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June 14, 2016
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By Jonny Gamer


This article presents exclusively real and the only possible ways that exist on the Internet, after reading you will learn how you can play Battlefield 3 in multiplayer (online). Next, you will learn about these methods, as well as choose the most suitable one for you and implement it. Subsequently, you can play Battlefield 3 in multiplayer. How can you still play Battlefield 3 online and without a license? Very simple! You just need to choose the method listed below that suits you and implement it. At this time, there is simply no more accurate way on the Internet.

Method 1:

This method is the simplest, but it is exclusively for those people who can afford some costs, so if you are ready to spend money for this game then listen to:

1) If you want to buy Battlefield 3 a little cheaper than from the creator of the game (for about 500 rubles), then you need to buy an activation key from the game Battlefield 3. You can trust this seller You can pay with absolutely any wallet. As far as I know, in the online store that I advise you, there have not yet been customers who would be unhappy, everything worked with a bang.

2) Download the Origin program, and install it.

3) Create an account and enter the key purchased in the store.

4) Download the game at high speed from Origin

5) After downloading and installing, you can use the full (licensed) version of Battlefield 3, which means that you can play without restrictions on the network on the official servers.

Method 2:

If you don’t want to spend a lot on games or you just don’t have enough day, then this method is for you. To begin with, I will say right away that it will not work completely free to play this wonderful game on the network. But you can buy a pre-made Battlefield 3 game account on Origin. This method will cost you about 10-11 times cheaper than the official license key (from 10 to 150 rubles). However, there is a risk here, it may happen that the account will be blocked after a while, the percentage that this will happen is about 20%. But you must agree that for this money, this risk is not at all scary. I personally recommend wmcentre – an online store, and also recommend buying from the sellers with the highest rating

Important information about buying accounts:

• Better to buy accounts that come with the answer to the security question.

• Some of you probably do not know how to buy accounts on sites like this one – wmcentre, I will soon release an article on how to do this.

And so, what to do if you have chosen this particular method:

1) We buy a Battlefield 3 account on sites like this – wmcentre.

2) Install the Origin program.

3) We log into the previously purchased account on Origin, the game Battlefield 3 should already be active in it.

4) Load Battlefield 3 from Origin at high speed.

5) After installing the game, you can also play on any official servers over the Internet, because you can say you have a licensed game (But usually such accounts are hacked or stolen).

Method 3:

You can also play Battlefield 3 (ZloGame) for free

1) We register on the site –

2) Download and install Battlefield 3 from torrent (29 Gb).

3) Download and move the add-on to the folder with the installed game (48 Mb).

4) Download and move the launcher to the folder with the installed game (1 Mb).

5) Replace this file (504 Kb).

6) Log in to the launcher (data from, select the server. The program will automatically launch the game and connect to the selected server.

Interesting things about Battlefield 3, namely about its multiplayer:

In Battlefield 3, the system of ranks, rewards and unlocks will be completely changed, unlike Bad Company 2. You will have a desire to reach Top Rank, because even if you do, you will be given a reward. The game will have a lot more weapons that can be unlocked, as well as many other interesting things, and all these things can be obtained simply by playing the game. Also, each player will have the opportunity to personalize their soldier, according to P.Bach: “Now we know more than we ever knew about how to customize the command uniform. Your friends will be very happy when they can see what they can do with the soldiers. ” The commander will be removed from the game. According to P. Bach: “Some people loved him (playing the Commander), but most people didn’t care.” Each soldier will have his own personal abilities and he will be able to call them at any necessary moment (As an example of a BPL). There are four classes, as it was supposed in principle. According to P.Bach: “Yes, I think the number four is good. Looking at what we have done so far, we see four classes as a starting point. ” Personally, my opinion is four, so four. In any case, whoever does not agree with this will not change anything anyway. For that, players will now be able to group into quads (squads) and carry out combat in a team, concentrating their actions and creating team support for the players.

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