Assassin’S Creed: Odyssey – The Fate Of Atlantis: Video Game Overview

Set of add-ons “The legacy of the first blade” for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey It turned out to be disappointment: no new locations, no normal history, a sad love line and only three new abilities. You can not go through all this, but I wanted something stripped. Fortunately, “The Fate of Atlantis” Corrects part of these drawbacks – Also divided into three parts, the addition sends a player in three completely different regions, fills it with unusual skills and even introduces some original mechanics.

The beginning of the way

To access the DLC, you must pass the main storyline and the quest “Heiress Memory”, added to the game after the release. In it, we, playing for Leila Hassan, we meet with the representative of ISU by name Aletia and try to open the gates to Atlantis, exploring three tombs. If so far you have not passed, in the main menu you can take a pumped character and immediately start the addition, but in this case the achievements will not be issued.

Leila (and with her and Cassandra with Alexios) is trying to know the power of Hermes, who got to her in the final of the game. And this power sometimes negatively affects the state of Leila – it begins to literally rushing for people, bring them injury and behaves in such a way that her assistant-doctor stops simply a simulation, if only the main character did not do nonsense. For trying to make the plot in the present time meaningful Ubisoft You can praise, but it still seems superfluous and uninteresting, including because of the boring, one-sided leyla.

Fortunately, too much time to spend with her. In the first part of the addition, we go to Elisia – a completely new location, in no way associated with the main card. Since it is not ancient Greece, recreated by textbooks, artists and designers could create anything. Elisius turned out to be quite large area divided into several regions, and is a scattered islands that are located at different levels. To spend every time five minutes I did not have to climb the climbing, the wings of Hermes were added to the game – posts of light, teleporting kassandra on the top or lower platform.

People do not give

This is not the only change – the opponents here are unlike the soldiers from “Odyssey”. Elisia rules for Persephone, who is not glad to appear alone in the world created, especially when it is living people. Therefore, in her authority is the army of warriors ISU, ready to enter into battle at the first opportunity. The main feature of these enemies is the ability to influence the adrenaline player’s adrenaline, freezing it either taking one after another cell.Assassin & Amp; # 39; S Creed: Odyssey - The Fate Of Atlantis Game ReviewThe outcome of the first episode is one, but the fate of some heroes (including adonis) depends on you.
Fights are dynamic, especially when the enemies call for lightning and have to run away from red circles on earth. Also next to these warriors there are colossiles – they are standing as a statue and do not react to anything (even if you run right in front of them) until the fight starts – then they come to life and attack. They are better not to anger – colossa and teleports can, and highly wounded rays produce.

In other words, it is easier to play here easier than to run into the center of location and swing the sword. Colossi remain motionless if they see how you slaughtered someone from the back, and with a quiet stripping of the next outpost and the eye do not blink. But if you still discovered, new skills will help – or rather, the strengthening of old. My favorite technique with a blow on the ground and the scattering of all enemies to the side improves to the “Madness of Ares” – within 10 seconds you keep in the hands of Leonid’s spear, apply a huge damage and become immortal. Even elite opponents fall apart in front of these squeezed blows, so the skill turns out to be very useful. Not bad and “Power of Artemis” – grad arms within a radius of three meters, inflicting four-time hunter damage and stunning everyone for five seconds.

It is a pity that the gameplay does not offer unusual situations in which these skills could be applied. Instead of a pack of original tasks here, they are asked to lower the influence of Persephone in three regions (that is, eliminate the protection, burn the supplies, search the chests and engage in other similar things that are even in ordinary “Odyssey”). Another mission is to free a couple of dozen warriors. To do this, it is necessary to stun them (that is, it is necessary to fight with bare hands) and click on each of them L3, which is also not very interesting.

However, most of the missions are still fascinating, and the story is more or less successful – when perverse, Adonis, Hermes and Hekata are involved in one conflict, is difficult to flatly. Friendship, love, betrayal – different topics rise, and thanks to unusual characters some missions in the scenario (then the heroes are carrying the chain, then the choice does not affect anything) forgive.Assassin & Amp; # 39; S Creed: Odyssey - The Fate Of Atlantis Game ReviewIn the kingdom of Aida there is no place for the sun and joy.
But the open world causes questions: Locations are madly beautiful here, and it’s hard to get out of the photorenets, but all some dead – except for rare deer, no one runs on these luxurious fields, nothing happens, and do nothing in the interruptions between missions. Is that destroying the statues of Persephone, but it is difficult to call entertainment.

On the bottom to Aida

The situation is changing in the episode “Torture Aida”, where cassandra gets into the kingdom of the dead. The system of mercenaries is returned here, only we hunt on the fallen veterans, cultists and guards. Unfortunately, add evidence and thin hints did not become – as soon as you kill one of them, the location of the next immediately indicates on the map. And since most of them are not related to interesting quests, you just come to the appropriate location, hold out with a strong opponent, kill it and move to the following poor.

