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March 24, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

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List of cheat codes for Starcraft:

Press ENTER and enter the code:

Multiplayer codes:

heal – cure all units;
willy is a special hero!
yonkers are tons of resources.

Singleplayer codes:

power overwhelming – god mode: even after reaching the mission goal, the game does not end and lasts forever;
there is no cow level – complete the mission;
whats mine is mine – gives you a lot of minerals;
breathe deep – gives you a lot of gas;
something for nothing – get all possible upgrades;
black sheep wall – show the whole map;
modify the phase variance – all buildings for construction are available;
war aint what it used to be – disable the “fog of war”;
food for thought – build units without the need to build farms;
opheila – type the code, press ENTER, then type the name of the mission you want to play;
medieval man – all possible unit upgrades;
Show me the money – get crystals and gas;
operation cwal – quick construction;
the gathering – get psi power;
noglues – enemies cannot use magic;
game over man – lose;
Heal me – the next unit on which to click will explode;
man over game – win the game;
Pieru – get all units;

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