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March 24, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer


Cossacks 3 Cheat Codes List:

During the game, to enter cheat codes, use the key combination “Ctrl + Enter” to open a dialog box.

Then enter:

www – the choice of units and buildings of any country
showallmissions – open all missions
res “resource name” “quantity” – add a resource (example: “res food 1000” (add 1000 food) or “res all 2000” (add 2000 all resources))
gold (gold)
all resources (all)

freecamera – free camera. Using the keys “Ctrl + PageUp” or “Ctrl + PageDown” you can change the height, viewing angle of the camera. Use the Home key to return to the starting position.

To call the main menu, press the “F10” key.

Destroy the enemy building.
On the NumLock panel, use the keys (to switch control over players): 1, 2, 3 …
Then select the desired building and press the Del key.

Moving units, nations.
Press the English “P” key (to open the unit panel). Choose units, nation and place to move. You can exit this mode using the “F9” and “Esc” keys.
F1 – Infinite Gold
F2 – Infinite Wheat
F3 – Infinite Wood
F4 – Infinite Stone
F5 – Infinite Iron
F6 – Infinite Coal
F7 – Infinite Population
F8 – Instant Build
F9 – Instant Unit
F10 – Auto Unit
F11 – Instant Upgrade
F12 – Tower Rapid Fire

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