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November 30, 2021
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Do you need to open IBAN account and at the same time to avoid the bureaucracy? Genome — modern licensed and secure Electronic Money Institution — is going to help you with this issue. Its financial service provide the ability to create IBAN account online very fast and comfortable. The valuable information about Genome Account is presented right here.

IBAN account: its special features and benefits

One of the ways to Transfer money is to use the International Bank Account Number or IBAN. This numbering system was created for identification of recipients of payments in Europe and all over the world. Generally, IBAN contains no more than 34 digits and is unique for each user. Therefore, the errors are avoided and money is transferred to the right account.

Open a SEPA IBAN account for business

With IBAN account you can:

  1. Transfer money via SEPA transfers, SWIFT international system or send them instantly between accounts in Genome. All the transfers can be saved and scheduled.
  2. If your business grows, open new IBANs in Genome (up to 5) in each currency — USD or EUR.
  3. Get a VISA debit card and activate it virtually to control all your business transactions and pay securely.
  4. Use your account to accept payments, analyze customers and create payments for them, optimize conversion.
  5. Through My Team feature add up to 20 members of your company to the account and give them the right to work in this online account.

The main thing is that with the Genome IBAN account you can be always sure of security.

Open IBAN account: the instruction

First and foremost, you’ll need your Genome Account, where you can add up to 5 IBANs:

  1. Sign up to the system filling in your email or phone number.
  2. Pass the verification of your identity.
  3. Add the business documents and ownership proof.

You can additionally add the link to the official registry of your company. All the details with the IBAN number appear on the dashboard.

Your IBAN account may be further operated fully online. Try to manage finances via the online account in the web version or with Genome App and enjoy all the preferences that are given within it.

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