Xbox 360 turned 5 years old

Xbox 360 turned 5 years old
In the flow of the events of the gaming industry, the birthday of Xbox 360 has been completely unnoticed. The console has been five years old. In the US and Canada, the launch took place in the 20th of November 2005. December 2, the console was on sale in Europe, and in Japan – December 10.

Talk about what is the wonderful game system, we think there is no point. We are confident that many visitors StopGame.RU She stands at the very honorable place. And now indeed the case when the numbers say much more. So, today, sales of consoles around the world reached in 44.6 million pieces. And in the first three years 25 million consoles found their owners, and for the remaining two – 19.6. According to Sama Microsoft, figures are just excellent, sales rate continue to grow. And then this appearance kinect…

From the first Xbox company did not fully manage to conquer the hearts of the masses. A total of 25 million systems were sold, which is not so bad for the debut market entry. Considering that Sony With its PlayStation 2 in those times the rule of the ball. But even then Xbox Live forever turned our ideas about how the online service must be for the console.

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