Atom Rpg: Trudograd: Video Game Overview

Gol on the fiction of the cunning, and the Russian man – also on humor. Here’s how to treat the fact that you are not a particularly rich domestic developer, love Fallout and want to make the game of your dreams in the same style, but at the same time you do not work in BioWare or Obsidian Entertainment? Of course with humor. You may have been born atom RPG – not Russian Fallout (although very close), but rather, a joke, bike about how Fallout Was, do it in Russia in the 90s.

Recently came the continuation – Atom RPG: Trudograd (about why this addon turned into an independent project, read in previews), where “Goli” is already less – the authors earned, grumbled, the experience was guided, carried out work on bugs, making the game more compact andSaturated. But humor and amazing, very Russian combination of comedy with the tragedy became even more.


Why Mushanza about humor? Yes, because the navigation itself resembles an anecdote (get ready, this word I will pronounce often!): Having reached the title of Major in the Secret Organization Atom, our hero or heroine from the original game goes to the title workogram to find the legendary secret development, rails, and a meteorite from it approaching. When the Professor of Goryachev knows about it already closer to the final, the author of technology will know, he will only smile and twists his finger at the temple.

Yes, and Himographer himself, despite the calls of the authors, remember about a gloomy dead city from the addition to the original and their words about the harsh, adult atmosphere, resembles a refuge for the heroes of Russian jokes. Why Russians? Well, we love when fun, cleverly and free? If the carpet, so the aircraft, if the tablecloth, so self-banner, if the ax, so that the porridge itself is cooking, and the furnace – so that the Emel herself was drove where to say.

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

Listening local rumors – separate pleasure.

And here there is a cow that gives … cocaine. Do not ask how and why, – the main thing is that it is, and our smugglers entrust this borer to them deliver. And we have a soul climb: whether I do it right, do you have the right to unhappy scientist deprivation of a drug addict? Maybe better to kill those smugglers? Relax them using your charisma and communication skills? And if you go out, then it is better to scatter using strength. If it is not enough, then you need two bottles of pre-war vodka to drink – immediately +2 to strength ..

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

Naturally, here you can meet old friends from the original and get to the memories.

Here in this example – the whole point Trudograd With all its Russian folk flavor and relevant opportunities for playing a role. And this is just one example. There will still be a cook-necromancer and a former inquisitor who removes curses with the help of arrogance and huge hammer;Cultists who worshiped by St. Sergei, and the cultries who believed in the trouser;Family of mannequins, whom the neighbors scares are scared at night. There is a prostitute Nadia Dawlaeva, who naturally loves to obey. And a peasant who hid the drunken on … minefield and does not remember how zigzags go there.

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

Who just won’t see during random events!

Comedy drama

On a global map, you can meet an old man who, happily having rushing, takes the promotional leaflets of a new store, and then stop and excitedly ask: “A sepulation there can be used?”And here are pleased to find out what it is and what to answer him. The welcoming owner of the hotel holds in the basement of slaves who make souvenir medallions for tourists in the basement;On the street, there was not a chapn, who is looking for seeds of the legendary plant – Baranza: A man believes that it will help him restore the flock of goats, stolen by order of the goat-nostry. Do not even ask how … And next to some kind of woman, squeezing under the breast instead of a baby, covered with a towel, shouts that her husband threw her with a child.

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

Each in the reserve there is a funny or mystical, with the taste of feeding the story.

And here in this joyful ahine you begin to see not only and not so much “Petrosyankin”, how much is the very Russian again the combination of comedy, tragedy and some fabulous, mythological principle, which, for example, Brooms of Erofeev To “Moscow – Petushki”. Because B “Labor” We also often laugh through tears. Many quests and situations that seem to begin funny, and it can be tragic. Depends on your decisions, whether the visitors are executed by Northerners two men who once cut off whole villages. And whether the boy will kill his mother, whom you will kill my mother’s kindness for unbearable work. At such moments, the truth remember the dead city.

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

Here too, not to laughter.

Separately, I note how well it is written. Again in contrast: Petrosanna and Vitivaya County (so suitable, which you understand – this is not gramia, but deliberate reception!) organically get along with expressive and delicious literary descriptions. So read books with which we develop skills and fun and interesting. Here, for example, from the cycle of stories about the hunter on the mutant Rivlin, which charges his ak with silver bullets, and it charges itself in front of the battle by the Elixir “Yersh”: “She returned at noon, gently, almost not heard standing on the threshold. By the smell of lilac and gooseberry Rivlin realized that Yana again gained fruit in the collective farm garden. The air immelted by the sun began to play brilliant dust with myriads, it was worth her to sit down the window … “

And in the same stall you can buy another issue of the magazine “Norivskaya Life”, in which there are top 5 guns for the robbery of caravans, the advice of the doctor, what to do if you caught oline (“1. Convenient Take a Volyn and shoot the fucking chukhans hurting you “) and the announcement of the long-awaited article of the professor of death “Correlation between the force of consideration of subjects and the specific weapon directed to them”.

