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November 23, 2021
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By Jonny Gamer

When you have learned all the basics of the game and become, so to say, on your feet, you need to learn one more truth, without which you can’t play properly – how to farm PoE currency. And though Path of Exile has no currency as such, there is a certain exchange object, that is necessary for buying equipment and other consumables. This is especially important if you’re following any build and trying to hit all the recommendations. But even if you’re playing on your own, the currency won’t be superfluous. Here we’ll look at all the most profitable ways to make money in POE.

How to get currency in Path of Exile POE

The most important way to farm Path of Exile

This point was made to explain the very essence of farming in POE. It’s all about the usual map sweeping here. Your goal for the most part is simply to walk around the maps, kill mobs, and collect loot from them. Almost all of the ways to farm, described below, will be based on this element of gameplay.

Of course, you can say that a lot depends solely on luck because most drops drop you absolutely randomly. But one thing is for sure: after the map will be cleared, you’ll get your reward.

Skill Stones

The exile’s abilities are encapsulated in these very items. Skill stones are inserted into weapons and thus enhance the character. It is the pumping of these stones and then selling them later that is your goal. If your build is not too picky about skill stones, i.e. you have a small amount of them, you can put additional stones, for example, for survivability or damage.

Especially it will be profitable if you are farming low-level locations, where mobs die with a couple of light blows. You need an extra set of weapons for this, and preferably they should be paired or match the weapon + shield combination. This will give you 6 slots into which you can insert skill stones to pump.

This way you can pump skill stones for sale. Stones at level 20 are quite lucrative, levels 18-19 are a bit cheaper, and below that there’s not much point in selling them. But I want to note that this method will work if you devote a lot of time to the game because the skills to such high levels pumped not in an hour.

MF build

POE has a lot of different equipment and weapons, focused on increasing loot during the game. Players with normal builds can afford to sometimes put such an item, but of great benefit, in this case, will not be. But there are special builds, the essence of which is built on the union of all such equipment. They are called MF (Magic Find) builds.

High combat characteristics such loot does not contain and its users generally win on the fact that go to the location and very long with persistence farming it in the hope to catch valuable items for sale or just buy PoE currency or orbs. The most common way to get divination cards, the importance of which is not in rarity, but in quantity. Generally, the essence of this method is not rare and unique items, but in maximum quantity.

The method will be to those who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of quantity their pleasure. Otherwise, you just lose interest in the game.

The main items for MF build:

  • Biscoe Collar
  • Lash of Biscoe
  • Ventor Game
  • Wind Diverter

Killing Bosses

The advantage of this method is that you get rare items that fall only from a certain boss. Naturally, it is suitable for experienced players, and newcomers will have to pump up their character a bit to pass such tests on “hurrah”. To pass strong bosses, you must have a properly constructed build that can do the most damage to the target. It is also important to have the necessary information about the boss that you are going to go against, namely its tactics and possibilities to bypass its attacks.

There are a lot of guides on these topics and recommended builds on the Internet. Also, specify how to get to this or that boss. Entry to it is not free and you will have to spend something anyway. However, we’re back to remind you about randomness. You never know if you will get the really valuable item or the next piece of junk. So don’t be surprised if you win almost nothing, but spend a lot of money. But still, this way is much more effective than grinding MF builds and collecting fortune cards.

How to get currency in Path of Exile POE

Chaos Recipe

If you’re a beginner who doesn’t have much time to play, you can turn to this way of farming. Be warned, it’s not fast, but it can bring you profit. You have to do the following. Go to the card with the first tees (if you can afford it, then take a higher level of cards), farm all the rare items on them, and combine these items into sets.

Then this fully assembled set you give the merchant for about two spheres of chaos. If you farm on more difficult maps, for example, where roam monsters with level 78 and above, then, of course, the items from them will be priced much more expensive, namely the sphere of kings. The rest of the prices can be explored on the trade.

But there’s something else worth knowing: when selling an entire set for one set amount, you might miss out on an item that’s worth several ascension spheres. This is a rare occurrence, but it’s very real.

Application of Vaal Spheres

Vaaling, applied on items, is a matter of randomness and depends entirely on luck, but if you have it in abundance, it is not unreasonable to try this method.

You act according to the following plan. First, get the spheres Vaal, then buy some cheap unique, but which has a demand and which will increase its value in case of appearance on its tainted modifiers. On your purchase, you apply the above sphere and get a certain result.

It can be either good or bad. In the best case, you’ll get a very good roll on your item (like a percentage to maximum resistances or an increase to the level of placed stones), which you can sell. But the rest of the time you might get a disappointment and a waste of your Path of Exile currency. If the item becomes rare, or if it changes and gets an unwanted mod, you can give up and forget about it.

Like gambling, this method can not be called a full-fledged income. But it is possible to play with their luck. Although very fond of it is not necessary.

Try each of these methods, if you want to get more profit. Yes, they aren’t all perfect, and in each case, you will have to make an effort to get the result, but there is no other way in Path of Exile.

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