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May 20, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Skies: Ruler; Gold Zone Master (V5.0)

Game: Stalker – Clear Sky
Game version: Tested on 1.07-1.09. Theoretically, it can work on earlier versions.
Installation: Specify the path to the folder with the game Stalker Clear Sky
New Game: Optional

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky: Lord of the Gold Zone {5.0}

The Lord of the Zone mod is made for 2 purposes:
1) Help modders in testing and developing their mods.
2) Make a bunch of cool screenshots.
3) Have fun;)
The Ministry of Health warns:
Using the mod for other purposes is unhealthy, and can lead to intestinal
And gagging.

In short, the mod allows you to:
1) Manage the cash capital of GG
2) Control the speed of Time (It does not affect the speed of the game)
3) Manage Weather and weather effects (Ejection effect)
4) Move to any location on any location as desired.
5) Put on the card: NPCs and some prominent characters
6) Monsters
7) Ammunition
8) Weapons
9) Things (including flash and some quest)
10) Artifacts
11) Armor
12) Anomalies
13) Cars and explosive barrels
14) Join any group.
15) Watch 3 videos from the game
16) Listen to some music from the game.
17) Teleport within the location (extended version)

Also added to the mod:
1) Weapons removed in the dressing areas.
2) Now on the map when you hover over a strategic point
Its name is displayed. (Needed to teleport to locations)
3) HUD Disable Mod
During the game, go to the menu and press the H button – removes the entire interface from the screen (including the scope) and makes the player
Pressing the J button will return the interface and mortality. Gold Zone Spruce {5.0}

Little things:
1) To call the overlord’s menu, during the game you need to enter the menu and press the F1 button
If this action has no effect:
1) Check if your F Lock button is on (do the F-buttons work in general)
2) Check if you put anything on top of the mod
3) Click on F1 in the game menu and not in the console!
4) Check if you installed the mod at all!
5) Check your adaptation (if the mod is adapted)

2) Application to other mods:
In its pure form, the mod is weakly compatible with most global mods (Shoker Mod, OGSM, Nemesis Mod, FRM Mod, Funny Mod, etc.)
Therefore, for them, the mod must be adapted. It is not very difficult. All the changes in the original files, I separated words
Lord of the Zone Therefore, you just need to open the matching file with a notepad and enter this word into the search.
If you want to adapt, for example, to the Faction Commander mode or to any other mode where the F1 button is already taken, open the file
god, script and search for the string:
if dik == DIK_keys.DIK_F1 then
And replace the word F1 with any friend F
As for small mods, there should not be any problems with the adaptation.

3) How to start a car?
Enter the vehicle and press the Detector button (O by default). To exit, turn towards the door and press F

And now more about the possibilities …:
1) It allows you to increase and decrease the money of the protagonist.
2) It allows you to accelerate and reduce the rate of change of weather and time.
3) The ability to set any weather that is in the game. Also, if you want this weather to be
Constant (otherwise it will change after a game hour to normal), click the Off button. din. the weather
4) Opportunities teleport to any location at any strategic point (and there are many)
ATTENTION, THIS IS A BAG: When you try to teleport from the Chernobyl NPP or the Hospital, Level Changer (a thing that
Offers teleport to another location) will NOT disappear from the map. Therefore, teleport from there in a secluded place.
Also, sometimes teleportation does not occur. You just need to teleport for fun.
5- 13) Allows you to put any items / NPCs on the card. Including some subject (dialogs) It is also possible to indicate the distance to
Which object appears. If it is not indicated (equal to 0), then the item will appear either in front of the GG (in the case of NPS and cars) or in the inventory
(things), if you specify the length, then the NPC and Things appear in front of the GG at a specified distance.
Regarding carved monsters:
I also added cut monsters to the table, but when I try to put them on the card, the game will crash, since they are not in the original. To
put them on the card, you need to play in conjunction with some kind of mod where these monsters are restored. (e.g. Animals Mod) the main thing is correct
Adapt to it.
14) You can join any group.
15) View Intro, Ending and one of the options for the GSC logo
16) We listen to music;)
17) The ability to teleport to the coordinates within the location. It is possible to simply teleport to 5m. Forward.
It is possible to save coordinates. They are saved in a special text file in the game data folder (teleports coordinates)
There you can delete and edit them, make new ones. (Just keep the correct structure, otherwise, the game will crash!)

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