Battleship: Video Game Overview

If there is not a single piece of paper in your house if the ink was dry in all handles, and for pencils with broken pylographs there is no sharpeners, if you are a sociopath, which has a single friend – mouse, then BattleShip from Ubisoft – not at all what you need. But it may well come in handy.BattleShip game reviewSo I want to shout with annoyance: “Killed!”Yes, no 1.

It is difficult to evaluate the electronic version of the game, which are already decades that are almost the main stick-grinding, saving from boredom. Sea battle – step-by-step strategy, lottery for a tet of minutes, excellent “Clever” of an extra time like lessons and lectures. The classic, “paper” option allowed to fight in a ruthless fight with a friend and showed how it seemed to us, the skill of ship deployment (and in fact – their intuition) on the stock mixture field.

Imagine this situation – come home after a hard educational or working day. Strong dinner, warm shower – eyes are already closed. But before the official post, there is another hour or two, and you will certainly decide to spend them as much as possible with your PS4. What to choose? Assassin’s Creed, Mortal Kombat, Need for Speed… of course not, all this is some kind of primitive. “Sea battle” from Ubisoft! That’s what you definitely need!

Absurd? Let’s continue it. The Terrible Word “Campania” in the main menu promises thirty unique battles on the endless expanses of the World Ocean. Pirates smugglers, orcs, stealth fleet – obviously, this time the scriptwriters Ubisoft Invented something worthwhile.

I would be in the sea!

Your first battle … Rules are not entirely standard: Ten ten field can be furnished with five ships of different lengths – from a two-cell patrol boat to five-cell aircraft carriers. Ships can be put close to each other. Stunning graphics of the level of games for smartphones of the previous generation and innovative interface allow you to make it quickly and easily. On the sides of the screen – the arsenals of warring parties, in the center – two ten cellular cube covered with a pleasant water texture, and an empty screen is mounted for visual display of what is happening – to be “like in a movie”. So, it’s time to shoot ..BattleShip game reviewBelieve me, the differences between fractions by 90% purely visual.
Your move you get three white squares and three red squares. They will throw an opponent field. The first type of combat resource is intended for intelligence – shifting into a certain cell, you will find out if there is an enemy ship there. Second – attacking type. During his stroke (one and a half minutes), it is possible to waste at least the whole clip, but sometimes some of the resources are more profitable to keep the next move. After all, in addition to a single shot, you can use the ability of each of your ships that are more expensive. So, for six cubes, the average for the magnitude of the ship will launch two torpedoes and scan for ten random cells, and the aircraft carrier for one shot will strike as many as twelve cells. Sunny ships shoot can’t. The speaker is gaining momentum, empty cells are covered with white bugs and “corpses” of battleships, after the attacks of the enemy, your playing field is rapidly starting to remind a wastewater ..

What to do? The fluctuations of the young admiral have serious foundations – the cunning resource management, assessment of the situation on the battlefield, muster tasks that need to be solved for the allotted time. Shoot now or postpone glasses for the next move? Much better put a reconnaissance mine? How to optimize the shelling of the enemy fields taking into account the abilities of all ships? Hundreds of issues requiring a deep understanding of navigation and martial arts at sea overnight fall on your head! However, you miraculously manage to decide. And now the twenty-minute battle ends with your triumph.

You are delighted forgetting about the dream and per night with hurricane fifth category, rush on flotilla from the remaining twenty nine missions. Computer intelligence clears with each mission, tasks are becoming more sophisticated (instead of “kill them all” – “kill them all” with some condition), you open new types of fleet, which differ from each other as well as Pepsi from Coca-Cola. “Sea battle” continues to surprise you and throw up all new and new items, because now when you have orocy fleet, your ships look at all like ships – you have six windmills, rented on psychedelic designs like LEGO. Some and the same abilities are slightly different in each fleet (the aircraft carrier of the orcs is striking nine cells) and there are a different number of points.

The diversity of content and the abundance of new parts turns the classic version of the sea in complex, well-thought-out and multifaceted strategic discipline. After the conquest of the entire World Ocean in the “single” you will probably quit the call on the sea duel of a school friend who constantly “did” you in the lessons of chemistry … so he will not stand against the fleet of the orcs!BattleShip game reviewIt looks worthily: community and “achive” in stock. We are waiting for the announcement of “Krestik Nolikov”!
Come out dry from water

Before you finish the tightened joke, we note that BattleShip – It is the game that the new generation consoles are bought for. Now to business. We all understand that the ship shooter became popular thanks to his social element. The ombidity of the gameplay “paper” version is compensated by interaction with a living person. Waiting for the emotional response of the enemy, the feeling of his immediate presence. Chucks “Ranil!”,” Past!”,” Killed!”- It is in them that the shower of the sea fight is gained.

Multiplayer is that at least somehow justifies existence BattleShip and gives hypothetical ideas about who, how and why will it be played in her. It is clear that “Sea battle” Does not pretend to AAA-level and is a family format entertainment. You can compete both on the Internet and in the “Oldskal” mode for one console. Improvisations of developers with classical mechanics may well diversify leisure of two bored friends. In addition, the version of the traditional game without the abilities of ships is available here. If you didn’t have a childhood or if you have always suffered from a lack of imagination and felt an acute need for visualization of those processes that are hidden for the exclamation “killed!”, then BattleShip May be useful to you – both you and your friend will be able to observe the death of the vessel.

We do not appreciate the concept of sea fight – we evaluate the performed Ubisoft Adaptation. If you consider a huge number of similar games in both browser format and on mobile platforms, innovations do not represent much value. The campaign is absolutely monotony, tightened, boring, the variability of tasks is sudden from the finger. Perhaps somewhere in the world there are marine fans, mathematically computing the likelihood of enemy vessels, confess their strategies and distinguishing the psychological type of enemy to predict the style of his game. The effects of interference will be very important for them Ubisoft In classical mechanics. But the ordinary player BattleShip It is unlikely to cause emotions stronger than those that he experienced from the original.

It is impossible to understand what was counting on Ubisoft, Designing BattleShip for new generation consoles. It is extremely difficult to submit a target audience of the project. This is not a classic primitive “Time Killer” for two, whose value is just in his simplicity. But this is not a full tactical game.BattleShip game reviewHere they are our nakhimovtsy.***
The original sea battle is probably taken from your life more hours than Skyrim. Although Skyrim much more fun of multiplayer ship solitaire. In this sense BattleShip from Ubisoft Significantly safer – after several batches, you hardly want to fill it out your leisure on. She is not good anything, but not bad. This is a sea battle without paper, pencils, welcome “killed!”And … Azart.

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