Aria Chronicle: Video Game Overview

Let’s miss the mandatory thesis about how much Darkest Dungeon it means for the genre of tactical RPG and “Rogaliks” and how often the ideas of this game copy. We will immediately turn to the explanation why Aria Chronicle It turned out to be very close to the original and in general, well.

Cult games

However, the style is not so gloomy and gothic. Those who noticed the word “anime” on the poster for review, immediately understand everything. Yes, anime is different, but in Aria Chronicle We are dealing with a more or less classic version – bright colors, loup-eyed boys and girls, beautiful clothes (albeit without fanaticism), corresponding art.

This is despite the fact that the plot itself is quite gloomy – in it appear the sinister cults that resurrect demons and make good people obsessed. But in Anime such a mixture of French with Nizhny Novgorod (here, as in this case, a dark story and a bright picture) – the thing is quite ordinary.

All this vakhanalia with demons and cultivists is somehow connected with the past of the main character, the young princess of Aria, and with a hidden force in it. Princess, her even more young secretary and faithful bodyguard Tila (Baba Baba in the armor of Paladin) All these unpleasant events took during pilgrimage in one of the villages of the Kingdom of the Kingdom. And there they have to break their headquarters to plan and perform operations against cult.Aria Chronicle game reviewCultists here, understandable, also look stylish and fashionable. In mask.

Survival Rules

Further scheme is generally understood and known. There is a Base Village, where their services are offered to the blacksmith, Alchemist, the owner of the tavern. There are also a black market, where you can exchange to the cool equipment tokens for victories over bosses;Church, where we rearreered by the fallen heroes and bless the living;as well as the main hall for special services (about them later). Accordingly, trade, kraft, with the heroes in the tavern – everything is in place.Aria Chronicle game reviewWell, what kind of darkness and gothic?
From here, our wards regularly satisfy the bars – not in the dungeon, but in a variety of and very picturesque open locations. There “Randomno” come across enemies, traps, chests, some ghosts that are asked for their rest to find family rings, and so on.Aria Chronicle game reviewYou can even meet Ginny, who will fulfill the desire.
When meeting with opponents, familiar DD battles – step-by-step, with the arrangement of rivals opposite each other and emphasis on the proper use of the skills of heroes, their unique abilities. Plus, you can climb in the inventory for the potions, change the racks and go into defense.Aria Chronicle game reviewVery often and our enemies blocked while fighting or shocks are blocked, but it can be corrected by bonuses from equipment.

Our party is all stronger?

In theory, you need to properly arrange the fighters – someone move forward, leave someone behind. But in fact, the situation when you or your enemies cannot get from the front rows, for example, archers or magicians who have hidden behind the spins of paladins and warriors, rarely happen (well, at least happen). Therefore, it is more important not for the placement, but the correct selection of the party.

Good options. In addition to the already mentioned paladins, magicians, warriors and archers there are Warlocks, priests, druids, barbarians, thieves, monks and even cook. Each is your impressive list of skills, talents, ultrasactness and special features (Traits).

These features are acquired gradually, as they pass and commit certain actions. And some are very funny, resembling what we have seen in Darkest Dungeon And Rogue Legacy, – For example, thanks to the myuria, the hero is more accurately hits the enemies that are in the front rows, and onyhofagi (that is, the nail spray) gives regeneration 1 HP every move, but reduces evasion.

Each class has its own “ultra” – this is how the mass treatment every move has this druid.

Almost all the features have their pros and cons, and this also need to take into account, changing / deleting them on the character’s page. In addition, some give advantages at night, and fines in the afternoon or vice versa. So when you execute the quest, it also matters.

As a result, it is not easy to play on the “normal”, which is very good and there is generally uncommon in the current times, when there is often an imbalance between the levels of complexity. On “hard”, it is clear, in general it happens not to extend from the hardest battles. There are also all heroes, except for plot, mortal and revival in the church are not subject to.Aria Chronicle game reviewMany types of equipment are suitable only for one or another class.

Fatigue – enemy morality!

The situation is complicated by the mental problems of our wards – and here in this matter Aria Chronicle C Darkest Dungeon Closer than just.

The fact is that endurance is spent on moving through the cells of the dungeon, the reserves of which are limited. And in the same way, she is spent on all available actions – to clearing the roaring, blocking the way, on the forging of ore and so on. When it ends, the heroes get tired, they begin to lose their self-control and nervous, which gives fines to the characteristics. And if their martial spirit falls even lower, then the guys will begin hysteria – they can leave the squad right during the mission or start beat their own in the battle.Aria Chronicle game reviewHere Tila hits his own ward, Princess Aria.
The spirit falls, if we tolerate the defeat in the battle and refuse the quest simply because the endurance is no longer left and the characters cannot do important actions. Restore the “stamina” and improving the mood can be on a privala, but before it needs to be reached. You can still drink soothing teas, but it is rare and expensive pleasure.Aria Chronicle game reviewSee the picture of the privala is not always possible, so every time it is a great relief.
Brothels and casinos, unlike Darkest Dungeon, Not provided here. Therefore, most often you have to retain the main “hysteries” in stock, allowing them to relax, and temporarily take into the detachment of other heroes, so that they perform side tasks, Greengets money, potions and equipment. Fortunately, there are many. These, however, all are built on two scenarios and are constantly repeated, but such Gund for Rogalikov is quite normal (although a variety of course would not hurt). In addition, there are Arena, where much more fun – there you can fight with one day already defeated bosses and earning tool to exchange in the black market.

Finally, if the hero is completely in perfume, and it is also endowed with very useful features of character, it can be fired and assigned to a successor (remember again Rogue Legacy!) to which all the accumulated experience of the predecessor will go – and even some more or less decent damn.

If the character in battle gets a critical injury and falls without feelings, waiting for him comrades, his combat mitigation deteriorates sharply.

Necessary people and things

As a result, for survival in Aria Chronicle It is very important to pump the overall endurance of the squad, which is carried out in the rustic common hall (in other buildings – other upgrades). And it is also important to take with me those heroes that can facilitate the passage of key locations.

After all, some actions will not be available at all, if there are no appropriate items (like shovels, torch, ropes) or characters, – for example, the thief of almost any chest will open for free, and without it there will have to buy keys without it. Magician can read most of the documents, diaries and notes – it will help to open all the important places on the map and determine where the enemies are located, and where – places for saving prival.Aria Chronicle game reviewReading documents can endorse the hero new features of character.***
As you see, in Aria Chronicle Many nuances and generally quite complicated, saturated mechanic. But the more interesting. Yes, there are primitive in its essence (but not by passing) tasks, there is a shortage of decent things in the later stages of the game, when they fall out or are created mainly the same clothes, hardly able to strengthen your wards. But in general Aria Chronicle leaves an excellent impression as a sort of anime Darkest Dungeon. Boldly recommend all the fans of the genre.

Pros: Interesting, rich and complex gameplay, which has entered many ideas from other representatives of the genre, but with their “chips”;many truly different heroes that can be mentally unstable;Excellent audio and visual execution.

Minuses: Side tasks repetitive and primitive in their essence;Not all the equipment is useful – a lot of rubble.

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