Hearts of Iron IV Cheat Codes

During the game, press the “~” (tilde) key. Then enter:

aircombat (airc) [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] – launch an air battle in the selected location
reload [file name] – reload the selected object
time – display current time
building_health (bhealth) [X] [X] [X] [X] – change the strength characteristics of the building
rendertype – show the used render
tweakergui – activate GUI editor
reloadfx [Arguments: map / mapname / postfx or * .fx filename] – reload shaders
particle_editor – activate particle editor
massconquer (massc) – get a conquest tool
deleteallunits (delall) – the entire army and fleet of the selected country are deleted
teleport (tp) [X] – teleport the selected army or fleet to the selected location
theatersrebuild (trebuild) – all theaters of war in the world were launched first (all orders are deleted)
fronts – enable / disable the visibility of enemy fronts
traderoutes – enable / disable the visibility of trade routes
debug_tactics – enable / disable debug visibility for tactics menu
allowdiplo (adiplo, nocb) – use diplomatic actions regardless of the rules
debug_nuking – conduct atomic provinces without checking conditions
reloadsupply (relsup) – supply system restarted
deltat [X] – change animation speed
whitepeace (wp) [X] – world with selected countries
testtool (test) – a tool for testing
analyzetheatres (anth) – find errors in theaters of war
instantconstruction (ic) – enable / disable quick construction
nomapicons – enable / disable the display of icons on the map
nopausetext – enable / disable the pause icon (for screenshots)
nextsong – change the current composition of the soundtrack
combatsound – frequency of playing a combat composition (from 0 to 50)
morehumans (humans) [num] – add people
window (wnd) [Arguments: open / close] [window gui name] – open / close the selected window
reloadinterface – reload the entire interface
reloadtechnologies – reload technology database
event [event id] [X] – trigger the selected event
research [all] – research all technologies in the selected research field
research_on_icon_click – research technologies by clicking on the technology icon
annex [X] – start annexing the selected state
winwars – set the maximum number of military points
testevent [X] [X] – check the event without calling
manpower [X] – add human resources
add_opinion [X] – add positive points of relations with the country you need
tag [X] – switch control to the selected country
resign – resign
add_interest [X] – add a state to the list of interests
remove_interest [X] – remove the state from the list of interests
add_diplo – add diplomatic actions
updateequipments – update hardware database
updatesubunits – update the subunits database
reloadoob [X] – reload orders of the selected state
update_loc [localization tag] – update location tags of localization files
poll – show available events
PrintSynchStuff – show a random number with a key
SetRandomCount – set a random count from 0 to arg
observe (spectator) – the game goes into observer mode
ai – enable / disable AI
human_ai – enable / disable AI for live players
ai_invasion enable / disable AI
ai_accept (yesman) – AI automatically accepts your diplomatic offers
fow (debug_fow) [OPTIONAL] – disable the fog of war
prices – get price information
add_core [X] – make a province national
remove_core [X] – The province is no longer national
debug_zoom – zoom in the camera in the game
debug_types – display the data type of all dynamic objects
collision (debug_collision) – display the debugging screen of normals / bounding boxes / collision
savegame – save the game
IP – display your IP address
requestgamestate – request host game state
nudge – open map position editor tool
mapmode [Mapmode type (int)] – change the map mode.
fullscreen – fullscreen mode (enable / disable)
debug_show_event_ID – display event ID
debug_assert – enable / disable claims display
debug_smooth – enable / disable frame smoothing
debug_nomouse – enable / disable mouse wheel scrolling
debug_cities – enable / disable city display
debug_water – enable / disable water
debug_off_front_snap (dbg_fsnap) – start debugging offensive fronts
debug_borders – enable / disable border display
debug_trees – enable / disable trees
debug_rivers – enable / disable rivers
debug_postfx – enable / disable PostFX
debug_sky – enable / disable sky display
debug_events – event counting
debug_dumpevents – send event data to the game log
debug_diploactions – diplomatic countdown
debug_dumpdiploactions – send diplomatic action data to the game log
debug_bloom – enable / disable glow effect
debug_tooltip – enable / disable tooltips
cityreload – reload cities
error – errors in the logs
version – show the game version
debug_nogui – enable / disable graphical interface
debug_ai_budget [CountryTag] – display AI budget
debug_textures – write texture information to the application debug log
debug_achievements_clear – reset all achievements and user statistics
moveunit [X] [X] – move units to the selected location
spawn [X] [X] [X] – create a unit in the selected area
cameraclamp – enable / disable camera stabilization
provtooltipdebug (tdebug) – show debug information in the province window
reloadweather [X] – change the weather
debug_volume [X] – change the volume of music
debug_lockcamera – enable / disable camera movement
debug_info – enable / disable debug information
debug_particle – show particle debugging information
weather – enable / disable weather modeling
debug_air_vs_land (dbg_cas) – enable / disable debugging of the battle of ground forces against aviation
mapnames – enable / disable map name
gbreload – reload gradient borders
oos – desync
xp [XP amount] – add experience points
threat [Threat amount] – add player aggression level
pp (fuhrer_mana, political_power) [PP amount] – add political power points
3dstats – enable / disable 3D statistics
hdr – enable / disable hdr
civilwar [X] [X] – start a civil war
createlean – create LEAN textures
hsv – convert RGB to HSV
gbpaint [layer] [channel] – show gradient borders
occupationpaint (op) – enable / disable the display of occupation
setowner [country tag] [state id] – set the owner of the region
setcontroller [country tag] [province id] – set the owner of the province
aiview – show AI information
Focus.AutoComplete – Instant National Tricks
instant_prepare – quickly land flotillas
hdr_debug – enable / disable HDR debugging
srgb – enable / disable sRGB
bloom – enable / disable glow
night – enable / disable night

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