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August 18, 2016
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By Jonny Gamer



Everyone has known for a long time one simple truth: your data and your computer, of course, must be constantly protected from all kinds of threats, and especially from various viruses and malware. Literally at one moment you risk simply losing all your data and losing the performance of your PC. Yes, free programs are certainly not as effective in some moments as their paid counterparts, however, talk about what a colossal advantage is “free”.

So, Top 5 of the best free antivirus software for Windows at the time of 2018.

I will only note that this article does not strive to provide complete and comprehensive information about each product, I just want to give you general facts about a separate antivirus so that you can already make your choice and protect your PC for free “to your taste “. But first things first:

Avast Free Antivirus

One of the leaders of this top. Antivirus occupies a worthy position and even among its “paid counterparts”, many users use it on an ongoing basis, not only when there is no money to buy a paid program, but in the future they can even switch to a more advanced paid version of Avast itself. And I must say that it is respected by many by right, and I myself use it. And by the way, I am very pleased with Avast, even in its free version there are functions that are not even in some paid counterparts. In general, you click, download, install, enjoy life.

A few words about what Avast can do:

  • Constant security: the program constantly monitors the system and blocks malware in time.
  • Antivirus checks Wi-Fi: there are functions for detecting holes in home Wi-Fi networks, and antivirus also monitors unwanted “guests” trying to connect to your network.
  • Constant check, regardless of your intervention: detects all system vulnerabilities, such as: incorrect system settings and insecure passwords.

AVG AntiVirus Free

Next in our top: AVG. This program, like Avast, takes places in all sorts of tops and, in general, it also has a number of its advantages. AVG, just like Avast, has a paid and a free version. However, we are interested in the free version, which has very interesting functions. The developers claim that AVG AntiVirus Free is getting better and better. Apart from all the basic functionality of PC protection, AVG can monitor the computer in order to find vulnerabilities in the system in real time, and in addition, the program is able to prevent suspicious downloading of something.

By the way, at the moment the antivirus has a very convenient and nice interface, which will make it even easier and more pleasant to manage the protection of your hardware. The program has the ability to monitor the state of your system constantly and at any convenient time.

AVG can:

  • Protect your PC from all kinds of virus, spyware and malware, as well as fight off ransomware attacks.
  • AVG can solve problems with the speed of your computer.
  • The anti-virus databases are constantly updated and supplemented.

Kaspersky Free

Free-version of the program of Russian developers. Antivirus has all the necessary functionality to ensure the security of your PC. The program boasts quite small requirements for the use of your hardware resources. And this despite the fact that the program provides the highest degree of protection. Most users have a lot of respect for this product and consider it the best in principle.

Kaspersky Free can:

  • Block unsafe files and web pages
  • There is a function of checking the security of your mail.
  • Phishing sites will not be a problem for this antivirus either.
  • Finally, the antivirus does its job without significantly slowing down the system.

360 Total Security

A program that, in addition to cleaning your PC from virus and harmful programs, will also overclock your device. And it is, of course, free, not just because it is in our top. The only thing, be careful when installing the product: the program has partner agreements, so when you install, do not forget to abandon the products you do not need. The undoubted advantage is a certain “continuity of this antivirus”: the program does not conflict with other antivirus programs and even combines their capabilities for more effective protection.

360 Total Security can:

  • Protect your PC from viruses and programs that ransom your funds.
  • Support multiple engines.
  • Ensure the safety of online shopping
  • Protect from keyloggers
  • Check all kinds of media: disks, flash drives, etc.
  • Check Wi-Fi security

Panda Free Antivirus

A product from Spain that specializes in protecting against programs that try to invade your system and steal data. Many users shout in unison that this is almost the best program on the market in principle. On the official website it is pathetically stated that the program needs only to be installed and to forget that something threatens your system. There is some truth in this, the antivirus is ready for constant use and in truth right after installation. Panda automatically scans your system, protecting it all the time.

As you can see from the current article, you can easily choose an Anti-Virus for your PC, and at the same time do it absolutely free. Take care of yourself and your computer!

Why can’t you completely trust antivirus software?

First, you need to understand how antivirus software works. Any antivirus has a database of viruses, which is constantly updated thanks to information security specialists and ordinary users. If suspicious activity is found in a file, the file is marked as infected, but it does not get into the virus databases immediately, but only after a while.

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