm good gameplay but you must understand your essential needs and potential challenges. As a result, your first task is to choose your prior skills. Plan which skills you want to unlock according to the gaming style you prefer. Such a wise approach lets you be strong and successful from the beginning. 

Anyway, no one forces you to select any skills. During the game, you’ll be able to unlock all available options. Just focus on making rational decisions from the beginning.  

Pay attention to the details

Among all the God of War beginner tips, this one is definitely in prior. Once you join this world, you’ll be impressed with its scale. Most players make mistakes because they focus only on the main storyline and ignore details. But there are many real gems and valuable items outside. 

Pay extra attention to the treasure chests. These boxes don’t seem important but contain very valuable benefits for players. For instance, you can maximize your health immediately by using Horns of Blood Mead and Idunn Apples. 

Take your time

The story starts at the liner. Then you will reach the Lake of Nine and be able to observe new places. There is no need to rush. You have enough time to explore optional areas and look for extra benefits there. For instance, rewards, resources, equipment, etc. 

Players like God of War for its storyline and can’t wait to go further. But its side content is also worth your attention. If you hurry up to complete the story you’ll miss more than you think. So be attentive, observe optional areas, and collect extra benefits. Also, rely on these tips for God of War if you are not a newbie for a better gaming experience. 

Be creative and consistent

Take a look at the Skill tree. There are so many different attacks that new players may be confused about. Don’t be! The variety of attacks will help you to make creative combinations. Thanks to unique combos you’ll make sudden moves and win combats. 

An extra piece of advice: after you earn a new skill you need to focus on its advantages. Take your time to understand how it works and how it could help you. Then you’ll be able to combine your skills in the most powerful and creative combos. 

Prefer the one playstyle and follow it

You have an incredible amount of options to customize your playstyle. Thanks to it, you may create yourself from the ground up. As a result, you’ll follow your creative strategy and reach fantastic goals you didn’t even expect. For instance, you may start with a traditional class route to combine strength and defense. Then you’ll understand your priorities in combat and develop important skills. 

So take your time and focus on the skills you value the most. Pay attention to the statistics in combat, set goals according to your imagination, and follow God of War tips and tricks. This is a tried and trusted approach you may rely on without a doubt. 

Try runic attacks

Players tend to use default attacks during the game. These combos are trusted and efficient but you can also try special moves too. If you use runic attacks you’ll be impressed with your power. There are heavy and light options and both are turned on by holding L1 and pressing R1 or R2. 

Such a special move is a very powerful God of War strategy on its own. But every type of runic attack has its unique particularities and can help you make a great move in the game. As a result, your proper choice may change the story, turn the tide of the battle, and increase your chances of success. 

Use a quick turn option

During the gameplay, there would be plenty of times you are surrounded by enemies. In such situations, you may try to figure things out just by rolling out of these scenes. But sometimes such an option isn’t available. Usually, it happens when you are located in a place that doesn’t have enough space. It seems there is nothing you can do but it’s not. 

There is a quick turn option. It allows a player to back off easily. All you need is to press down on your pad. If you experience disorientation then it’s fine because these moves can save your life. This is better than you can expect in dangerous issues. 

Select your enchantments wisely

During the game, you’ll have an opportunity to change your old armor to a new one. Players are happy with upgrades because new equipment will enhance their strength and defense skills. But at the same time don’t get caught in the arms of passion: you need to have a cold mind to make rational decisions. 

So keep balance and select new enchantments properly. Remember, that new armor and skills must come in handy for you. 

Finally, you should enjoy the game and rely on your playstyle. Your mission is having fun (and winning of course). But there are several important things to know before playing God of War. Use the mentioned above tips and your experience with God of War will be amazing!

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