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May 19, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Communication helps people to share ideas, socialize, and build strong relationships. It is also a crucial part of professional growth since you have to interact with colleagues, clients, juniors, seniors, and stakeholders in your industry, among other associates. The best communicators achieve their goals and will rule the others.

5 Best Communication Activities For College Students


People should learn communication at any age. Communication is especially important among college students as they prepare to join professional life. Tutors can use different tricks to impart communication skills among students. Here are some of the best activities to help college students to learn communication.

  • Team games

Teamwork is only possible where seamless communication exists. Team games require the members to choose individuals for different roles and each to play his part. It also teaches turn-taking, expression, and listening. These are crucial aspects of communication. Order Essay Online and experts will help you with assignments as you engage in games or activities that make you a better communicator.

Communication involves focus beyond individual goals. Since you have a target to meet as a group, you must find the easiest route or strategy. Each person contributes his ideas. The team then evaluates the ideas to pick the most viable.

Football, rugby, baseball, cricket, and relay athletics are some of the games you may engage in. They allow each team member to offer particular skills. Some will be defenders while others attack. While choosing team members to take different positions, the students will engage.

Each moment of play requires different types of communication strategies. You speak in some instances while you signal in others. You also predict the movement and actions of your teammates while playing. All these are communication instances. Only the best team at communication will deliver the best results.

  • Group assignments

Set college assignments to be completed in groups. The basic idea is to bring the students together. They have to set discussion sessions, assign roles for typists, literature review, data collection, and other activities to be undertaken for the group assignment to be complete.

It is possible to complete a group assignment remotely. However, the members have to create a communication platform and protocol. For instance, they will set an app where each member updates the group about his progress. They will also discuss each portion of the work on the platform. Without agreeing on a time and the resources they require, it will be impossible to complete the assignment.

Allow the students to set their group rules. They should also work within the timeline provided to accomplish the task. If they cannot communicate effectively, their group assignment will fail or produce poor results.

  • Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt is a strategy game. It involves secrets and hints that team members have to unravel to get to the treasure. Each member of the team must bring his skills and expertise to unravel the secret.

A treasure hunt also requires a combination of ideas. The team discusses each idea before taking a step. Without communication, the members will waste time and be overtaken by those who can agree easily.

Communication involves giving a take. Some ideas will be more appealing or presented by people with stronger personalities. The entire team must agree on the best step to take. Such games highlight the need for proper communication.

  • Sports

All sporting activities require teamwork. It is especially important to develop a communication code that your opponents cannot decode. It helps you to bypass their defense lines and execute your strategy until you win.

Sporting activities also involve communication with the referees and managers outside the field. It also utilizes a different form of communication where you observe your opponents. Sports make people more expressive since you have to interact in an animated atmosphere. It is one of the best activities to help college students to learn and appreciate the value of communication.

  • Role Play

Some communication concepts can be taught indirectly through the activities outlined above. However, some have to be stated clearly. Roleplay is one of the best ways to teach communication skills directly.

Pick situations where communication is crucial. Allow the students to act them out. Analyze the results and discuss other outcomes at the end of the roleplay. It helps them to understand the lessons and find places to apply the ideas learned.

Roleplay will only be effective once you choose the right skits. Identify communication situations that the students can relate to. In reverse, you may allow the students to develop skits that display the need for communication. As they generate ideas, they will understand communication better.

The best communication activities leave a memorable lesson in the minds of the students. While you guide the students, you should also allow them to generate their ideas. Guide the students through the activities to make it easier for them to understand the lessons.

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