Fallout Shelter: Game Tips

Fallout Shelter: Game Tips

There should always be water. Without it, radioactive contamination begins.
When releasing someone into the wasteland, give him 20 steampacks and 10 radx.
Money is earned using rush. To do this, you need to have a sufficient amount of water and equipped weapons to defend against cockroaches.
Bring couples together. Constantly. Do not forget that men should preferably have high charisma. The woman drops out for 3 hours. And the child grows 3 hours.
You can build a radio for 1-2 cells as a replacement for childbirth.
Build production facilities on 3 cells, and training facilities on 1 cell.
Constantly train someone for production.
Simple clothing and weapons are mined by scouts in the Wasteland.
Good – predominantly through lunch boxes.
Always close the application and unload it from the RAM so as not to end up without resources.
You cannot de-energize the room. Can only be sold.
By the way, the luck parameter affects the chance and size of receiving a reward for the production of water / energy / food, so you need to download L first of all, as it actually affects the campaigns in the wasteland

Strength: decreases the timer when working in a power plant
Perception: Increased chances in battle
Endurance: affects health points (inside and outside the hideout)
Charisma: Reduces the time it takes girls to get pregnant. Also gives a chance to make friends with enemies outside (experience is given, zero damage).
Intelligence: Affects timers for drug production (Stims and Radaway)
Agility: Affects the cooking timer
Luck: Affects the amount of loot outside, the number of caps when the job is finished.

At the moment there is a bug – if you delete the living quarters, then some pregnant women will never give birth to a child.
Some strategic tips for newbies to build their first (or non-first) hideout:

The width of the “pit” for the shelter is ideal for building each floor (except for the first) in the configuration “three-room (A) – elevator (1) – three-room (B) – elevator (2) – two-room (C)” … Probably for a reason. It makes sense in this configuration and build.
The “three-room space” in the previous paragraph is a three-room space. Not three rooms in different rooms. Strategically, it makes no sense to build a room if you do not want to grow it to the maximum (in this place).
The only difference on the first floor is that the vault door is two-room (while, strangely, it can accommodate two people, not four), and the elevator (1) will start right after it.
If you don’t know yet, then, despite the fact that there is a mountain above you, and it would seem that something could be built in it too, the second floor, the third – no, nothing can be built up. Ground floor – with an entrance door – and only down from it.
Building three-room versions of premises is more profitable than upgrading. Of course, provided that you have people to work in it. If there are no people – your non-pregnant ladies urgently need to relax in living quarters / apartments…
In the end, you will have many floors and many rooms. A very good way to make it easier for yourself to be able to navigate in them is to build rooms in vertical pairs (for example, a Garden and another Garden below it). This does not apply to training rooms – you won’t need so many of them. To the production of stimpacks / radpacks and radio stations – perhaps, too.
How easy is it to navigate the training rooms? And build them one under the other, in the order of the letters of the word SPECIAL.

What to build in Column A, what in Column B, what in Column C (with two-room rooms)?

Over the course of the game, instead of the Power Generator, it will be possible to build a more expensive but more efficient Nuclear Reactor; instead of Water Treatment – Water Purification; instead of Diner, a more efficient Garden. Therefore, it is logical to plan that you will demolish all these premises at some point in order to free up space for more advanced options..
For the same reasons, perhaps try not to upgrade the Power Generator / Water Treatment / Diner. And you don’t mind the money when you demolish; and the drawdown on this resource in the period from demolition to the construction of an advanced version will be less noticeable.
You can only demolish a room with nothing on one side (left or right)!
Due to the above factors, it makes sense to build production facilities (Power / Water / Diner) in column A, because to the left of them it will always be empty, and they can always be demolished; in column B – living quarters, training halls, production of steampacks / radpacks, a radio station; in column C – warehouses and possibly small branches of training halls. By the time you open Nuclear Reactor / Water Purification / Garden, Column B will be able to build them.

Have you thought about what to train Endurance for? (well, except for increasing the survivability in incidents and in the desert) The warehouse is marked with the letter E, and people with high Endurance can be sent there … but this, in general, does not work. Well, besides the fact that there will be someone to put out the fire or drive away the radioroaches. Warehouses work great without people. But people with a pumped endurance will work in … Nuka-Cola Bottler. Of course, Nuka-Cola Bottler will not replace Gardens and Water Purifications, but extra resources will not hurt; again, diversification.

Several life hacks:

Quests like “dress up 10 people” or “give 5 people a weapon” can be completed in a couple of minutes, if you already have a sufficient amount of clothes or weapons (even if they are already worn / given to someone). It doesn’t matter whether someone put on these clothes (weapons) on someone before this quest or not – the quest counter only records the fact that a particular item has already been worn as part of this quest, or not! Has this quest started? – ok, you are looking for a dressed person, you take off his clothes, put them back on (the counter is incremented), you are looking for the next person …
Quests like “5 people went to the desert” are also no more difficult. After all, no one forces us to travel there for a long time, the main thing is to leave, right? OK; you throw a person into the desert, the counter is incremented, you immediately recall him back, repeat …
Since you already know how the elevators will go, here’s a trick: for the cost of one elevator section, you can build two – where you want, and (automatically) directly under it! For example, if you have just completed a three-room building in column B; under it the room is not yet three-room (!); you are going to build elevator 2 to the right of this room; there is no elevator under it yet (no stones interfere with its construction, but you cannot build it yet, because there is not yet a three-room building). If in such a place you build elevator section 2, another section will be completed right below it!
Have high-level “named” heroes come to you? At first, since they are usually of a good standard, they can be thrown into hot spots in production; but in the end they will most likely be the best dwellers. Although between sorties it would be nice to pump them up to the maximum.

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