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

And this is a diary, which led the local authority, is also a funny fiction.


For the player in the whole of this comedy and the tragedy of the absurdity, it is also important that in almost all situations there are variations – how to behave in the dialogues, who to live, who to die and what of the two factions to work to move along the plot and get to the upper city.

In tasks, dialogues, text quests and random events on a global map are constantly checking on your characteristics and skills. Power, dexterity, endurance, charisma, communication, hacking, survival, attention, secrecy, first aid, technology, good luck, gambling (yes, there is own cool card fun!) And so on – everything is activated, and you can also affect the equipment and welding of food, vodka and stimulants.

At the same time, as I wrote in a preview, compared with the original in “Labor” Skills are better and more compactly distributed by groups – there is mastery of possession of various types of weapons, survival, craft.

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

Characters have both unique features.

It seemed to me except that the manufacture of items – I simply did not do it and did not experience any problems. Besides, in “Labor” It is difficult to die from hunger or from supercooling. True, on an empty stomach, not having food in a backpack, you will not be able to relax and flush the time to the needed by the quest (for example, the Arena on the machine-building factory works only at night). Food is actually equated to first-aid kits and in varying degrees restores health.

On the other hand, no one promised that we get a worked survival simulator with a powerful craft system. These mechanics are? There is. If you wish to engage in kraft? Can. Food buy and search need? Necessary. The atmosphere all this creates? Yes. Well, as they say, and Thank you – the main thing that does not interfere.

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

During privals, you can cook meat, brew tea and coffee.

Artificial difficulties

In principle, my character in the first half of the game generally prevented little, if we talk about physical threats. But it is not reproach, but rather, just praise. Almost every problem and the situation for a long time allow you to solve peaceful. Therefore, my Major Olga, who was pumped by charisma and communication, and the skills of possession of all kinds of firearms sought to zero, for a long time no problems experienced even at the level of the “expert” complexity.

The first more or less serious fight happened hours after 5. And after two colleagues turned out to be in her detachment, able to make just finely shoot, it seemed that nothing would stop us to the final titles and no one would stop us. No matter how. Here, of course, it would be possible to divert the authors for the strange zigzags of complexity, but I can also understand them too. After all, they have implemented the opportunity to wear, refuel the diesel fuel and even modify the power armor, then you mean an exoskeleton.

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

Improving modules are allowed not only power armor, but also weapons.

And I brazenly ignored her – first, it’s expensive pleasure (already 45 pieces!), and secondly, from the principle. I wonder if there was a late stages without this, when there are much more serious enemies, and it is impossible to agree, or it is simply impossible. Acknowledged, it was hard – my amateur hand-to-hand and cold weapons often managed to extend before she reached the enemy. Had to change tactics, including the allies, the benefit of “Labor” it is implemented flexibly and convenient.

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

Molotov cocktails really harness!

Especially hard will have to have if you accidentally activate the script that starts the attack on the city – all the remaining quests will be failed, and you will have to break through to the plot bunker. But, I repeat, I understand why it is done, and I have no complaints to the authors – rather, it is guilty of that I regretted the money on force armor. Her, by the way, can be stealing, killing mechanics at the factory. But it will immediately make you a famous criminal for whom the police will begin.

Atom RPG: Trudograd: Overview

You can even adjust the level of friendly fire.

Trudograd It turned out a multifaceted one – here you can talk, and brake, and laugh, and sink. In principle, everything dances in it and works, something is a little better, and something is felt less demanded. The game itself has become more compact, rich events. I strained uniforms of one-eyed random events (too often, especially in the later stages, they repeated) and long-loading – the picture has praised, but there is no optimization. Although it is possible, my laptop’s personal problem. Well, it’s a pity, of course, that the upper city, where we all sought the whole game, ultimately turned out to be bored actually up to two locations.

In any case, Atom RPG: Trudograd delays with terrible force, especially if you perceive all this post-Soviet romance and scomensing not as a social and personal taste, but as an artistic technique, peculiar to your loved wealth. So I look forward to the following works Atom Team.

Pros: fascinating plot;nonlinearity in solving many tasks;Colorful texts, jokes, events and characters;many interesting quests;can be used in battles by power armor;Successful system of configuration of comrades;Cool music, including Soviet;Full voice acting in text quests;The picture compared to the original has become more rich and modern.

Minuses: There are questions to the balance sheet of complexity;Not all gaming mechanics are equally useful;Many repetitive and not too interesting random events.

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