For the victory over some passages, parts of the armor give out, without a complete set of which it is impossible to pass through the so-called veils of Tartar – the boundaries between the kingdom of the Dead and Tartar. As a result, the entire addition is turning into a run from one marker to another: you need to kill and kill, and the armor to collect, and find for Aida four guards that will interfere with the dead to penetrate into the world of living.

In terms of quests, this episode has become the biggest disappointment, and new mechanics in it are not the most interesting. For example, when scrolling locations, some enemies are similar to invulnerable holograms, and to eliminate them, it is necessary to find a spill of Tartar, when interacting with which the health of Cassandra decreases twice. The larger the armor to the fallen, the less “lives” is torn, and this is some kind of a nickered idea, nothing in the gameplay is not changing.Assassin & Amp; # 39; S Creed: Odyssey - The Fate Of Atlantis Game ReviewIt’s not even a quarter map in the third episode.
But the story is unusual here – since we find out in the kingdom of the dead, it was logical to add here some heroes from the main plot “Odyssey”, which for one reason or another died. The meeting with some characters was very unexpected, and the most memorable times became the moments with references to the long-incited events. Aida disclose for such a short time did not have time, but there is no other claims. Is that his brown-gray kingdom tires after fantastic decorations Elizes, but such contrast artists sold and sought.

If something is the second episode and better than the first one, so this is that the legendary weapons are issued here in large quantities – which is at least the damned bow of Aida with a high damage from fire and propagating on neighboring enemies. Among the abilities, the “Flight of the Kronos” is allocated, at which a whole series of events takes place: first all the opponents are laughing, then you rise into the air, time stops for three seconds, you use the abilities of a hunter with a critical damage, and after all this is making a leap of faith and hit hardon the ground. It looks just as great as he sounds. For Luke lovers, there is an opportunity to turn arrows in traps, triggered when the victim approaches.

Coupled in Paradise

After not the most outstanding second episode, it is especially nice to play the third episode – we finally find ourselves in the Atlantis, the fantastic location in the whole game. Everything is located here within one circle, but how much they have added everything here and how vivid everything looks on the background of Elizes: somewhere playing the musicians somewhere, somewhere tears are worn with patients, somewhere in the port of workers work in the person. We also appoint a dicast, such as a judge that makes the final solutions in any dispute.Assassin & Amp; # 39; S Creed: Odyssey - The Fate Of Atlantis Game ReviewObjects filling the knowledge scale ISU marked with orange icons.
Quests in this DLC are the most original: Botanist is trying to restore the flora and asks to redirect the rays of the light, the girl is accused of murder, and we help to reveal the crime, the boy is looking for disappeared parents … The junction in these tasks sometimes unexpected, and some of them are closely related to the endingwhich turned out to be beautiful, spectacular and healthy fixed. True, then we come back to Leila again and watch a couple of absurd scenes, but even it is not able to spoil the impression.

In Atlantis, there is plenty of classes, thanks to which more than one evening will have to spend here. First, a scale of knowledge of the ISU, which you fill, as the palaces and archives are scratching in search of data, artifacts and codes. Without the first, second and third levels, it will not be possible to go to some premises. Secondly, the elimination of five Paullemarchs of Atlantis will be issued a set of Dikasta Armor, who you can automatically activate the enhancement of the ISU in obtaining damage in battle. Armor at that moment becomes stronger, and the weapon is stronger. Third, in the archives of Atlantis, nine ingots of Adamanista are hidden – by collecting three of them, you can shoot unique weapons with special engraving in the blacksmith. How do you, for example, make a damn damage to the nearest enemies?

In addition, in addition, you can get final powerful abilities. Lovers to pass the game secretly will have to be like “Kara Kronos”, with which you create your own copy and make a secretive attack with it, – and the opponent is eliminated, and no one noticed you. “Arsere’s wrath” is also worthy of attention – the character is blocked into the land of a spear, creating a circle with a large radius, which slows down the enemies that fell into it and after some time puts them a huge damage.

There was a guard – and no guard.
In general, impressions of “Fate of Atlantis” remained for the most part positive. There are no some elements in the game that made an amazing self Odyssey, but to break away from the second addition (which, with a complete stripping, everything and the whole takes hours 30) difficult – and the classes are full, and the history is mostly interesting, and new abilities make bats more fun. If the third episode definitely deserves the highest score, then the first and second turned out to be commendable and passing, respectively. In general, the DLC can be called very good, but nonideal. If you missed the game or became interested in history related to ISU technologies, it is not recommended to skip this addition.

Pros: three new large locations;a large number of diverse classes;too powerful new abilities that do not use sin;Original opponents, because of which you have to change the usual tactics;New armor sets and unusual weapons enrich the player arsenal.

Minuses: bore orders like the release of two dozen warriors and lower the influence of the rulers;The second episode disappoints the design of missions and is not so beautiful as the rest.

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